Concrete Equipment In Stock In Indonesia

Hello everyone! Here’s a spot sale for you on our branch’s Indonesian market. At present, our concrete equipment is in stock in Surabaya, customers who are interested in buying this equipment or know about this equipment can take a look at the site now. Let’s learn more about the uses and features of these products: self-loading concrete mixer trucks and concrete mixer pump.

Self-loading concrete transit mixer in Surabaya

The first one is the very hot-selling self-loading concrete mixer truck.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck – AS-3.5 – 14m3/h

This truck is very popular not only in Indonesia, but also in Russia, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Tanzania, and other places.

It is a concrete production and transportation truck with a car chassis, has its own weighing system and mixing system, and because of its small size, it is very flexible in vast or narrow sites, the mixing drum can rotate 270 degrees, and the labor cost is very low, only one driver is needed to operate the machine.

What’s more, AS-3.5 is the most popular type of self loading concrete mixer, you can learn all of the cases about this type here:

self-loading concrete mixer is in stock in Surabaya

The second model is the concrete mixing pump

Concrete Mixer And Pump – With Diesel Engine – 40m3/h

As the name suggests, this machine can not only produce concrete but also complete the pumping of concrete. And the power source is a diesel engine, which is very energy-saving, and it can also run well in areas where the power resources are not sufficient or the voltage is unstable.

Both of the above equipment can produce and pump concrete, but the self-loading concrete mixer is more suitable for projects where the project site needs to be moved, while the concrete mixer and pump is more convenient to move and transfer, but it cannot move with the construction site.

diesel concrete mixer with pump in Surabaya

Both types of equipment have their own merits, and I hope that you will make the right choice after considering your project specifically.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us! By the way, our sales manager is currently in Indonesia and can give you a detailed explanation!

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