Various Types of Small Concrete Batching Plant

Small Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Small concrete batching plant for sale can produce fresh concrete, it covers a smaller area and is more convenient for transportation.

Is There Any Newly-Design Small Concrete Batch Plant?

In addition to the stationary small concrete mixing plant, we have a newly launched small mobile concrete mixing plant, also can be called mobile concrete mixer trucks, these new products have the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, and low cost. You can look at the picture below. It is also classified as a small mobile concrete mixing plant because of its small output and small footprint.

We have four types of new small mobile mixing plants. The main difference between them lies in the concrete mixers.

AJS-25 small concrete batching plant

AJS-25 small batching plant

The AJS-25 small type machine is equipped with twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixers, and JS500 twin-shaft concrete mixers are usually used as standard configuration. The production quality of this small mobile concrete batching plant is the same as that of the basic mobile concrete batching plant, but the concrete batching machine is different. Here we choose a relatively simple and compact concrete batching machine.

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AJL-25 small twin shaft small concrete batching plant

The AJL-25 twin shaft type machine is to configure a vertical shaft concrete mixer, usually, we also call it a planetary concrete mixer. The mixing shaft of this concrete mixer is vertical, there is no dead corner in the mixing, and the materials can be fully mixed and mixed, so the quality of the concrete produced is also very high.

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AJL-25 small twin shaft concrete batching plant
AJW-1000 concrete pan mixer batching plant

AJW-1000 small batching plant

The AJW-1000 type is a pan-type concrete mixing plant, as the name suggests, it is equipped with a pan concrete mixer. This concrete mixer is the same as the planetary concrete mixer, and its mixing shaft is vertical, but the difference is that the flat-mouth concrete mixer does not mix more thoroughly than the planetary concrete mixer, and the quality of the concrete produced is not as good as the planetary concrete mixer.

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AJT-60 Drum small portable concrete mixer batching plant

The drum type is equipped with a concrete drum mixer, which can produce concrete drum by drum. This type small portable concrete batch plant has characteristics of easy movement, low cost, high mixing efficiency.

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Drum small portable concrete mixer batching plant

The above are the characteristics of these four types of new products, you can contact us for details according to your engineering needs. We will get back to you as soon as possible within two hours.

What Is A Small Concrete Batching Plant?

They are simpler to install than the large concrete mixing plants, also are economical and practical and are usually built in smaller rural areas at the county level. Now AIMIX can supply users small concrete batching plant capacity: AJ-25, AJ-35, AJ-50. If you have many near projects to do, you can choose mobile type: AJY-25, AJY-35 and AJY-50. All of these types are hot type, we can show you many successful cases. Now let’s learn about their characteristics together.

How Many Types Of Small Scale Concrete Batch Plants?

Stationary Type-AJ-25, AJ-35, AJ-50

AJ-25 stationary concrete plant in Pakistan

AJ-25 in PakistanCapacity: 25(m3/h)

  • Theoretical Productivity (m³/h):50
  • Mixer Discharging Volume (L):500
  • Mixer Feeding Volume (L):800
  • Mixer Motor Power (kW):18.5
  • Discharging Height (m):3.8
  • Aggregate Material Quantity (m3):3×3
  • Cycle Period (s):72
  • Max. Aggregate Size (mm):80/60
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Feedback From AJY-35 Users In the Philippines

AJ-25 concrete plant has the function of automatic feeding. It consists of JS500 compulsory concrete mixer, automatic control system, cement silo, feeding system, and PLD series aggregate batching machine. It has a simple structure, which is easy to disassemble. In addition, it can produce even concrete in a short time, which is very suitable for small scale construction sites, casting factories, small concrete production, and road maintenance, etc.

AJ-25 small batching plant adopts new design idea, electronic weighing, microcomputer control, digital display control technology, electronic weighing with buffer device and automatic compensation function, high measurement accuracy. Sand and gravel loading system with large width belt loading, there is a pedestrian walkway, which is the ideal choice for the majority of construction units to produce high-quality concrete.

