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Self loading mixer for sale is an efficient and multi-functional concrete transport and mixing equipment with characteristics of small volume. It combines the functions of a concrete batching plant and a concrete transport truck, which makes them ideal concrete production and transportation equipment for modern construction sites.

self-loading mixers in AIMIX

Only by really knowing this equipment, you will be able to know if the equipment meets your project needs and, in turn, select the most suitable model. Now, follow me to have a further understanding of self-loading mixers! First of all, let’s look at the application areas of self-loading concrete mixer trucks.

Where can self-loading mixers be used?

I’ll show you a few examples of past projects to show you the application areas of self-loading trucks. This may be more intuitive.

Knowing the application area of the self-loader mixer, it is also very important to choose the right model, so let’s see what AIMIX can offer you!

AIMIX’s most popular models are the AS-3.5 and AS-4.0. In addition to these two models, there are also AS-1.2, AS-2.6, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5 to choose from.

AS-3.5 self-loading mixer

AS-3.5 Can Save 5 Labors

  • Discharge Capacity: 3500L
  • Concrete output: 14 m³/h
  • Mixing drum capacity(L): 4740
  • Water tank: 620
AS-4.0 Self-Loading Mixer

Forward two gears, reverse two gears. Front-wheel drive.

  • Discharge Capacity: 4000L
  • Concrete output: 16 m³/h
  • Engine power: 91
  • Mixing drum capacity(L): 6000

AS-5.5 self loading mixer concrete

With FAW Xichai 6110 turbo engine

  • Discharge Capacity: 5500L
  • Concrete output: 22 m³/h
  • Mixing drum capacity(L): 7800
  • Engine power: 92
AS-6.5 self loading concrete mixer aimix

AS-6.5 Can Save Electricity 100 Degrees

  • Discharge Capacity: 6500L
  • Total Hydraulic System Capacity:278 Liters
  • Mixing drum capacity(L): 9000
  • Engine power: 92

Also, here is a new combination of self loading mixer and trailer concrete pump used in the project from one of the customers in Indonesia. Compared with concrete batching plant and concrete pump, this combination has a very low cost and is convenient for special projects.

Efficient Combination For Concrete Production And Pouring

Worked in Indonesia

  • Project: House Construction
  • Configuration: AS-3.5 self loading mixer and ABT40C diesel concrete pump
  • Concrete Output: 112m3/h
  • Concrete Pouring: 40m3/h

Worked in Uzbekistan

  • Project: Workshop Construction
  • Configuration: AS-4.0 self loading mixer and ABT60C diesel concrete pump
  • Concrete Output: 128m3/h
  • Concrete Pouring: 60m3/h

Next we look at the features and advantages of the self-loading mixer so that you can easily compare and choose with products of the same function.

Advantages and selling points of self loading mixer for sale

High efficiency

Self-loading concrete mixer truck has fast loading and discharging function, which reduces the time of concrete production and transportation and improves the working efficiency.

Independent production capacity: Self-loading concrete mixer trucks can mix concrete on site without relying on a concrete mixing plant, which reduces transportation costs and time.


In addition to concrete mixing and transportation functions, the self-loading mixer truck can also perform automatic loading, automatic metering, and automatic cement and water-filling operations, realizing integrated production.

Good mixing quality

The self-loading mixer truck adopts advanced mixing technology to ensure the concrete is always evenly mixed during transportation, which improves the concrete quality.

advantages of investing a self-loading mixer

Energy saving

Self-loading concrete mixers are usually hydraulically driven, saving energy and reducing emissions.

Convenient operation and maintenance

Self-loading mixer trucks are easy to operate and maintain, which reduces the cost of use.


Self-loading concrete mixers are suitable for construction sites of all sizes, especially those with narrow and complex terrain that is difficult to access.


AIMIX offers self-loading mixers with different capacities, models, and configurations, which can be customized according to customer needs.

In summary, AIMIX self-loading concrete mixers are highly efficient, multi-functional, and energy-saving, making them ideal concrete production and transportation equipment for modern construction sites.

However, the biggest advantage of the self loader mixer is that it has a very powerful and accurate weighing system. Let’s look at the core component of the self-loading mixer: the weighing system.

The weighing system of the AIMIX self loading concrete mixer will improve the quality of the concrete produced

Let’s look specifically at the features and benefits of the weighing system!

Accurate Weighing

The self-loading mixer truck adopts an advanced electronic weighing system, which can accurately weigh raw materials such as cement, sand and gravel, water, etc., ensuring accurate concrete proportioning and concrete quality.

