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What Is A Self Loading Concrete Mixer

What is a self loading concrete mixer? It is a multifunctional concrete mixing equipment integrating automatic feeding, mixing, conveying and discharging. This type of mixer is especially designed for preparing concrete at construction sites, effectively improving construction efficiency and concrete quality.

Unlike traditional concrete mixer trucks, the self loading concrete mixer is able to complete the loading of raw materials, such as cement, sand and gravel, by itself, thus realizing the whole process of automated operation from raw materials to finished concrete.

Please allow me to name it “A new star in the construction field”.

In this article, I will take you to a deep understanding of the self-loading concrete mixer, not only to tell you what is a self loading cement mixer, but also, since you want to know what is a self-loading concrete mixer, it is very necessary for me to answer all the relevant knowledge of it so as to facilitate your better understanding of this equipment.

Rotate 270 Degrees / 4.8-26m3 / Good helper for small And Medium project
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In the previous section we already know that this self loaded concrete mixer can do the concrete production independently and it is ready to be used right at the construction site, next let’s find out what this equipment can be used for. See if it meets your needs.

6 Applications About Self Loading Mixer

Self loader concrete mixer is highly flexible and self-sufficient equipment that are widely used in a variety of building and construction scenarios. Based on the needs of those customers we have served in the past, we have roughly compiled for you a few application areas for self-loading concrete mixers:

Remote or hard-to-reach construction sites

Because these mixer trucks are able to load raw materials, mix them into concrete, and transport them to a designated location on their own, they are ideal for use in remote or inaccessible areas, such as mountainous areas, the countryside, or narrow streets in cities.

Small to medium-sized construction projects

Self load concrete mixers are suitable for projects such as residential buildings, commercial buildings, sidewalks, and small road construction, which often require a medium-weight supply of concrete.

Municipal engineering and infrastructure construction

Used for municipal infrastructure projects such as urban renewal, park construction, drainage system construction, road repair, and other municipal infrastructure projects because it can produce the required concrete instantly, increasing efficiency and responsiveness.

Precast production

While concrete mixer self loading is more commonly used for on-site concrete placement, they can also be used in some cases to produce small batches of precast concrete elements, especially in areas where there are no established precast plants.

Strict quality control

From the beginning of equipment production, we have a sound evaluation mechanism, and we also have people to follow up the production process of the equipment, strictly follow the use of high-quality materials and components, and effective inspection and testing to ensure that each mobile crushing plant meets the required quality standards.

Repair work

Where urgent repairs to roads, bridges or other infrastructure are required, self loading concrete machine can be quickly deployed to the site to produce and deliver concrete to complete the repair task.

A Video Takes You On A Tour Of Self-loading Concrete Mixer

How do you feel after watching the video? Are you amazed by this small device? Such a flexible and small equipment is so multi-functional.

I believe you will now have a question, so small slm concrete mixer, its capacity to reach how much? The next part will show you various models of self-loading concrete mixer trucks, with the corresponding parameters of each model for your reference.

What Is The Capacity Of Self Loading Concrete Mixer?

The capacity (or production capacity) of mixer beton self loading can vary depending on the model and manufacturer. Typically, their capacity can range from about 1 cubic meter to over 6 cubic meters. Here are some common self loading concrete mixer truck capacities:


Small self-loading mixer typically have a concrete delivery capacity of 1 to 2 cubic meters and are suitable for small-scale construction projects and tight-space work environments. The main models available are: AS-1.2 and AS-1.8. The hourly production capacities are 4.8 cubic meters and 7.2 cubic meters.

AS-1.2 self loading concrete mixer
  • Discharge Capacity: 1200L
  • Concrete output: 4.8 m³/h
  • Mixing drum capacity(L): 1700
  • Water tank: 400
AS-1.8 self loading cement mixer
  • Discharge Capacity: 1800L
  • Concrete output: 7.2 m³/h
  • Mixing drum capacity(L): 2680
  • Water tank: 400


With a capacity of approximately 2 to 4 cubic meters, these self load concrete mixers are suitable for most standard building and construction projects, offering good flexibility and efficiency. The main models available are: AS-2.6 and AS-3.5. The hourly production capacity is 10.4 cubic meters and 14 cubic meters.

AS-2.6 self loading concrete mixers
  • Discharge Capacity: 2600L
  • Concrete output: 10.4 m³/h
  • Engine power: 78
  • Mixing drum capacity(L): 3580
AS-3.5 self loaded concrete mixer
  • Discharge Capacity: 3500L
  • Concrete output: 14 m³/h
  • Mixing drum capacity(L): 4740
  • Water tank: 620


Large self loading beton mixer can have a capacity of 4 to 6 cubic meters or even more, they are suitable for larger scale construction projects and can effectively increase the efficiency of concrete production and transportation. The main models available are: AS-4.0, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5. The hourly production capacities are 16, 22 and 26 cubic meters.

AS-4.0 self loaded concrete mixer
  • Discharge Capacity: 4000L
  • Concrete output: 16 m³/h
  • Engine power: 91
  • Mixing drum capacity(L): 6000
AS-5.5 self loader concrete mixer
  • Discharge Capacity: 5500L
  • Concrete output: 22 m³/h
  • Mixing drum capacity(L): 7800
  • Engine power: 92
AS-6.5 self loading cement mixer
  • Discharge Capacity: 6500L
  • Total Hydraulic System Capacity:278 Liters
  • Mixing drum capacity(L): 9000
  • Engine power: 92

The production capacity is not only related to the amount of concrete to be mixed and delivered at a time, but also has a direct impact on the schedule and cost-effectiveness of the project. When choosing concrete self load vehicles with the right capacity, you need to consider factors such as the size of the project, the amount of concrete required and the site conditions.

