AS-3.5 Self-Loading Concrete Truck Mixer Was Exported To Almaty Kazakhstan In May

Good news coming! AIMIX exported AS-3.5 self-loading concrete truck mixer to Almaty Kazahstan on May 17, 2021. Affected by the epidemic and rising freight rates, many of our customers are on the sidelines. However, many customers took this opportunity to purchase our equipment, especially self-loading concrete mixer trucks, and the sales volume is still the first. Now, let’s see the new shipping case. This page will show you some loading pictures below.

self-loading concrete transit mixer to Almaty
Our AS-3.5 self-loading concrete mixer truck is the best-selling model. Only one person is required for the operation, and we can provide a 365-day warranty and after-sales service guarantee.
3.5m3 self loading mixer Almaty
Self-loading concrete truck mixers can produce 200 cubic meters of concrete every day, and the thickened body can perfectly achieve earthquake resistance. And it has the advantages of automatic loading, automatic filling, automatic calculation of material ratio, automatic mixing, and automatic unloading. In addition, the tank can be rotated 270 degrees, which is suitable for multi-angle engineering operations.
AS-3.5 self-loading mixer to Almaty

Specifications of AS-3.5 self loading mixer

Discharge Capacity: 3500L
Concrete output: 14 m³/h
Rated Power:85 Kw
Gear: 2 Forward 2 Back, Front Wheels Steering

AS-3.5 self-loading concrete mixer to Almaty
nameplate of self-loading mixer
self-loading cement mixer Almaty

It costs less than a mobile concrete batching plant, and it is more convenient than a concrete transit mixer, it can achieve more functions than a concrete mixer. Such a perfect concrete mixing machine, you deserve it! Contact us now, we will give you quick reply!

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