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6 Tph Skim Coat Mixing Machine Has Been Exported To Kenya

AIMIX shipped a 6 ton per hour skim coat mixer machine and a 5-ton dryer line to Nairobi, Kenya in February, and the equipment is still on its way and has not yet arrived in Nairobi. Let’s take a brief look at the customer’s process of purchasing this equipment.

export skim coat machine to Kenya

Customer’s Source

The customer searched Google for information about skim coat mixing machines and then search our website. He was very interested to see our website with a variable output of skim coat mixing machine, so he left a message on our webpage to ask for quotation.

Customer’s Demand

We contacted the customer immediately after we received his inquiry. Through communication, we learned that the customer wanted to produce mortar and sell mortar in the local area. He also told us that he needed a dry mortar production line plant with an output of about 6 tons, but because there was a large demand for mortar in the local area, the local manufacturers had very strict requirements for the quality of the mortar and considering this reason, our salesman suggested a drying line to improve the quality of mortar.

part of 6 ton skim coat machine
6 ton skim coat mixer machine
packing machine
control panel
drying drum
components of skim coat mixing machine

Customer‘s Comments

The customer was very satisfied with AIMIX’s proposal. He was very happy that the AIMIX team was able to put themselves in his shoes and think about the problems and issues he might encounter in the future, and praised AIMIX for having a very rigorous business mindset.

Status Of The Skim Coat Mixing Machine

The equipment is still on its way to Nairobi, Kenya. After the customer receives the equipment, AIMIX will arrange for professional after-sales engineers to arrive at the site for installation and commissioning. If we cannot reach the site due to the epidemic, AIMIX will also arrange a video conference to guide the installation of this equipment online.

control system of drying machine
frame of skim coat mixing machine
export part of skim coat machine to Kenya
export skim coat mixer machine to Kenya

Product Information

This 6-ton dry mortar plant can produce 6 tons per hour, and due to the advanced control system, customers don’t have to worry about troublesome operations. AIMIX has sold more than 50 mortar plants to countries all over the world, and customers have given high praise to our products.

If you are also looking for a plant to produce dry mortar, contact us! We will listen to your needs and come up with a plan that best suits your project to ensure that your capital can be returned quickly.

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