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horizontal cement silos
Horizontal Cement Silos

Welded Type Cement Silo
Welded Type Cement Silo

Grain Silos
Grain Silos

Bolted Type Cement Silos
Bolted Type Cement Silos

Types of silos

1. According to the purpose, there are agricultural silos and industrial silos. For instance, wheat silo, corn silo, barn silo, cement bin, lime silo, metal silo, sand silo, steel silo for sale, stainless steel silos and so on.
2. According to the capacity, there are small type, large type and mini type.
3. According to the mobility, there are mobile cement silo, stationary grain silos and so on.
4. According to the shape, there are bolted type, welded type, horizontal type, grain cone silo, corn flat silo for your reference.

Successful Cases of Our Cement Silo

Our concrete silos have exported to Australia, Pakistan, Malawi, Philippines and other countries in this year.

installation of welded type silo
Welded type silo was sent to Malawi
Cement Silo is Exported to Austrilia
AIMIX cement silos were exported to Australia
50t silo to Australia
50t silo to Australia
1000t grain silo was installed in Pakistan
1000t grain silo was installed in Pakistan
300t cement silo was ready to Honduras
300t cement silo was ready to Honduras

Application of silos

As their name imply, grain silos for sale are used to store all kinds of crops up, while, bolted type, horizontal type and welded type are used to store a variety of industrial materials like cement, fly ash, etc. And in addition, bolted type and welded type silos can not only be used as reserve container in building construction, city construction, road construction, bridge construction, hydraulic engineering and component plants, etc, but also can used to store bulk cement in concrete mixing plant equipment.

Transportation method of all kinds of silos

transportation of welded type silo

transportation of bolted type silos

transportation of grain silo for sale

horizontal cement silo for sale

Working principle

1. When the concrete silo begins to work, it is necessary to set it up by a tower crane, and then put it on the basis of precast concrete, check the verticality between cement binand horizontal plane, finally, weld bottom and based embedded parts firmly;

2. After fixing the storage bin, bulk cement mixing truck will send the cements to the construction site, connect delivery pipeline of bulk cement truck and feed line of silo equipment, convey the cements in the tank to silo bin through the air pressure of bulk cement silo;

3. During the process of cement transportation to storage silo, operator should press the button of vibrating motor of dust collector, shake off the cements attached to the cloth bag in case of the cloth bag will be bunged up by the cements and the explosion occurred;

4. Once the cement plug the cloth bag, the pressure in the silo container exceeds the safe pressure of pop-off valve on the top of silo, open the pop-off valve and release the pressure of the tank and prevent the explosion accident happening;

5. The condition of materials can be observed through higher and lower level probes;

6. When begin to discharge materials, firstly open the pneumatic discharge valve at the bottom of this cone, and convey the cements out through the cement conveyor. During the materials discharging, if there is an arching phenomenon, press the button of solenoid valve of arch device in time, to blow, eliminate the arching phenomenon, and ensure the smooth supply of the cement;

7. When the cement conveyor is out of order, firstly close the pneumatic discharge valve at the bottom of cone to prevent the cement from overflowing and cause the waste.

Cement silo for sale is a closed machine used to store cement, fly ash, grain crops and all kinds of materials. Cement silo and screw conveyor are used in conjunction and deliver materials to each position. This silo has advantages of convenient installation and secure operation, which is an ideal bulk silo tank for concrete batching plant. Generally, it is cylinder bracket structure, and at the bottom of it, there are four circular tube legs supporting the whole silo body, all the silo container is in the form of steel structure.

Compact structure of cement silo

Upper: Dust collector to prevent the leakage of dust.
Bottom: There is arch breaker to prevent dust agglomeration and make the dust removing smoothly.
Material level display system: reveal the position and amounts of materials.

Four Circular Tube Legs
Four Circular Tube Legs
Upper of the Welded Cement Silo
Upper of the Welded Cement Silo
Bottom of the Welded Cement Silo
Bottom of the Welded Cement Silo


Model Tanker Diameter Tanker Height Tanker Total Height Matched mixer Matched screw conveyor
30Ton 2.6m 4.8m 12m JDC350 LSY219
50Ton 3m 5.4m 12m JS500 LSY219
80Ton 3m 9m 15.6m JS750 LSY219
100Ton 3m 11.4 18m JS1000 LSY219
150Ton 3m 13.5m 19m JS1000 LSY230
200Ton 4.5m 18.6m 25.2m JS1500 LSY230
300Ton 4.5m 24.6m 29.5m JS2000 LSY230

Advantages of cement silo for sale

1. Graceful appearance and good sealing. The appearance of our cement silos is simple and graceful, and it has larger cement silo capacity. The whole batching plant silo is made of steel welding, which has the characteristics of good sealing, rainproof, moisture proof, anti-corrosion.

2. Reasonable structure and high performance. Our cement silos for sale consist of steel structure, ladder, guardrail, feeding tube, dust collector, pressure safety valve, high and low level gauge, discharge valve and other components, which ensure smooth work process. Our cement silos can be used in conjunction with a screw conveyor, which can deliver material to various locations.

3. Easy operation and simple transportation. Our cement silo for sale is equipped with material level system, which can display the location and quantity. This greatly facilitates the operation of workers. All types of our concrete silo for sale can be transported in whole or in sheets. Depending on the customer’s requirements, our concrete silos for sale can be packaged in special way to save user’s cost.

4. Environmental protection and cost saving. The top of our mobile cement silo is equipped with a dust remover, which can achieve a good environmental protection effect. Our dust remover can collect and re-use materials, and these materials are usually produce in the operation.

5. It can be made into bolted type cement silos. This type cement silo has the advantages of portable transportation and easy installation.

bolted type cement silo
Bolted type cement silo has the advantages of portable transportation and easy installation

Factors should be considered when choosing a silo grain

1. Moisture resistance; 2. Thermal insulation; 3. Ventilation; 4. Air impermeability; 5. Insect prevention; 6. Fire proofing; 7. Convenient for mechanization; 8. Good for bulk storage; 9. Strong earthquake resistance.

Reasonable price of cement silos

In a word, we have various kinds of silos for your selection, no matter you want to use it in what fields, industry, agriculture, we will meet your requirement as much as we can. Most importantly, we will give you the best silos with the most competitive price.

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