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Heavy hammer crusher for sale is a stone crushing production equipment developed by Zhengzhou AIMIX Company for small and medium-sized investors with features of low investment and quick results. It combines the features of a traditional single-section hammer crusher and impact crusher, especially suitable for crushing medium hardness limestone, compressive strength ≤ 200MPa, and stone with calcium content ≥ 40%. It can be used for one crusher to realize one-time forming, and also for two crushers (the second crusher can be used to get good particle shape with modified special impact crusher), which can reduce the investment cost by 30~40%. Meanwhile, this model has high output, low energy consumption, and low cost.

hammer crushing machine in AIMIX
【Equipment role】: large hammer crusher with medium output can be directly crushed and shaped at one time to achieve the output, the crushing ratio is large, the grain shape is in line. The hammer crusher machine can also be placed behind the heavy hammer break in a large output stone production line, to do the second break with, to increase the output, the material is to be shaped again.

What is hammer crushing machine?

hammer crusher machine in AIMIX

Hammer Crushers

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Feeding SizeFeed particle size: ≤1200mm
Capacity: 100-700T/H

【Applicable Material:】

limestone, gravel, gneiss, and other brittle materials with compressive strength not more than 200Mpa

【Applicable Fields:】

Widely used in cement, sand and gravel, building materials, electric power, metallurgy, highway construction, and other industries.

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Next, let’s learn some basics of AIMIX irreversible type hammer crusher for sale!

Selling points of AIMIX hammer crusher

  • 1. Our large hammer crusher crushing characteristics is the hammerhead, the use of internal technology first hot composite bimetallic high chrome alloy hammerhead, and at cost price to customers.
  • 2. Easy installation and maintenance. The hammerhead of the hammer crusher is easy to install, and when it is damaged and replaced, you only need to open the cover to drop the hammerhead off the side, so the workload of overhaul and maintenance is less.
  • 3. Structure and long life. The hammerhead automatically adjusts its position during work, structure, there is no dangerous cross-section, good anti-iron block performance, service life greatly improved.
  • 4. Three major counterattack areas, grain shape more. Material crushing, through the three major crushing impact zone, set crushing, shaping, molding in one, so that the material grain shape more.
  • 5. Self-flowing through design, a small amount of powder production. Self-flow design is our company’s special design so that the diameter of the material is less than the gap directly natural outflow, to avoid crushing again, to enhance production capacity at the same time, greatly reducing the rate of powder production.
  • 6. The material flows smoothly and the output is large. The improved screen plate can significantly reduce the frictional resistance of material filtration, and the feeding frequency can be adjusted according to the operational requirements, thus increasing the output.
  • 7. Low loss of wearing parts and low maintenance cost of hammer crusher machine. All the wearing parts are made of internal and external materials, and a small number of wearable parts are made of special hard material, which has a long service life and greatly reduces overhaul and maintenance costs.

hammer crusher in working site

hammer crusher sale
hammer crusher from AIMIX
wide application of hammer crusher

What are the components of hammer crusher?

components of hammer crusher

The Hammer crusher consists of housing, rotor, strike plate, hammerhead, support, liner plate, and so on.

Working principle of large hammer mill crusher

  • 1. The material to be crushed is fed into the crushing cavity by the feeding equipment through the feeding port, and the rotor drives the hammerhead to strike the material at high speed;
  • 2. After gaining kinetic energy, the material crushes the impact plate at high speed to get the second crushing;
  • 3. After rebounding from the collision, the material is either struck by the hammerhead again or collides with other materials.
  • 4. When the size of the material is smaller than the gap between the hammerhead and the impact plate, the material will leave the crushing cavity under its own weight and the pressure of other materials, thus ending a complete crushing process.
  • 5. After the material crushed by the hammer crusher is screened by the screening equipment, part of the material larger than the selected material needs to be transported to the crusher for secondary crushing.

working principle of hammer crusher

Advantages of AIMIX hammer crusher

  • 1. Good quality of hammer crusher machine. The hammer crusher is able to meet both the customer’s demand for output and the feed grading requirements. This large hammer crusher produces finished granules, high output, reasonable layout, and easy installation and operation. The market application assessment shows that the performance of the hammer crusher equipment is stable and the processing capacity is large, which can bring high economic benefits to the sand and gravel aggregate production.
  • 2. Good service. The hammer crusher manufacturer will receive customers very warmly, from the basic product introduction to the site visit and planning the site for customers, providing pre-sales support and after-sales service, fully demonstrating the comprehensive strength of the AIMIX team. In addition, we will understand customers’ needs through many communications with them, and then select the model and cost-effective large hammer crusher for them, and most importantly, all the above services we provide are recognized and highly evaluated by customers.
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    AIMIX heavy hammer crusher

