AIMIX Horizontal Cement Silo Was Going To Australia

horizontal cement siloGood thing! On June 12, our horizontal cement silo was ready to Australia. Horizontal cement silo has advantages of economy, flexibility, easy preparation for production, low construction costs, easy maintenance and cleaning, moreover, it is under the control of computer, so horizontal cement silo is convenient to operate.

Horizontal cement silo is more suitable for flowable materials. What’s more, we can deliver the silo mounted on a bogie or on a flat rack trailer.  The whole equipment consists of tank body, screw conveyor and so on. Through the part design, it reduces the difficulty of overall welding. Furthermore, it is much more convenient to transport.

horizontal cement siloOur group has been engaging in horizontal cement silo for many years, and we also have many other types of cement silos, such as, bolted type cement silo and welded type cement silo. They have superiority of attractive appearance, compact structure, good sealing, cost saving, environmental protection, simple transportation and easy operation. What’s more, they are sold very well.

Besides, we have other construction machines for sale.

Concrete machinery

1. Concrete batching plant;

2.Concrete mixer;

3.Concrete pump.

Road machinery

1.Asphalt mixing plant;

2.Stabilized soil mixing plant.

Construction machinery

1.Block making machine;

2.Construction lift;

3.Tower crane.

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