Use Stationary Concrete Plant For Commercial Concrete Production

AJ-120 stationary concrete plant for commercial concrete production

Hello everyone, are you struggling to find equipment that can produce high-quality concrete? Are you struggling to find a reliable manufacturer? Are you struggling to meet the needs of your end customers?

Do not worry! On this page, AIMIX will provide you with a very cost-effective product that can perfectly solve all the above problems.

In addition, it is also a good helper for your own projects, if you want to do your own projects, this equipment is definitely the best choice, high performance, and easy to operate, to ensure that your concrete production is completed efficiently, and the buildings poured with this concrete are also very sturdy. Let’s take a closer look at this device!

Application field

It can produce all kinds of conventional-grade concrete, which is suitable for the concrete production of large-scale and long-term construction of highways, bridges, electric power, ports, urban construction, and other projects.


  • Wheel loader: used to transport raw aggregates;
  • Italy SICOMA concrete mixer: the main part of this configuration to mix and batch concrete;
  • The main building and outer packaging of the mixing plant: environmental-friendly and attractive appearance;
  • Belt conveyor: transport batched aggregates to the waiting bin;
  • Batching machine: four-bin batching machine, the proportion is very accurate;
  • Cement silo: bolted type, welded type, horizontal type, and mobile type are available;
  • Screw conveyor: It is an important part of powder delivery;
  • Water admixture pipeline: used to transport admixture;
  • Weighing system: it is good for
  • Fully automatic control system + control room
  • Concrete transit mixer

AM932 wheel loader
control panel
welded cement storage silo

Advantages of this configuration

  • 1. Adopt inclined belt feeding mode, mechanized feeding, high efficiency, and stable operation;
  • 2. Enclosing the building with the outside is conducive to environmental protection assessment and fire protection qualification acceptance;
  • 3. The batching machines are all in separate weighing modes, and the four bins are independently weighed to improve the weighing accuracy of sand and gravel ingredients;
  • 4. The main building is designed with a mixing platform on the first floor and a batching platform on the second floor. At the same time, there is a package outside the main building, which makes the appearance more neat and beautiful. The package board is made of fireproof rock wool board;
  • 5. Adopt an Italian SICOMA mixer and use high manganese alloy raw materials to prolong the life of the mixer;
  • 6. Fully automatic computer control, not only for formula retention but also for printing reports for archiving.

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Evaluation of annual output

Taking the concrete batching plant with an annual output of 25w as an example, based on 260 days of work per year and 8 hours a day, the average hourly capacity demand Q=200000/260/8≈120m³/h, in addition, customers need to combine the production peak period, special weather, equipment operation efficiency and other comprehensive factors to estimate the output.

The benefits of buying this configuration

  • 1. Reduce maintenance time and cost. The belt conveyor is used for feeding, and the equipment can run continuously;
  • 2. Increase the actual production capacity. Usually, the concrete batching plant cannot reach the theoretical production capacity, but our concrete batching plant is equipped with a waiting silo, which can improve the efficiency of the batching plant and increase the actual production capacity;
  • 3. Meet the needs of engineering and end customers. When changing the configuration, anyone can use domestic high-grade concrete, the quality is stable and reliable, and it can meet the continuous construction needs of large projects;
  • 4. Ensure the quality of concrete. The outer enclosure can prevent extreme weather from affecting the quality of concrete;
  • 5. Reduce loading costs. Our company can provide split warehouses to reduce the number of containers and help customers reduce transportation costs;
  • 6. Reduce personnel costs. Fully automatic computer control has the characteristics of a high degree of automation, reducing personnel input.

In fact, this configuration can also be replaced. For example, if your project needs an annual output of 20w cubic concrete, you can choose AJ-60 concrete batching plant. In addition, the batching machine can also be divided into various types. The number is optional, but you need to provide us with very detailed information so that we can accurately locate your needs and give you the best solution.

So, stop worrying! It is not difficult to choose a satisfactory concrete batching plant. As long as you contact us quickly, you don’t have to worry about anything, we will escort your project and funds!

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