ABT50C Concrete Pump With Diesel Engine Was Going To Bangladesh

Good news! Our factory has been officially started. And delivered ABT50C concrete pump with diesel engine to our customer on February 14th. This is the 50 cubic meter diesel pump. I will give you a brief introduction of the customer, our customer is from Thailand, but he is going to start the concrete business in Bangladesh, so the destination of this diesel powered concrete pump is Bangladesh.

concrete pump with diesel engine
ABT50C Diesel concrete pump
ABT50C diesel pump Bangladesh
ABT50C diesel pump machine

Characteristics of diesel concrete pumps

1. Hydraulic system prolongs the service life of the pumping machine, also improves reliability, and reduces the fault rate and maintenance costs.

2. High delivery pressure can meet the demand of vertical and horizontal pumping work.

3. Wide application, strong power and high working efficiency.

4. Low energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance.

Diesel engine concrete pump is suitable for areas lacking electricity, or electric voltage is low. So if your site sits that situation, you can choose this type machine.

In AIMIX GROUP, diesel concrete pumps are the most popular type pumping machine, especiall trailer concrete pump and concrete mixer with pump. Now, we have set up six after-sales servcie center in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Philippines, any needs, we can give you timely help.

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