AJ-35 small concrete batching plant in the Philippines

AJ-35 in the PhilippinesCapacity: 35(m3/h)

  • Mixer Discharging Volume (L)750
  • Mixer Feeding Volume (L):1200
  • Mixer Motor Power (kW):30
  • Discharging Height (m):4.1
  • Aggregate Material Quantity (m3):5×3
  • Max. Aggregate Size (mm):80/60
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AJ-35 cement plant adopts fully-automatic configuration, which is made up of materials transport system, mixing machine, and concrete batching machine. It uses a PLD1600 concrete batching machine, has characteristics of accurate measurement and high productivity. So it has wide application in highway, bridge, power stations, and dam engineering projects.

AJ-50 small concrete plant Tajikistan

AJ-50 in the TajikistanCapacity: 50(m3/h)

  • Mixer Model (Mixer Output L):750
  • Mixer Power (kW):2×18.5
  • Mixer Motor Power (kW):30
  • Rated Input Volume(L):1600
  • Category of Aggregate:3/4
  • Installation Power (kW):≈100
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The theoretical productivity of the AJ-50 concrete mixing plant is 50 cubic meters per hour. It is equipped with a JS1000 type twin shaft concrete mixer, which realizes accurate measurement, high production efficiency. The screw conveyor is LSY250. AJ-50 is a set of semi-automatic concrete mixing equipment composed of feeding, batching, mixing, electrical control, and steel structure components.

All the small concrete batch plants belong to stationary type, before the installation, the engineer needs to lay a solid foundation. Next, let’s see the mobile type small concrete plants.

Mobile Type-AJY-25, AJY-35, AJY-50, and AJY-60

AJY-35 mini mobile concrete plant philippines

AJY35 installed in Dumaguete, the Philippines

— Installed in Sep, 2019
— One set of 35m3/h Mobile Ready-mix Type
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AJY60 Ready-mix mobile batching plant in the Philippines

AJY-60 installed in the Philippines

— Installed in Aug. 16th, 2019
— One set of 60m3/h Mobile Type
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AJY-35 mini mobile batching plant Uzbekistan

AJY-35 installed in the Uzbekistan

— Installed in Oct, 2020
— One set of new mobile type
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Model Belt Type
AJY-25 AJY-35 AJY-50
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h) 25 35 50
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L) JS500 JS750 JS1000
Mixer Power (kW) 18.5 30 2×18.5
Mixing Cycle Period (s) 72< 72 72
Rated Input Volume (Model of Batching Machine L) 800 1200 1600
Max.Aggregate Size (mm) Φ60 Φ60 Φ60
Standard Aggregate Bin Capacity (m³) 2×3 2×5 2×5
Category of Aggregate 2/3/4
Powder Storage Silo (ton) (Optional) 1×50 2×50 1×100
Max. Discharging Height (m) 3.8 3.8 4.1
Weighing Range & Accuracy of Aggregate (kg) (300~1500)±2% (300~1500)±2% (300~3000)±2%
Weighing Range & Accuracy of Cement (kg) (100~300)±1% (100~300)±1% (250~900)±1%
Weighing Range & Accuracy of Water (kg) (60~150)±1% (60~150)±1% (80~300)±1%
Weighing Range & Accuracy of Additive (kg) / (8~20)±1% (8~20)±1%
Overall Weight (ton) ≈15 ≈22 ≈26
Installation Power (kW) ≈61 ≈73 ≈92
Power Supply 380V/220V/415/440V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

Mobile small concrete plant is a small investment, has features of less land occupation, easy maintenance, can be equipped with the independent and effective control system, which makes the operation safe and convenient. Under the accurate weighing of concrete batching machine, can produce quality and even concrete. And it is usually for a district at the lower level of the country. Most importantly, its installation is much easier and fast than a large concrete plant. The followings are types display.

