HZS concrete batching plant

The Basic Components of Commercial Concrete Batching Plant

In the domestic market, commercial concrete batch plant is mainly composed of five main systems, which are the mixing host, material weighing system, conveying system, storage system and control system. To help customers know more about the basic components of our plants, AIMIX Group will introduce it as the followings:

  1. The Mixing Host

The mixing host is divided into mandatory mixing and self-drop stirring with different stirring method. Mandatory mixing is mostly supported by compulsory concrete mixer, which is the mainstream of the mixing station at home and abroad, and it can mix liquidity, semi-dry and hard concrete. On the contrary, self-falling concrete mixer is mostly used alone.

HZS concrete batching plant

  1. Material Conveying System

The working of this system needs the help of belt conveyor, which automatically convey the materials to the prefixed place. Belt conveying can save lots of human work, reducing conveying time and improve working efficiency, which is more and more popular in modern society.

  1. Automatic Control System

AIMIX commercial concrete batch plant adopts automatic computer control, which has reliable performance, easy operation and comfortable operation environment.

  1. Weight System

Our concrete plant adopt single or concentrated weighting, which has much higher weighting accuracy than manual operation. Besides that, it has short weighting time, which can help you finish your construction task ahead of time.

  1. Storage System

The finished products is basically stored in the cement silos of concrete batching plant, and it is worthy to mention that our cement silos are well equipped with dust catcher and level-sensing device, which can be very reliable and safe.

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