One Set Of AS-4.0 Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Was Exported To Russia

AIMIX exported a self-loading concrete mixer to Russia on October 24, 2021, the model is AS-4.0. This model means that this self-loading concrete mixer truck can produce 16m3 of concrete per hour. If it works 8 hours a day, the capacity is 128m3. This model is a very good one sold in our company. Especially in Russian-speaking countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. This shows how our self-assembled concrete mixer truck is popular with customers.

selfloading concrete mixer to Russia

load AS-4.0 self loading concrete mixer
nameplate of AS-4.0 self-loading mixer
AS-4.0 self-loading cement mixer

Let’s briefly understand some basic information about the self-loading concrete mixer truck.

Discharge Capacity: 4000L
Concrete output: 16 m³/h
Rated Power:85 Kw
Gear: 2 Forward 2 Back, Front Wheels Steering

Basic introduction about self loading concrete mixer truck

  • 1. Adopting Weichai Deutz supercharged engine, with features of strong power, long life, and guaranteed after-sales service.
  • 2. Our self-loading concrete mixer truck is made of thick steel, which is strong and durable, and not easily deformed.
  • 3. Imported tank rotating motor is adopted, which has large torque and refuses to seep oil.
  • 4. It also has a closed wheel screw slewing support. Strong airtightness, not easy to enter stones, sand, and other debris. The cycloid motor provides power and rotates more powerfully. There are multiple connection points, which is more firm.
  • 5. The drum is made of high wear-resistant manganese steel, and the bottom convex design ensures that there is no residue in the discharge.
  • 6. The oil pump is a plunger pump, which replaces the traditional gear pump and has a stronger output power.

AS-4.0 self-loading concrete mixer
AS-4.0 self-loading concrete mixer exported to Russia
AS-4.0 self-loading concrete mixer to Russia
AS-4.0 self loading mixer Russia

In addition to AS-4.0 self-loading concrete mixer Russia, we can also provide you with other equipment, such as AS-1.2, AS-2.5, AS-2.6, AS-3.2, AS-3.5, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5. In short, there is always a self-loading concrete mixer truck that will suit your project. If you are interested, please leave a message on this page, or click on the online consultation, we will have a professional salesperson reply to you within two hours.

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