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Truck Mounted Concrete Pump For Sale

Truck mounted concrete pump for sale can produce and pump concrete. It is on a truck chassis, which is very movable, so it is convenient for different projects. There are three types of truck mounted concrete pumps AIMIX can supply: truck mounted concrete boom pump, truck mounted concrete line pump and truck mounted concrete mixer pump. On this page, we will give you a detailed explanation of these three items.

truck-mounted concrete pump machine
truck-mounted concrete mixer pump machine

truck mounted boom pump
truck mounted boom pump

At first, you can learn about truck mounted mixer pump.

Truck mounted mixer pump

Mixer type truck mounted concrete pump for sale, as its name implies, it not only can pump concrete but also produce and mix concrete. On the truck chassis, there is a concrete mixer working for projects. We adopt the original imported main pump, which has features of low failure rate, longer service life, and higher stability; reinforced compulsory concrete mixer, can mix faster and more uniformly. In addition, we use a high manganese steel plate, so it is more wear-resistant.

truck mounted concrete mixer pump
truck mounted concrete mixer pump

truck mounted concrete mixer pump in working site
truck mounted concrete mixer pump in site

Characteristics of mixer type truck mounted pump

1. High configuration and excellent performance. Use imported Kawasaki oil pump, brand generator set, brand compulsory horizontal shaft concrete mixer, fast speed, even mixing, which greatly improve the working efficiency.

2. Patent hydraulic system. Full hydraulic reversing double-circuit system with little reversing impact. The hydraulic oil tank is a double filter device, which increases the stability of the hydraulic system and prolongs the service life of the hydraulic system.

Now, Show you specifications.


No. Item Unit Specification
1 Max. theo. concrete output m³/h 40
2 Generator power KW 120
3 Main motor power KW 45
4 Maximum aggregate mm 40
5 Concrete pumping pressure MPa 8
6 Concrete cylinder diameter mm 200
7 Concrete cylinder stroke mm 1000
8 Hopper capacity×Loading height m³×mm 0.7×1400
9 Inside diameter of delivering pipe mm φ125
10 Pipe length m 100
11 Concrete slump mm 140~220
12 Dimensions mm 7220×2450×3550
13 Chassis Chinese V(wheelbase is 3.6 meters)
14 Chassis steering Left hand steering
14 Max. theo. concrete production capacity m³/h 30
15 Total mass KG 13580
Note: S-valve concrete mixer truck pump
No. Main parts Specification Set Remark
1 Chassis motor-vehicle chassis Chinese V(wheelbase is 3.6 meters) Wangpai
2 Auxiliary frame assembly Auxiliary frame 1 Tuowo
Support oil cylinder φ125×φ90×380 1 Xieli
3 Mixing system JS500 twin shaft concrete mixer Mixing volume


1 Wear – resistant liner with alloy
Drive motor 18.5KW 1
lifting mechanism  7.5KW 1 Tuowo
Telescopic cylinder 1
Submerged pump 0.75KW 1
 vibration motor 0.55KW 1
4 Pumping system Hopper Hopper volume>0.5m³ 1 Tuowo
Delivery cylinder φ200×1000 2 Sanboshi
Oil cylinder φ100×φ70×1000 2 Sanboshi
Distribution of oil cylinder 2 Xieli
S tube 1
5 Hydraulic system Main oil pump 140ml/r 1 Korean Kawasaki
Hydraulic valve 1 Huade
Rubber hose 1 Italy Manuli
Overflow valve Taiwan  youli
Filter 1 Liming/Zhonglong
6 Electric System Control box 1
PLC 1 Simems/Sanling/


 air switch 1 Zhengtai/Schneider/


 Breaker 1 Zhengtai/Schneider/


Button 1 ABB/Delixi
7 Power system Power system 120KW 1 All copper permanent magnet
Electric motor 45kw 1
Motor flange 1
Half shaft I, half shaft II 1
8 Hood assembly Hood cover 1 Tuowo
Side rib cover 1 Tuowo
9 Lubrication system Hydraulic grease pump assembly 1 Weidong
Copper pipe 1
10 Boom assembly Bracket 1 Tuowo
Cantilever 1 Tuowo
Electric hoist PA400 700W/220V 1
Total power:72.3KW(=18.5+0.75+0.55+7.5+45)

Secondly, learn about truck mounted concrete boom pump.

Brief introduction about truck-mounted boom pump

Truck mounted concrete boom pump truck is modified on the chassis of a truck, equipped with a retractable or flexural placing boom. The boom pump is composed of motion and power transmission device, pumping and mixing device, placing device, and some other auxiliary devices.

