Portable Batch Plant For Sale

Portable batch plant for sale is portable to move from site to site. AIMIX new type portable batch plant can perfectly meet the demand of all kinds of mobile constructions, such as, roads, railways, bridge, port, etc. In this page, you will learn about some basic knowledge: components and main advantages.

At firstly, let’s see its structure. The below is a whole picture about portable concrete mixer batching plants. We mainly sell AJT-60 portable cement plant, the production output can reach 60 cubic meter per hour.

Latest news

AJT-35 portable concrete mixer plant was installed in Ambon, Indonesia

AJT-35 portable concrete mixer batching plant

AJT-35 portable concrete mixer plant
AJT-35 portable concrete mixer plant Indonesia
AJT-35 portable concrete mixer plant in Indonesia

AJT-60 was exported to Indonesia

portable concrete mixer plant Indonesia

portable concrete mixer batching plant Indonesia
portable concrete mixer plant to Indonesia
portable concrete plant Indonesia

Portable concrete mixer batching plants

portable batch plant

portable cement plant
portable concrete plant
portable mixer plant


Unit AJT-60 AJT-60
Theoretical Productivity m3/h 50-60 50-60
Mixer Drum Mixer   JZM1500 JZM1500
Motor Power KW 11×2 11×2
Mixing Time S 40 40
Discharging Height m 1.3 1.3
Batching Machine Batching Machine   PLD1600 PLD1600
Storage Hopper M3 5×2 5×3
Motor Power KW 4×2 4×3
Sensor kg 2000×3 2000×3
Cylinder   100*250 100*250
Belt Size mm 3600*600 x 1

9000*600 x1

10400*500 x2

4200*500 x1

9000*600 x1

Feeding Height mm 3200 3200
Cement Weighing System Weighing Accuracy   ±1% ±1%
Water Weighing System Weighing Accuracy   ±1% ±1%
Water Pump KW 3 3
Additive Weighing System Weighing Accuracy   ±1% ±1%
Additive Pump   1.1 1.1
Chassis Size mm 8410*2000*780 11100*2000*780
Tyres mm 1000 1000
Control System Electrinoic Components   ZHENG TAI ZHENG TAI
Control System   PLY1000 semi auto PLY1000 semi auto

portable batch plants

portable concrete plant
portable cement plant
portable concrete batch plant

Components of portable concrete batch plant for sale

1. Discharge outlet. It connects with concrete mixer, after the mixing, concrete will be discharged from this outlet.

2. JZM concrete drum mixer. It is driven by friction. And this type concrete mixer has high efficiency.

JZM series concrete drum mixer
drum concrete mixer

3. Powder weighing. As you can see from this picture, powder system is very simple, compared with old type portable concrete batch plant, which greatly saves land occupation. If you have special requirements, we can equip you with simple hopper and screw conveyor, meanwhile, we also can equip it with vertical or horizontal cement silo.

4. Aggregate batching machine. It is used to batch aggregate, such as, cement, sand, pebbles, etc. It is with professional load cell, so can produce quality concrete. In addition, we usually equip it with three-bin aggregate batching machine, also we can customize according to your real needs.

aggregate weighing system

aggregate batcher

5. Aggregate conveying system. After batching, aggregate will enter the concrete mixer through this part.

Next, we need to know about advantages and characteristics, so that you will know why you need to invest such a small portable concrete batch plant.

Advantages of portable concrete plant

1. Fast assemble and disassemble, convenient movement. Only need one 30t crane, can disassemble within one day. When install it, if ground is flat and solid, users don’t need to lay foundation, which is very suitable for users with tight deadlines.

2. High configuration, high reliability, precise weighing and convenient operation. All parts are imported from abroad, which greatly decrease the fault rate but also improve the weighing accuracy of batching plant portable.

3. Semi automatic control system, you can adopt automatic control or manual control. The dynamic panel display can clearly understand the operation of each component, and can store and print the report data, which provides great convenience for production scheduling management.

semi automatic control system
semi automatic control system
control room
control room

4. Environmental protection. Closed production reduces the generation of dust, what’s more, we equip it with professional dust collector, no air pollution.

Why buy portable cement plants for sale

1. Can change sites at any time.

2. Small investment, low investment cost. And you will get quick returns in short time.

3. Water supply is adjustable. You can choose right capacity of water pool according to the water content of materials.

4. You can use a wheel loader, don’ need to rent a trailer.

5. Basic concrete uses concrete transit mixer to receive concrete, for this portable concrete batching plant sale, you can use wheel loader, excavator, tricycles and concrete mixer truck to receive the ready mixed concrete.

After-sales service for portable batch plant for sale

As for after-sales service, we have local based center in Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan and Russia, if your project has some problems, call us: +86 18569987230 or mailto us: market@aimixgroup.com, we will help you out immediately.

In a word, if you want to invest a portable batch plant for sale, contact us, we will help you draw a best plan and help you get quick returns as soon as possible.

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