shipment of 2.0 cub self mixer

AS-2.0 Self Propelled Concrete Mixer To Uzbekistan

Celebrate AIMIX AS-2.0 self propelled concrete mixer for sale was ready for shipment to Uzbekistan! I can’t count the number of self-propelled concrete mixers that have been sent to uzbekistan. Such as, 2.0cub, 3.5cub and 4.0cub, all of them are popular types. They make great contributions to development of concrete business in Uzbekistan. It is worth to mention that we have office in Uzbekistan, this 2.0cub self loading mixer is be prepared, if you need, contact us now, otherwise, it will be bought by others~

mixer drum and four wheels
mixer drum and four wheels
part of self loading mixer
part of self loading mixer

Specifications of AS-2.0 self loading mixer

Main Parameters Model AS-2.0
  Overall Dimension 7300*2650*3750 mm
  Wheelbase 2600 mm
  Curb Weight 6500 kg
  Drive Form Torque Converter
  Maximum Speed 30 km/h
  Maximum Gradeability 30º
  Maximum Turning Radius 5300 mm
  Minimum Ground Clearance 380 mm
Engine Model Yuchai 4102 Turbo-chaarged
  Rated Power 78 kw
Gearbox Model ZL-280 power shift gearbox
  Gear 4 forward, 4 back
Maintain refueling volume Fuel Tank 75 L
  Total Hydraulic System Capacity 75 L
  Oil 16 L
Hydraulic System Reducer HJ80-43
  Pump CBGQ 2050/2032
  Motor BM5-160
Water Supply System Water Tank Capacity 500 L
  Water Supply Time Relay
Stirring and Unloading Drum Geometry Capacity 3680 L
  Drum Rotation Speed 13 r/m

Applications of self propelled concrete mixer

It is used to produce and transport concrete. So it can be used for anything where concrete is needed. We can supply you 1.2cub, 2.0cub, 1.8cub, 2.6cub, 3.2cub, 3.5cub, 4.0cub and 6.5cub, if our types can’t meet your demands, leave your needs on this page, our engineers will evaluate whether the type you need can be customized.

chassis of self mixer
chassis of self mixer
display screen
display screen

Why you need a self mixer

Self loading concrete mixer truck is little familiar to concrete mixer truck, both them can produce concrete. But concrte mixer truck is mainly used to transport ready-mixed concrete, in fact, it can’t produce concrete on-site for project. While self-loading concrete mixer for sale can self-produce concrete on-site for the project. Most importantly, it only needs one operator, can realize smooth working mode, which greatly save labor cost.

shipment of 2.0 cub self mixer
shipment of 2.0 cub self mixer

In self propelled concrete mixer field, we have formed mature sales and service mode, can serve you better. Moreover, our salesmen are in Uzbekistan, can provide you with timely reply and solutions. If you need such a self loading mixer machine, contact me! We will try our best to satisfy you!
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