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Concrete Mixer For Sale In Nigeria

AIMIX has exported more than 50 sets of concrete mixers to Nigeria for various projects. So we have rich experience in concrete mixers sale in Nigeria and have a clear understanding of construction projects. A concrete mixer for sale in Nigeria is a professional machine that mixes cement, sand, stone, and water in a certain proportion and mixes it uniformly.

JZC350 mobile concrete mixer
JZC350 mobile concrete mixer

And it is widely used in road, bridge, house construction, and other engineering construction and prefabricated component factories. So if you are interested, contact us now, we will help you choose an ideal mixer.

AS-3.5 self loading concrete mixer in Myanmar for building construction
AS-3.5 self loading concrete mixer in Myanmar for building construction

Types of concrete mixer in Nigeria

We mainly can supply customers with two types of concrete mixers: diesel type and electric type. Next, there is a detailed introduction of them.

Diesel type concrete mixer for sale in Nigeria

There are two types: self-loading design and traditional diesel concrete mixer.

Self loading concrete mixer for sale in Nigeria

AS series self loading concrete mixer
AS series self loading concrete mixer

Types: AS-1.2, AS-1.8, AS-2.5, AS-2.6, AS-3.5, AS-4.0, AS-6.5
Discharge Capacity: 1200L-6500L
Concrete output: 4.8 m³/h-26m3/h
Engine Model: Yunnei 490 Turbo-Charged; Yuchai 4102 Turbo-Charged; FAW XICHAI 6110 Turbo-Charged; Weichai deutz 6105 Turbo-Charged
Gear: 2 Forward 2 Back, Front Wheels Steering

1. High independence: The self loader concrete mixer for sale in Nigeria can complete feeding, mixing, transportation, and unloading functions by independent operation.

2. Multi-function: This self-loading concrete mixer truck in Nigeria replaces the functions of wheel loaders, concrete mixers, conveyors, generator sets, and so on. It also has a water tank, an external suction pump, an automatic water mixer, and continuous mixing at the location of the water source. Car water supply, 270-degree multi-angle rotation unloading, to adapt to different local environments.

3. Easy to operate: Only two people can produce. The driver operates the automation program, others perform some auxiliary tasks, and the automation program is very simple. You can learn to drive in a few hours.

4. Economic efficiency: saving the cost, time, and effort, and the price of concrete mixer in Nigeria is reasonable.

5. Powerful function, adapt to various environments.

Cases about self loading concrete mixers

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Traditional diesel concrete mixer for sale in Lagos

Traditional diesel cement mixer Lagos Nigeria puts the mixture in a rotating mixing drum. With the rotation of the mixing drum, the blades in the drum lift the mixture to a certain height, and then freely fall down by its own weight. Do this again and again until it’s mixed evenly. This kind of mixer generally mixes plastic and semi-plastic concrete. We have JZR350 and JZR500 for your selection. Check specifications below.

JZR350 diesel concrete mixer

JZR500 diesel concrete mixer

Model JZR350A JZR350B JZR500
Discharging Capacity(L) 350 350 500
Charging Capacity(L) 560 560 800
Productivity(m3/h) 10 -14 10- 14 20-22
Maximum Size of Aggregate(mm) 60 60 80
Hopper Lifting Wire rope lifting Hydraulic system Hydraulic system
Diesel Engine Power(kw) 9.7 13.2 13.2
Power of Water Pump(kw) 0.75 0.75 2.2-3
Dimensions in Container (mm) 2750×2200×2400 2300×1900×2500 2300×3300×2500
Overall Weight (kg) 1350 1400 2300

Electric type

We can provide you with JZC series mobile concrete mixers, JZM series concrete mixer, JS series twin shaft concrete mixer, and JDC single shaft concrete mixer. All of them are driven by an electric motor.

JZC series

JZC series mobile concrete mixer for sale in Nigeria has the best sales volume. We have hot-sale types: JZC350 and JZC500. last year, we exported 17 sets such concrete mixers to Uzbekistan. The working principle of it is the rotation of the gear drives the mixing drum to rotate and stir.

17 sets of mobile concrete mixers to Uzbekistan
17 sets of mobile concrete mixers to Uzbekistan

JZC500 small mobile concrete mixer to Uzbekistan
small mobile concrete mixers to uz

Item Charging Capacity (L) Discharging Capacity (L) Productivity (m3/h) Aggregate Size (cobble/gravel) (mm) Overall Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) Overall Weight (kg)
JZC350 560 350 10/14 60 4010X2140X3340 1610
JZC350B 560 350 10/14 60 4310X2140X4180 1610
JZC500 800 500 18-20 60 5230X2300X5450 3200

JZM series

The working principle of the JZM series cement mixer Lagos Nigeria is mainly dependent on friction transmission. Friction transmission relies on the friction between the wear-resistant rubber roller and the mixing drum raceway to drive the mixing drum to rotate.

