3 Ton Dry Mortar Plant Was Exported To Malaysia

Since AIMIX established its office in Malaysia, customers have learned a lot about the fields AIMIX is involved in and the various products. You see, another customer has placed an order for a dry mortar production line. This is a 3-ton dry mortar plant, which is small and can produce dry mortar for its own use or supply dry mortar to other local customers. This dry mortar production line was shipped to Malaysia in January 2022, and the customer has already put it into use with no other abnormalities for now.

Let’s learn more about the transaction process of this equipment!

How did the customer know about us?

The customer was introduced to us by a customer who had worked with us before. He heard that we sell the dry mix mortar plant as a piece of equipment, so he found our website and sent us an inquiry. Our salesman also got in touch with the customer very quickly.

Shipping Pictures

AIMIX dry mortar plant to Malaysia
dry mortar plant exported to Malaysia
export 3 ton dry mortar plant to Malaysia
3 ton dry mortar plant to Malaysia

The customer’s requirement

The customer’s initial requirement was a 3-ton dry mortar plant, and he knew this product very well, so his needs were obvious. After communicating the specific configuration, the customer made the payment and signed the contract as required without any complications in between.

About the installation

Originally, the customer wanted to get an engineer to install it himself, but then he heard that we could also install it and train operators, so he decided to choose us. In fact, this is how it actually is. It is better to have your own engineers install and debug your own products. This avoids a lot of unnecessary trouble later on.

Factory Stock Display Of Dry Mortar Plant

dry mix mortar production line in stock
dry mortar plants are in stock
3 ton dry mortar plant for Malaysia

Other model recommendations

The most we sell is the 1 ton, 2-ton small dry mortar machine. We have exported 10 tons, 15 tons, and 30 tons for the large ones. Basically, customers’ demand is about 30 tons, but we can recommend the right type for customers according to their needs, up to 100 tons per hour.

If you are also looking for a cost-effective dry mortar plant, AIMIX will be your ideal choice. Because we can save you a lot of unnecessary troubles and costs.

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