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Three Sets Of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Trucks Exported To Kazakhstan

Great news here! Three sets of self-loading concrete mixer trucks were exported to Kazakhstan on August 18, 2021. Here are some shipment pictures for your reference.

Self-loading concrete mixer truck is the most popular type of construction machine not only in Russia but also in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We have exported more than 50 sets of self-loading concrete mixers to the Russian area. According to the export cases data, we can see self loading concrete mixer is very popular among our users from the Russian area.
AS series self-loading concrete mixers

Advantages of self loading concrete mixer truck

1. It can be four-wheel-steering or two-wheel-steering.
2. The drum can rotate 270 degrees, which can meet multiple-angles feeding, mixing, and discharging.
3. Many capacities are available. We can provide you with 1.2m3, 2.6m3, 3.5m3, 4.0m3, 5.5m3, and 6.5m3. It means the self-loading concrete mixers can produce 4.8m3, 10.4m3, 14m3, 16m3, 22m3, and 26m3 concrete per hour.
4. We adopt brand parts and import motors, which prolong the service life of the machine.
5. Concrete residue is less and turning radius is small.
self-loading concrete mixer to Kazakhstan

self-loading concrete mixer transported to Kazakhstan

AS-2.6 self-loading concrete mixer Kazakhstan
AS-3.5 self-loading concrete mixer truck
self-loading concrete mixer truck to Kazakhstan

Self loading concrete mixer truck has wide applications, such as road repair, house construction, city construction, factory building, and water engineering, etc. If you are interested in it, contact us, we will send you quotation as soon as possible.

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