Mobile small batching plants cases

Install AJY-35 In Uzbekistan

AJY-35 mobile concrete plant Uzbekistan

AJY-35 mini mobile concrete plant in Uzbekistan
AJY-35 mobile type in Uzbekistan
AJY-35 mobile concrete plant in Uzbekistan

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Feedback From AJY-35 Users In Philippines

Now you have known the types of small concrete batching plants sale, next, you need to know conditions for setting up Small concrete batching plant for sale. So that you can judge where is the best place to install a plant.

How To Set Up A Small Concrete Batching Plant?

1. Site selection. Water, electricity, and transportation are convenient.

2. Model selection. The model decides the capacity, so you need to consider the model, then choose a proper site.

3. Raw materials supply. Concrete production needs a large number of raw materials, the user must have a stable source of raw materials and the quality is reliable.

After you have considered the above carefully, you need to contact the manufacturer to get a quotation. Different manufacturers have different small cement plant prices, you need to make a detailed comparison. In addition price, the scale of the factory, successful cases, technicians, shipping cost, etc is also important issues for your consideration. But I think the most important point is components of small concrete batching plant for sale. You buy a plant is to produce quality concrete, so you have attached much more importance to the quality of components.

Installation video of AJ-35 small concrete batching plant for sale

What Are The Components Of Small Concrete Batching Plant For Sale?

1. We use JS series concrete mixers or planetary concrete mixers as the mixing engine, high alloy wear-resistant materials, mix evenly; multiple shaft-end seal performance, no leakage; reasonable structure, short mixing time, energy-saving, low noise, and high productivity.

2. A small cement plant is equipped with PLD series concrete batching machine, there are two-bin, three-bin, and four-bin materials storage hoppers.

welded type cement silo
welded type cement silo

concrete batching machine
concrete batching machine
control panel
control panel
control room
control room
screw conveyor
screw conveyor
twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer
twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer

3. A cement storage silo is to store cement and fly ash. AIMIX has bolted type, welded type, horizontal type, and low-level type. They have integrated structure, modular design, so they are convenient to install and move.

4. PLC control system. We use imported element, which is reliable; intelligent control, automatic control and manual control into one unit; it has functions of formula storage, drop compensation, alarm correction and data printing.

5. The materials transportation system. Powder transportation adopts a full-seal device; there is a small clearance between spiral blade and cylinder, high transmission efficiency.

6. Weighing system. Powder, water, additives will be weighed through an electronic scale, high batching accuracy, and accurate weighing.

In addition to this information, if you make a decision to buy from AIMIX GROUP CO., LTD, you also need to learn about the installation of the small batch plant.

How To Install The Small Concrete Batching Plant?

AJ-35 small batching plant installed in Myanmar
AJ-35 small batching plant installed in Myanmar
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Take AJ-35 hopper concrete plant for an example, the normal installation time is about 10 days. Except for the time for installation of bolted type cement silo. Generally, we will tell you we need 15 days to install the small plant just in case.

1. Assemble the main engine. Put the main engine in the center of the base. When weld leg flange and base, should keep the verticality and levelness. When assembling the weighing system, note that the sensor shall be vertical up and down, and the lifting wire of the tension sensor shall not touch the middle part of the sensor, and shall not be twisted or oblique, to avoid weighing errors.

2. When installing the cement silos, fix the screw conveyor, which takes about one day. If you choose bolted type cement silo, it will take three days to install one silo.

3. Assemble the concrete batching machine. Should lay the hopper to the pit, make sure the distance of weighing hopper and hopper is right.

4. Put the control room in its place, generally, the center of the control room is 3 meters away from the supporting leg of the main engine.

5. Install other parts.

6. Debug.

7. Train local operators and begin to produce concrete.

AJ-35 worked in Myanmar

Now you know a lot about Small concrete batching plant for sale, if you have any other questions, contact us we will give you a prompt reply!

How Does A Small Batching Plant Works?

Briefly speaking, the whole concrete production process is the workflow of small concrete mixing batching plant, we can simplify it for: batching – weighing – conveying – mixing – discharge.

The following is an engineer’s perspective on the workflow as an understanding.

1. Before startup, ensure that the weighing system in the control room is normal, and input the 1m’ concrete formula into the computer for storage. What’s more, ensure that the hopper limit is flexible and reliable, and ensure that the mainframe door status detection switch is normal.