JZM350 small concrete mixer

JZM500 small concrete mixer

JZM750 small concrete mixer

Item Charging Capacity (L) Discharging Capacity (L) Productivity (m3/h) Aggregate Size (cobble/gravel) (mm) Overall Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) Overall Weight (kg)
JZM350 560 350 10/14 60 4310X2140X4240 3200
JZM750 1200 750 20-22.5 80 6107X2050X6070 4000

Customer from Jakarta Indonesia bought five sets of JZM500 concrete mixers

small concrete mixer machine

cement mixer
small concrete mixer machine Indonesia
small concrete mixer arrived at Indonesia

JS series

JS series twin shaft concrete mixer for sale in Nigeria is usually one of the most important parts of a concrete batching plant, because of its high mixing quality and high mixing efficiency. We can supply you with JS500 to JS3000. also, you can use it independently.

JS1500 twin shaft concrete mixer

JS1000 twin shaft concrete mixer

Item Charging Capacity (L) Discharging Capacity(L) Productivity( m/h) Aggregate Size(cobble/gravel) (mm) Overall Dimension
(LXWXH) (mm)
JS500 800 500 25 Min 80/60 4486x3030x5280
JS750 1200 750 35 Min 80/60 5100x2250x6700
JS1000 1600 1000 50 Min 80/60 8765x3436x9540
JS1500 2400 1500 75 Min 80/60 9645X3436X9700
JS2000 3200 2000 100 Min 80/60 3500X2320X1677
JS3000 4800 3000 150 Min 80/60 3990X2600X1700
JS4000 6400 4000 200 Min 120/100 4450X3050X2380
JSS500 800 500 20-25 Min 80/60 2960x2600x4400
JSS750 1200 750 30-35 Min 80/60 3120x3500x5620
JSS1000 1600 1000 40-50 Min 80/60 4640x2250x2250
JSS1500 2400 1500 70-90 Min 80/60 5058x2250x2440
JSS2000 3200 2000 100-120Min 80/60 3500x2400x2125

JDC series

JDC series concrete mixers have one shaft. It is a household-type mixer with a very small size and low production capacity. Few people choose it on the market now. But if you have a small project to do, choosing it will save costs.

JDC350 single shaft concrete mixer

JDC500 single shaft concrete mixer

Model JDC350 JDC500 JDC1000
Charging Capacity (L) 560 800 1600
Discharging Capacity (L) 350 500 1000
Productivity (m3/h) 18 25 50
Aggregate Size (mm) 80/60 80/60 80/60
Rev of Drum (r/min) 28 24 24
Complete Machine Power (KW) 19.55 24.75 44
Mixing Time (s) 30 30 30
Overall Dimension (LXWXH) (mm) 2580X2340X2850 2600X2789X3200 3370X2789X3650
Dragged Speed (m/h) 20 18 18
Overall Weight (kg) 3300 4000 6100

Latest cases

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Exported Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer And Concrete Batching Machine To Dominica In Feb

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Was Exported To The Philippines

Export Mini Self Loading Mixer To Russia In Feb

Where to buy concrete mixer in Nigeria

If you ask where to buy a concrete mixer in Nigeria. You can search on google or bing, to find a local supplier, also you can look for reputable China suppliers, such as AIMIX GROUP. It is a reliable construction machine supplier and manufacturer in China. With more than thirty years’ experience, it pays much attention to the production and innovation of the concrete mixer. Moreover, we have exported many products to Nigeria, such as concrete batching plant, concrete mixer pump, self-loading concrete mixer, asphalt mixing plant, etc. We have rich experience in the Nigerian market. Please believe us.

AIMIX Service

When you planned to do a concrete mixer business in Nigeria, no matter which company you choose, the first thing you need to consider is service. Pre-sale service, on-sale service, and after-sales service, completely service will make everything easy. And it will make sure your concrete mixer can work for a long long time. In addition, good after-sales service will spn the service life of the concrete mixer.

Last but not least, you need to consider concrete mixer price in Nigeria. Make a comparison between chose manufacturers, and negotiate the price with them one by one, until you are satisfied with it.

At the end of this page, if you are looking for a quality concrete mixer for sale in Nigeria, you can contact us and request a quote, we will reply to you within 2 hours. Hope to cooperate with you soonest.

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