10 Advantages Of A Self Loading Concrete Mixer

1. Improve efficiency.

Complete multiple tasks with one machine: loading, mixing, transporting and discharging.

2. Reduce labor costs.

The automatic working principle greatly reduces the manpower required for concrete work, thereby reducing labor costs.

3. High-Quality Mixes.

These mixers accurately meter water and aggregate to specific requirements, ensuring a consistent and high-quality mix that is difficult to achieve with manual mixing.

4. Flexible use.

Self loading concrete mixer China is small in size and highly maneuverable, allowing them to operate in tight spaces and in various terrains, making them suitable for a variety of projects from urban areas to remote areas.

5. Time Savings.

Automation of the mixing process reduces the time required to prepare concrete. In addition, using a mobile concrete batching plant at the construction site avoids waiting times during the delivery of ready-mixed concrete.

6. Cost-effective.

Minimize waste, avoid over-purchasing, and reduce transportation costs as they move batching equipment to the construction site.

7. Ease of operation.

Modern self-loading concrete mixers come with a user-friendly interface that allows the operator to control the production process, thereby reducing the possibility of human error.

8. Versatility.

By adjusting the mix design, they can produce different types of concrete (e.g., high-strength, lightweight, lean) to meet various construction needs.

9. On-demand production.

Concrete can be produced on demand, ensuring fresh, high-quality mix is produced on demand during construction, which is especially beneficial for projects with staggered construction schedules.

10. Environmental benefits.

Compared to traditional concrete delivery methods, self-loading mixers reduce material waste, lower fuel consumption (by reducing the number of transports) and noise pollution, making them a more environmentally friendly method of producing and delivering concrete.

Of course, in order to be able to better meet the customer’s needs for concrete production and pumping, we have also focused on launching a combination of self-loading concrete mixer trucks and trailer concrete pump, which we will take a closer look at below.

Solutions For Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Our company focuses on the models mainly AS-3.5+ABT40C, AS-4.0+ABT60C and AS-5.5+ABT60C. I will introduce the power of this combination to you from two aspects, namely, the advantages and application areas. Improved construction efficiency, ensuring quality and economy of concrete placement.




  • Advantages

    • Increased efficiency: Self loading concrete mixer prepare and transport concrete instantly on the construction site, while concrete pumps deliver concrete quickly and accurately to the point of construction. This combination reduces the time required for concrete preparation and transportation and accelerates the construction schedule.
    • Reduced Costs: Compared to traditional methods of concrete transportation and placement, this combination reduces the need for manpower and reduces waste due to concrete setting, effectively reducing overall costs.
    • Improved accessibility: With good flexibility and remote delivery capability, concrete trailer pumps can easily deliver concrete to places that are difficult to reach directly, such as high-rise buildings or complex construction environments.
    • Quality control: Self-loading concrete mixers are able to prepare the required concrete on-site, ensuring freshness and quality. Used in conjunction with concrete trailer pumps, precise pouring can be achieved, reducing delamination and segregation and ensuring the quality of the structure.
  • Application Scenarios

    1. High-rise building construction

    In high-rise building projects, concrete needs to be transported to higher locations. Self-loading mixer combined with trailer concrete pumps can effectively accomplish this task, saving time and ensuring construction quality.

    2. Large infrastructure projects

    Bridges, tunnels, hydroelectric power stations, etc. often require a large and continuous supply of concrete. Using this combination ensures continuous production and delivery of concrete to meet project requirements.

    3. Narrow or complex construction environments

    The flexibility and efficiency of self loading mixer and concrete trailer pumps are particularly suitable for urban renovation, the interior of housing estates or other space-constrained conditions.

    4. Long-distance conveying needs

    This combination is especially important when the construction site is far from the concrete batching plant or when the terrain is complex and direct transportation is difficult.

    Combining the use of self concrete mixers and concrete trailer pumps provides an efficient, economical and reliable solution for modern building construction, which meets the current construction industry’s dual requirements for efficiency and quality.

Top 10 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Manufacturers

  • Carmix
  • Ajax Fiori
  • Dieci
  • Fiori Group
  • JCB
  • SANY
  • XCMG
  • Schwing Stetter
  • LiuGong

top 10 self loading concrete mixer manufacturers

Choosing the right manufacturers of self loading concrete mixer is crucial for ensuring quality, durability, and after-sales support. As of my last update in 2023, the following are ten leading manufacturers known for their innovation, reliability, and service in producing self-loading concrete mixers:

Although it is said that choosing the right self loading beton mixer manufacturer makes the project half successful, we should not ignore the importance of the equipment as well, after all, we need the equipment to complete the project.

Therefore, apart from considering the right manufacturer, when choosing a self loading concrete mixer, it is important to consider factors such as the capacity of the machine, the topography of the construction site, the manufacturer’s reputation for quality and service, and the availability of spare parts and technical support in your area. This way your money will not be wasted.

That’s all for the introduction of self loading concrete mixer today, if you want to know more details, welcome to contact us! We will fully protect your privacy.

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