2. Open the air compressor and stop automatically when the air pressure reaches 0.8Mpa, start the concrete mixer, replace the equipment to the automatic state, select the required formula on the computer (the formula is provided by the customer), select the quantity of production, and click the computer to run automatically.

If the customer does not have special demand for this formula, we will provide it to the customer, but if the customer has a special demand for the quality of concrete or engineering needs, we will input the customer’s formula.

At this point, the first kind of aggregate, cement, water, and additives are mixed at the same time, and automatically stop when the target value is reached.

It indicates that due to the characteristics of this type of batching machine, the first kind of aggregate will stop batching after reaching the target value, and the second kind of aggregate will be automatically switched to batch, and so on until the end of the batch.

At the end of aggregate batching, the computer detection hopper stops at the lower limit, the batching machine weighing belt will transfer the material to the hopper, and the next batching will be automatic after the conveying is completed.

The hopper rises automatically so that the aggregate batching is completed.

3. At the same time, the computer detects whether the cement, water, and additive materials have been measured. If the measurement is not completed, the hopper stops at the pre-waiting position and waits for the measurement of the material before continuing to rise; if the measurement is completed, the hopper is raised to the upper limit switch and the hopper discharges the sand and gravel materials into the mixer, cement, and water (automatically after the additives are weighed discharge into the water metering tank) successively unload into the mixer and stir, the hopper will automatically drop to the lower limit to pick up the material measured by the batcher and wait for it to be transported again. Cement and water are automatically fed after unloading.

Make the ingredients next time.

4. The compulsory concrete mixer enters the mixing countdown. After the countdown is over, the main unit unloading door opens to the door open state, and the discharge begins to count down. After the discharge countdown ends, the main unit closes the door to the door closed state.

The completed concrete production process is completed in this way. If you don’t know this well, it doesn’t matter. Our small concrete batching plant is equipped with a fully automatic control system, and you can operate it according to the instructions.

What Are The Advantages Of Small Cement Plant?

1. Good comprehensive performance. The structure of the small concrete batch plant is very compact, performance is also very reliable.

2. The high degree of automation. We equip the small batch plant for sale with a PLC computer control system, which is very convenient for users to operate.

3. Good mixing quality. We use a twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer as the main mixer, which has the characteristics of evenly mixing, high efficiency, and less concrete residue. Also, you can use a planetary concrete mixer, pan concrete mixer, vertical shaft concrete mixer, and SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer as the mixing engine. It depends on the quality or the quantity of concrete mixture you want to produce.

4. Environmental protection. The whole design of the small cement batch plant is very eco-friendly because it works in a closed state.

5. Various types are available. With two feeding methods of hopper lifting and belt lifting, the small concrete batching plant for sale can meet the different needs of users. The hopper type covers a very small area and is well suitable for small projects, such as civil houses, household construction, road repair, etc.;

hopper batching plants
Hopper batching plants
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And the belt type small cement plant for sale, we usually refer to small mobile concrete batching plant, because the minimum capacity of the stationary type belt concrete batching plant has reached 60 cubic meters per hour, so we say here the corresponding model of the belt type small concrete mixing plant is AJY-25 and AJY-35.

Belt type batching plants
Belt type batching plants
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Why You Need To Invest In A Small Concrete Batch Plant For Sale?

The configuration of small and medium-sized commercial mixing plant does not need to be too high, the investment does not need to be too large, the payback is relatively fast, the output rate of the mixing plant is relatively stable, and the scope of application is also very wide. The equipment of the whole equipment occupies a small area, and it only needs a small amount of manpower and time to complete its maintenance work in daily operation, and the manpower and financial costs are greatly reduced. Mainly suitable for new rural-urban construction or roads, bridges, and other engineering projects.

What Are The Common Problems With Small Concrete Batch Plants For Sale

Take AJ-25 small cement plant for an example

Install AJ-25 in Russia

install AJ-25 in Russia
install AJ-25 in Russia
control system
installation of mini concrete plant
mini concrete plant Russia

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Question: 1. How many cubic meters of concrete can AJ-25 small concrete mixing plant produce per hour?

