Two Sets Of ABT60C Diesel Engine Concrete Pump Exported To Uzbekistan

AIMIX exported two sets of ABT60C diesel engine concrete pumps to Uzbekistan. Its concrete output is 60m3 per hour. It is a medium-sized concrete trailer pump. Our clients bought this type for their house construction. In addition to ABT60C, we also have ABT40C, ABT80C, and ABT90C. You can choose a right type according to the scale of your project.

Now, let’s see the specifications of ABT60C diesel concrete trailer pump.

ABT60C concrete pump with diesel engine

ABT60C diesel concrete pump
nameplate of diesel concrete pump
diesel powered concrete pump machine

ABT60C diesel concrete pump specifications

Items: ABT60C
Max. theo. concrete output(L./H): 60 M3/h
Distribution valve type: S Valve
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance: 800m
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance: 180m

diesel engine concrete pump to Uzbekistan
diesel engine concrete pump machine to Uzbekistan
ABT60C diesel concrete pump to Uzbekistan

Introduction of ABT60C

ABT60C concrete pump with diesel engine is widely used in the construction of floor heating, roof insulation, cold wind storage insulation, mines, tunnel void filling, and other projects.

Advantages of ABT60C

1. The component life is prolonged, the reliability is high, and it is easy to judge and eliminate the fault.
2. Good stability, high reliability, high pollution resistance.
3. The electronic control system is simple, and the number of components is small.
4. It is equipped with a wired remote control device, which is convenient for remote operation.
If you are interested, please check the specifications, and leave us the condition of your project. We will help you choose an ideal diesel concrete pump machine.

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