• Low Operating and Maintenance Costs
  • Sustainable Development

Environmental Protection Concrete Batching Plant

AIMIX environmentally friendly modular concrete mixing plant is specifically for users to address these issues: environment, regulations, market and technology. This article mainly gives you a general introduction to what is an environmentally friendly concrete batching plant and investment prospects of the new concrete plant. Show you latest cases first.

environmental friendly concrete batch plant

AIMIX Environmental Protection Batching Plant In Different Countries

Environmental friendly concrete batching plant in Malaysia

2AJ240 In Singapore

Environmental friendly concrete batching plant in Australia

2AJ180 In Australia

Environmental friendly concrete batching plant in Singapore

2AJ240 In Malaysia

What is Environmental Protection Concrete Batching Plant

Environmental protection modular concrete batch plant can well solve concrete batching plant environmental impacts on the environment and comply with legal requirements and market rules!

Green energy saving
Environmental protection
Stable performance
Reliable operation
High production efficiency
Accurate measurement

environmentally friendly concrete batching plant effect


Theoretical productivity(m3/h)180240270300
Power of mixing machine(kw)2×55kw2×75kw2×75kw2×90kw
Aggregate maximum particle80808080
Feeding capacity(L)4500600067507500
Discharge capacity(L)3000400045005000
Aggregate bin capacity(m3)(optional)steel storage4×254×254×304×30
Aggregate batching capacity(L)4800640072007200
Belt conveying capacity(t/h)900120012001400
Screw conveying capacity(t/h)80110170170
Discharge height(m)
Installed capacity(kw)220280300340
Weighing rangestone(900-3600)±2%(900-4800)±2%(900-5000)±2%(900-6000)±2%
fly ash(200-600)±1%(200-800)±1%(200-1200)±1%(200-1400)±1%

Recently one customer ordered a set of environmentally friendly batching plant that needs to be equipped with more than 20 cement silos, we are currently working on the program map for the customer. When the order of the new concrete plant for sale is completed, we will also update you with relevant pictures and videos of the environmental-friendly batching plant.
You can bookmark our page first to easily check for updates on Environmental Friendly Batching Plant later. So, why is the environmental friendly concrete batching plant so popular? Next, I will explain to you three reasons why the customer will choose this environmental-friendly concrete batching plant!

Three reasons to invest in an environmental friendly concrete batch plant

Environmentally friendly functioning of the whole production

Environmental considerations are at the heart of the environmentally friendly concrete plant, and each ring has corresponding environmental protection measures, including the following aspects.

  • De-dusting for Feeding, weighing, discharging of powders.
  • Enclosed storage and transportation of sand and gravel aggregates.
  • Zero discharge – A complete sewage recycling and utilization.
  • Disposal of waste sludge by concrete washing and gravel separation.
  • Fully enclosed design greatly reduces operating noise.

Low Operating and Maintenance Costs

The operational and maintenance of environmentally-friendly concrete plant expenses are kept low through various efficient features.

  • Powder conveying is achieved through an ultra-short spiral machine or pneumatic air chute, resulting in a low failure rate and easy maintenance of Eco-friendly batching plant, ultimately saving energy.
  • Easy maintain. An automatic belt flushing and cleaning system of eco-friendly concrete plant eliminates the need for workers to manually clean up falling material, significantly reducing labor intensity.
  • The entire system is fully enclosed, extending the service life of parts and reducing maintenance costs.

Compact Design, Space Efficiency, and Easy Expansion

  • The powder silo, positioned at the top, occupies a minimal area. The number of silos is adaptable, enabling a tidy layout, be it a single line, double line, or effortlessly expandable multi-line configuration.
  • The structure is dependable and robust, featuring an open internal space for convenient maintenance and additional integration possibilities.
  • Integration with the main station involves adopting a large frame support structure, a matrix powder silo group, and uncomplicated structural pillars. This setup ensures clear force transmission and is favorable for resisting significant wind loads.

So how does a new concrete batching plant respond to market demand and competition? I believe you will also have this question, it is safe and worry-free to buy new concrete batching plant? Here we will briefly analyze the development prospects of this concrete batching plant. I believe you will be full of confidence with the new concrete batching plant for sale after reading it.

Investment Prospects of Environmental Protection Concrete Batching Plant

Environmental protection concrete batching plant can well solve its impact on the environment and comply with legal requirements and market rules! Aimix has the new concrete batch plant for sale. We also have eco friendly rmc plant, you can choose to configure the eco-friendly rmc plant.

In short, investors in eco-friendly concrete batching plants not only contribute to the environment but also strategically position themselves for long-term financial success and market leadership. Now that we have learned about the concrete batching plant environmental management plan. Why not take the opportunity to leap into the construction industry?

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    In conclusion, if the government where your project is located has very strict access thresholds for environmental protection permits, and you also hope to achieve sustainable development, save operating costs, and remain competitive in the concrete production market for a long time, then you can consider investing in a new concrete batching plant.All in all, choose the environmentally friendly concrete batching plant and build a greener future for generations to come. If you have any need about this environmental protection concrete batching plant, you are welcome to leave a message to contact us.

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