Answer: A set of standard AJ-25 small concrete mixing plant has a theoretical capacity of 25 cubic meters of concrete per hour. In actual production, affected by various external factors, the actual output is about 15-20m³.

Question: 2. How much area does it take to build a set of AJ-25 small concrete batching plant for sale?

Answer: The area of AJ-25 small concrete batching plant equipment is not large, about 15m*12m. Adding sand and gravel, office areas, parking areas, etc., at least three acres of land is required.

Question: 3. How big a transformer is needed to build an AJ-25 small concrete batch plant?

Answer: To build an AJ-25 concrete mixing plant production line, it is recommended that the total power of the transformer is not less than 80KW.

Take AJ-50 small concrete batch plant for an example

AJ-50 user gave high praises in the Philippines

Question: 1. How much does it cost to build an AJ-50 small cement plant?

Answer: The investment in the concrete mixing equipment of the AJ-50 is not very big. But if you add concrete transit mixer trucks, forklifts, floor scales, laboratory equipment, etc auxiliary equipment., the cost will be higher.

Question: 2. Where can I Purchase An AJ-50 concrete mixing plant equipment?

Answer: Find reliable concrete mixing plant equipment manufacturers, there are many large and small manufacturers across the country, including dealers. It is recommended that customers need to make detailed comparisons among the selected manufacturers. If necessary, you’d better pay a visit to the factory. After all, seeing is believing.

AJ-50 hopper batching plant worked in the Philippines

AJ-50 small batching plant in the Philippines

AJ-50 small batch plant in the Philippines
AJ-50 small concrete batching plant in the Philippines
AJ-50 small concrete batching plant Philippines

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Install AJ-50 for military project in Pakistan

AJ-50 small batch plant in Pakistan

AJ-50 small concrete plant in Pakistan
AJ-50 small batch plant in Pakistan

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How Many Aspects Are The Design Plan For The Construction Of A Small Concrete Mixing Plant?

There are five aspects, which are:

1. The scale and grade.

2. Site selection.

3. Equipment selection.

4. Construction schedule and cycle.

5. Investment income analysis.

What Need To Notice When Buying Small Concrete Batching Plant Equipment?

The investment funds for the small concrete plant are related to the use and scale of the equipment, the price of the land, the size of the mixing equipment, the purchase of raw materials, and the number of transit mixer trucks. The price of the small concrete plant is between 100,000 and 500,000. As for the profit of a small concrete batch plant, it is mainly restricted by the region. Generally speaking, the net profit per cubic meter of concrete ranges from 50-100 yuan.

AJ-50 small batching plant 3D view
AJ-50 small batching plant 3D view
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When we purchase a small concrete batching plant, we must take concrete output per hour into full consideration. For example, the AJ-35 small concrete mixing plant has theoretical productivity of 35m3/h but considering the slow feeding and whether the feeding is timely, the control room should operate due to personnel proficiency and other reasons, the actual output is basically between 25-30 cubic meters. Users need to pay special attention;

When buying a small concrete mixing equipment, it is better to cooperate with powerful and experienced manufacturers. Small manufacturers are often profitable. They usually will cut corners and cut corners of the equipment, use inferior plates to manufacture, the durability of the whole set of mixing equipment is very poor, and there is no after-sales service;

When we buy small concrete mixing equipment, it is best to go to the purchasing manufacturer to conduct a field inspection.

What Points Should Be Paid Attention To When Constructing A Small Concrete Batching Plant For Sale?

1. The choice of configuration. The investment scale is relatively small, so you can choose all domestic accessories and low-cost concrete mixer machines.

2. Selection of specifications. According to internal use or external use, the internal selection of the host should be based on the construction capacity and concrete consumption. In order to select the host for external use, it should be determined according to local conditions and estimated concrete demand.