How to see the price of hammer crusher for sale

Stone whether in ancient times or modern are very good building stone, with the development of science and technology, processing stone tools show diversified trends, but also the achievement of the development of the hammer crusher, prompting it to be known by more people in need, but customers are most often concerned about the price, such as the inquiries we receive, most customers the first thing is to consult the price of large hammer crusher, we in Here we analyze the hammer crusher price!

The price of a hammer crusher needs to be realistic, as different equipment models require different costs in manufacturing, and there are many hammer crusher manufacturers on the market, with different business models, processes, and raw materials used, the quality of equipment can be good or bad, and the price of a hammer crusher is also different, so you need to be especially careful when buying this type of large capacity equipment.

If you want to get a specific hammer crusher price, first you need to find a reliable and big manufacturer and then make an inquiry, do not listen to the hammer crusher price given freely on the Internet. Because many times, the quotation is given online is just to win the eyes of customers, when you really go to consult, you will find that it is just a marketing gimmick. In fact, the price is not very low, which will only waste your time and affect your mood. So, how to get a reliable hammer crusher price? We think, finding a reliable manufacturer is the best choice. Here about how to find a reliable hammer crusher for sale, AIMIX gives the following suggestions.

heavy hammer crusher AIMIX
hammer crusher working

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Things to note when choosing a hammer crusher manufacturer

  • 1. Please do more research and find three to five manufacturers that seem to be more reliable to consult one by one. Communicate online first, if you are more satisfied with the plant, you can ask for more information about the equipment as well as the manufacturer.
  • 2. Visit the site. Contact the crusher manufacturer you think is trustworthy, for a site visit, seeing is believing, seeing the production scene inside the factory, shipping scenes and some of the workers’ spirit will give you the most real feeling, such as the size of the factory to determine your first impression.
  • 3. Consider the factory’s after-sales service. Pre-sales service every manufacturer will do a good job because you have not yet placed an order. But some unscrupulous businessmen will make a huge shift after you place an order, so when you visit the factory or make a pre-consultation, you can ask the factory for some more real after-sales service cases for your reference. Hammer crusher belongs to the more expensive equipment, even if you buy small accessories, you need to recognize the strength of the manufacturer and hospitality. Avoid the trouble of follow-up.
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    impact hammer crusher

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What are the differences between small hammer crusher and impact crusher?

Heavy hammer crusher and stone impact crusher is basically the same in appearance and structure, but the only difference lies in the form of the rotor. The rotor of a heavy hammer crusher is made of a hammerhead, which can rotate around the hammer shaft, while the rotor of the stone impact crusher is made of a high chrome plate hammer. The heavy hammer crusher has a large weight of individual hammerhead, reasonable rotor speed, and large rotational inertia of hammerhead, which can achieve the crushing effect of large feed size and small discharge size. The heavy hammer crusher for stone can be equipped with a low voltage motor, high voltage motor, and double motors.

impact crusher vs hammer crusher

About service

AIMIX always puts service and quality in the first place. Our goal is to think what our customers think and provide them with the best quality products and the most attentive service, in addition to the most basic pre-sales services such as making plans, visiting factories and sending quotations, we can also provide our customers with after-sales services without worries. For example:

  • 1. Installation and commissioning. When the hammer crusher for sale arrives at your construction site, we will arrange for professional engineers to visit the site for commissioning and testing.
  • 2. Training from local operators. We will not only commission the equipment but also help you to train the local operators well because a good operator will be especially careful with the machine, which can extend the service life of the machine to some extent.
  • 3. Online question and answer or on-site problem-solving. We can provide online or on-site solutions for our current branches, and if you are not in the area of these branches, we will also help you solve the problem at our discretion, and if necessary, we will also go to the site to help you solve the problem.

In a word, AIMIX is a reliable hammer crusher manufacturer, that can supply you with quality equipment for your requirement. If you want to learn more about this crusher, contact us now! We can not only assess the feasibility of your project but also customize the best construction solution for you.

Therefore, if you want to get a cost-effective hammer crusher for sale, welcome to consult!

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