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50 Ton Horizontal Low Level Cement Silo Was Going To Ivory Coast

Congratulations 50 ton horizontal silo was going to Ivory Coast. Our salesman went to the factory and help customer do check, then workers began to load the silo, as you can see from the picture. Now, let’s learn about some details about the silo.

Basic information about horizontal silo

Horizontal low level cement silo is a closed silo for storing materials, such as, grain, cement, fly ash and other materials. The silo is equipped with a material level system, which can display the position and amount of the material. The lower cement silo body is safe, and a dust removal device is installed on the top of the silo to avoid dust pollution. The arch breaking device can remove the solidity caused by the material deposition for too long. The horizontal cement silo and screw conveying pump can be used to deliver materials to various locations. The tank is easy to install and is an ideal bulk storage tank for batching plant.

horizontal cement silo Ivory Coast

horizontal low level cement silo for Ivory Coast
horizontal low level cement silo was going to Ivory Coast
horizontal low level silo to Ivory Coast


Model Tanker diameter Tanker height Tanker total height Matched mixer Matched screw conveyor
30Ton 2.6m 4.8m 12m JDC350 LSY219
50Ton 3m 5.4m 12m JS500 LSY219
80Ton 3m 9m 15.6m JS750 LSY219
100Ton 3m 11.4 18m JS1000 LSY219
150Ton 3m 13.5m 19m JS1000 LSY230
200Ton 4.5m 18.6m 25.2m JS1500 LSY230
300Ton 4.5m 24.6m 29.5m JS2000 LSY230

Why choose horizontal low level cement silo

1.Horizontal cement silo is low, easy to install and use.
2.The transportation of the horizontal cement silo is also convenient.
3.Horizontal cement silo production is simpler than vertical cement silo and requires less processing equipment. Fourth, the horizontal cement silo has good concealment.
4.The area occupied by the horizontal type is relatively small, and it is relatively light, easy to manage, and suitable for various terrains.
5.The horizontal cement silo has a wide range of uses. It has been extended to many fields such as food, chemical, coal, etc., and can be used to store various bulk materials.

So if you are looking for a horizontal cement silo, contact us:, we supply you ideal one.

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