The Basic Debugging Steps of Concrete Batch Plant

After installing the concrete mixing plant, the debugging of the plant is also an essential step for users to undergo before operation. Generally speaking, it is much safer to start the machine after careful debugging. However, most of users know litter about the debugging of concrete batch plants, which causes much trouble in the actual production practice. To help customers work smoothly, we will explain the basic debugging steps of concrete batch plants.

stationary concrete batching plant

  1. When debugging the control system, users should firstly reset the emergency button, closing the power switch in the electrical cabinet and turn on the branch circuit breaker. After that, users should observe whether the electrical system is in abnormal Phenomenon or not, if not, they should check it immediately.
  2. Open the motor buttons and check the rotation direction of the motor, and users are supposed to correct it immediately if it is wrong.
  3. Check the switch of air compressor is normal or not, and users should adjust the safety valve pressure to the standard range.
  4. Test running the mixer to see if there is any abnormal sound, and the various components should working properly.
  5. Users should run the belt conveyor when debugging, and users should carefully observe the running condition of the belt conveyor to avoid the swing, deviation, milling, skidding and deformation in the actual production.
  6. In debugging concrete batching machine, users should frequently click the ingredients button to see whether it is flexible and accurate or not, and then users should adjust the ingredients batching reference.
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