3. The choice of the construction site. When choosing a site for a small concrete batching plant for sale, it should be ensured that the site is close to the stone yard and sand plant, has sufficient water sources, and it is far away from residential areas. If you can make full use of the hillside terrain and set the material yard on the higher ground level of the hillside, the feeding height of the batching machine can be reduced, so that the climbing angle of the wheel loader is small or there is no need to climb, which saves energy and reduces wear. When installing the equipment foundation, pay attention to avoiding ground and underground optical cables, power supply, or communication cables.

Which Occasions Are Suitable For Small Concrete Batch Plants?

The small concrete batch plant is suitable for small-scale construction sites, precast plants, and commercial concrete production plants, and is much more suitable for the supply of concrete with strong mobility, such as railways and highways. Small concrete batch plants have the characteristics of strong mobility. The small batch plant can produce concrete of dry hardness, semi-dry hardness, plasticity, and various proportions, which can complete a good mixing effect.

AJT-35 for water engineering project
AJT-35 for water engineering project
AJY-35 for isolated hospital construction
AJY-35 for isolated hospital construction
AJ-35 for house building
AJ-35 for house building
railway construction
railway construction
road construction
road construction
water engineering
water engineering
bridge construction
bridge construction
port construction
port construction

What To Consider When Selecting A Site For A Small Batching Plant?

Whether the site selection of the small batching plant is proper or not, which will not only affect the construction organization arrangement but affect the construction quality and cost.

On the premise of ensuring sufficient area, a higher topography is also required. Taking into account the impact of the water content of the raw materials on the quality and production capacity of the concrete, the raw materials must be stored in a site where there is no stagnant water. If the terrain is low-lying and easy to accumulate water, it is necessary to consider the construction of drainage channels and make a sufficient estimate of their drainage capacity to prevent the accumulation of water during heavy rains and affect production.

In order to reduce the cost and make it convenient for construction, the site should be selected in a convenient traffic location, and at the same time, the entry and exit passages of the batching plant should be reasonably planned.

What Parts Should Be Checked Before The Use Of Small Concrete Plant?

1. Users need to install the small concrete plant and debug the equipment. If necessary, should add rain protection facilities.

2. Check whether there are people or other obstacles in the materials storage area and under the lifting hopper. When the small concrete plant is running, it is not allowed to enter the above areas.

3. Check the oil position and quality of the gearbox, if the oil is not enough, should replace it with new oil.

4. Check the wear condition of the feeding inlet and discharging outlet, and the mixing drum. If the wear is surpassed, should change it timely.

5. The rubber sleeve connected to the weighing hopper should not be subjected to tension and pressure, otherwise, the weighing accuracy will be affected.

6. Ensure that the power and water source should meet the requirements of the machine, and the connection should be reliable. The electrical control cabinet must be kept by a full-time electrician with good skills, and other personnel is not allowed to open the electrical cabinet without authorization. Check the electrical equipment carefully to ensure that the machine can be controlled accurately and timely to ensure that there is no abnormal phenomenon such as leakage and short circuit.

7. Check that the weighing device should be able to be used normally, the measurement should be accurate, and its error should not exceed 1%, and all meter heads must be adjusted to the zero position according to the regulations before the machine is used.

AJ-50 small concrete plant installed in Sri Lanka

50m3 small concrete mixing plant in Sri Lanka
small concrete plant in Sri Lanka

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What Maintenance Details Need To Be Known After The Work Of The Small Cement Plant?

1.Clear the dust accumulation and concrete residue of outside and inner of the mixing drum and discharge outlet, mixing shaft, and discharge door. Rinse off these places, if necessary, put some pebble and water, and mixing for several minutes. Wash the additive tank and its supply system with water.

2. In the freezing season, the water pump, additive pump, water tank, additive tank, water, residual water in the additive pipeline, and additive should be drained at the end of the work to prevent damage to the pump and its pipeline, and start the addition of the pump The agent pump runs for 1-2 minutes.

Above all are nearly all of the issues about the small concrete batching plant for sale. If you still have some questions, you can leave your contact information on our website. When we received your message, we will arrange professional salesman to reply to you.

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