The power of the concrete boom pump truck transmits the power of the engine to the hydraulic pump unit or the rear axle through the power transfer box, and the hydraulic pump pushes the piston to drive the concrete pump to work. Then use the placing boom and delivery pipe on the pump truck to transport the concrete to a certain height and distance. You can see the pictures and specifications below.

21m truck mounted concrete boom pump
21m truck mounted concrete boom pump


Name unit AJBP-21
Pump Output In Theory m3/h 50
Maximum Theoretical Outlet Pressure Mpa. 8
Theoretic Pumping Pressure Mpa 31
Bucket Volume L 400L
Height Of Top Surface Of Bucket mm 1500
Model Of Distribution Valve S valve
Concrete Cylinder Diameter×Stroke mm 200*1000
Slump mm 120-230
Max Aggregate Size mm 40
Hydraulic Tank Capacity L 600
Clean Model Water
Boom Model RZ
Max. Operation Height m 21
First Boom Length/Angle mm/。 6510/90°
Second Boom Length/Angle mm/。 5733/180°
Third Boom Length/Angle mm/。 4613/180°
Turntable Rotation Angle ±360
Landing Let Model X
The maximum pumping height m 20.1
The maximum pumping radius m 16.8
X leg distance mm 5010
Back leg mm 4350
Cooling System Air cooling (24v)
Control System Control box +screen
Main Pump kw 112
Diesel engine kw 92
Negative Sensitive Multi-Way Valve KEMAI
Main Valve Control Form Hydraulic control reversal
Mixer JS500
Chassis Brand /Model CDW5160THBA1R5
Axle(Mm) 4200
Weight kg 15580
Engine Model 118
Power kw YC4S160-50
Emission Standards Uro-V
Dimensions 9 9450*3800*2400

34m truck mounted concrete boom pump
34m truck mounted concrete boom pump


name unit AJBP-34
Pump output in theory m3/h 60
Maximum theoretical outlet pressure Mpa. 11
theoretic pumping pressure Mpa 31.5
bucket volume L 650L
height of top surface of bucket mm 1500
model of distribution valve S valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke mm 230*1400
Slump mm 120-230
Max aggregate size mm 40
max. operation radius m 29.72
Main oil cylinder diameter×stroke mm 140*90/1400
Hydraulic tank capacity L 800
clean model Water
Boom model RZ
max. operation height m 34
First boom length/angle mm/。 7120/90
Second boom length/angle mm/。 5960/180
Third boom length/angle mm/。 5795/180
Forth boom length/angle mm/。 5751/235
Fifth boom length/angle
Turntable rotation angle 360
Landing let model X
distance between front & rear landing legs mm 5340
diameter of delivery pipe mm 125
length of hose pipe m 4
quantity of boom 5
rotary angle of each boom ° 90/180/180/235/215
remote control distance m 100m
Electronic component Schneider
Cooling system Air cooling (24v)
Control system Control box +screen
Main pump 190
Transfer case ZHuzhou Grea
Negative Sensitive Multi-way Valve KEMAI
Main valve control form Hydraulic control reversal
Main Value Rexroth
Mixer JS500
Chassis Brand /model CDW5230THBA1N5 YZZ5230THBSZ5D EHY5340THBSZ
Axle(mm) 5300 5200 4750+1300
Weight (kg) 22600 25000 33000
Engine Model YC6JA220-50 YC6JA240-50 YC6JA270-50
Power (kw) 162 177 199
Emission Standards Euro-V

21m truck mounted concrete boom pump in site

21m truck mounted boom pump in site
21m truck mounted boom pump machine
Thirdly, show you truck mounted concrete line pump for sale.

Truck mounted line concrete pump

This type of truck mounted line pump cannot mix concrete, that’s to say, it is only used to pump concrete. But because of its convenience, it also won high praise from our new and old customers. Look at the pictures below.

In AIMIX GROUP, truck mounted boom pump and mixer pump are very popular, if you are interested, contact us:

Finally, AIMIX, as one of the most reputable truck mounted concrete pump manufacturers, would like to show you our service.

components of truck mounted line pump
components of truck mounted line pump
truck-mounted line pump

truck-mounted concrete line pump

Service provided by AIMIX GROUP

1. One-year warranty.

2. Spare parts supply.

3. On-line guidance.

4. Regular visits for customers, about four times a year.

AIMIX truck mounted concrete pumps for sale are easy to move, which can be driven to different places for various projects. And the biggest advantage is that it is unnecessary to install it, when it arrives at the site, adjust the pipe according to the requirements, you can put it into use. Do you have any other questions? If no, leave your message on this page, we will give you the best truck mounted concrete pump price!

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