Our Tower Crane Is Ready To Sri Lanka

tower craneCongratulations! On April 12, 2017, our tower crane was delivered to Sri Lanka. The following is the detailed introduction about the tower crane.

Tower crane is very suitable for high building construction. It has compact structure and attractive appearance. When it works, it can be adjusted according to the actual height of the building. Also, no matter how long or how high it strecthes, which will not have an effect on its lifting capacity. AIMIX GROUP has many types of tower cranes for sale. For instance, QTZ31.5, QTZ40, QTZ63, QTZ80, QTZ125 and QTZ160.

tower craneFor our group, under the context of challenge and development in construction field, we never stop making progress. We hope to build global industrial one-stop service platform. We sincerely wish that our products will be worldwide. Moreover, we have formed a service chain. Once you give us an inquiry, our salesman will get back to you in the first place. And during the shipment and installation, there will professional technician help you. In addition, we will provide you with the most thoughtful after-sale service.

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