Automatic measurement

The truck is equipped with an automatic measurement function, which can automatically measure various raw materials according to the preset concrete ratio, reducing the burden of manual operation and improving production efficiency.

Weiging Scale
Weiging Scale

Automatically Discharge
Automatically Discharge

Automatically load
Automatically load
Automatically Mix
Automatically Mix

Control System
Control System

Driving Cab
Driving Cab

Real-time monitoring

The weighing system of the self loading mixer for sale can monitor the weighing of raw materials in real-time to ensure a stable proportion of raw materials during concrete production.

Data recording and tracing

The weighing system can record the data during the concrete production process, which is convenient for tracing and analyzing the concrete quality problems and helps to continuously improve the production process.

Easy adjustment

The weighing system of the self-loading mixer truck can adjust the concrete ratio at any time according to the actual demand to meet the concrete needs of different projects.

Therefore, in terms of weighing, the AIMIX self loading mixer for sale can ensure accurate, stable, and efficient concrete production to meet the needs of various projects.

When you see this, you may think, such good equipment, the price should also be very expensive, right? It’s not. As a senior self-loading mixer production, sales, research, and development manufacturer, we guarantee that we will give you the most suitable factory price. And the price of a self-loading mixer truck is also fluctuating, mainly affected by many factors, so how can you buy a self loading truck with the best price? Let me give you an analysis below. As long as you choose at the right time, you will definitely be able to buy a self-loading mixer at the best price.

self loading concrete mixers manufacturers

How to get a reasonable self loading mixer price?

As mentioned above, the price of self-loading mixer is unstable and can be affected by many factors, such as model configuration, manufacturers, price of steel, shipping costs, tariffs, after-sales service, locality, etc. Let’s look at it carefully.

Model and configuration

The price of self-loading concrete mixers varies widely by type and configuration. For example, different mixing tank capacities, cab configurations, hydraulic systems, and electronic equipment will affect the price.


Different manufacturers differ in the production process, raw materials, and brand reputation, and these factors also affect the price of self-loading concrete mixers.

Raw material cost

The main raw materials of self-mounted mixer trucks include steel, hydraulic components, and electronic components. The market price fluctuations of these raw materials can directly affect the price of the final product.

Features and Performance

Self-loading mixers with higher performance and more features usually cost more. For example, mixer trucks with automatic metering systems, efficient hydraulic drive systems, and advanced mixing technology are relatively more expensive.

After-sales service

Quality after-sales service often means higher prices. The after-sales service provided by manufacturers includes equipment installation, maintenance, training, technical support, etc.

Geographical differences

Factors such as transportation costs, tariffs, and taxes in different regions may also affect the price of self loading concrete mixer trucks.

But this premise is that you have chosen a target manufacturer, if you have not decided which to buy, then the first thing is to find a reliable manufacturer, only the manufacturer is reliable, you can buy reliable equipment. How to determine whether the manufacturer is reliable, the best way is to visit personally, and then screen from the following aspects.

Aimix self-loading mixers for sale
self-loading concrete mixer trucks

A few tips to determine whether the self-loading mixer manufacturer is reliable

Factory size

Only a large factory is capable of supporting the generation and delivery of a large number of orders.

Technical personnel

Do not only communicate with salesmen, necessary to find technical engineers, not only in the selection of models can give you advice, but more able to meet the special requirements that may arise from your project.

Workshop environment

Although it is a workshop for the production of equipment, certainly not as clean and tidy as the office, you need to pay attention to the workshop production since the working condition of some equipment is loaded.

After-sales service

After-sales service is very important to avoid the problem of finding after-sales service, you need to consult clearly about the various after-sales services of self-loading vehicles. Because if you do not find the original manufacturer to repair themselves, the maintenance cost is also very high.

How about AIMIX?

AIMIX is a supplier of self-loading vehicles that integrates production, sales, and R&D. So far, AIMIX self-loading vehicles have been exported to more than 100 countries, and as you can see from our page, our self-loading vehicles have been updated for several rounds. From the initial yellow, green, and now white with a blue logo, we have not only improved the appearance but also the performance and capacity of our self-loading vehicles.

What’s more:

AIMIX has a large factory of more than 2 million square meters, with workers and technical teams dedicated to the production, research, and development of self-loading vehicles. Moreover, since 2010, AIMIX has embarked on an international path, and we have our professional teams in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Bolivia, etc. to assist you in solving various problems, such as shipping, installation, customs clearance, financial support, etc. All our efforts are aimed at building a better world.

If you are looking for an easy-to-transfer concrete production and conveying machine, a self loading mixer for sale is the best choice for you! Come and contact us!

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