Skim Coat Machine

Skim coat machine is a production line for the production of dry-mixed mortar, putty powder, tile adhesive, plaster, bonding, and skim coat. Dry mortar refers to the physical mixing of aggregate, inorganic cementitious materials, and additives in a certain proportion, and then transported to the site in the form of bags or bulk, and can be used directly after mixing with water.

Skim coat plays an important role in construction, such as bonding, padding, protection, and decoration, so it is widely used in construction and decoration engineering. Therefore, if you want to get a quick and good return in the field of construction, investing in a skim coat making machine will be your ideal choice. The product has the advantage of a high return on investment.

skim coat machine in AIMIX

weighing system
drying drum
dry mortar mixer machine
dust collector
finished product bin and packing machine
sand dryer

Skim coat mixer machine is suitable for mixing what materials?

It is suitable for putty powder, quartz sand, river sand, yellow sand, pomegranate sand, machine-made sand, water slag, mineral powder, cement, fly ash, additives, and other dry mixed mortar.

fly ash
fly ash
river sand
river sand
putty powder
putty powder
quartz sand
quartz sand
yellow sand
yellow sand

What kinds of skim coat machines are there?

Skim coat machine for sale is generally divided into simple type, semi-automatic type, automatic type three, and the output can be reasonably configured according to your needs, the general annual output of skim coat powder production machine can be between 30,000 to 600,000 tons.

Among them, the simple skim coat machine production line has a good sales volume. You can check below.

The model of skim coat plaster machine in AIMIX are: GJ01, GJ02, GJ03, GJ05, GJ06, GJ09, GJ10, GJ20, GJ30, and GJ50. If you want the specifications of other capacities, such as GJ60, GJ80, even GJ100, please leave your details on our website.

Specifications of GJ03, GJ06, GJ09

Type GJ03 GJ06 GJ09
Production capacity 3t/h 6t/h 9t/h
Production circle 20 min 20 min 20 min
Number of sand bins 0 0 0
Number of powder bins 0 0 0
Production mortar type ordinary mortar ordinary mortar ordinary mortar
Power(kw) 23.5 32.5 36.5
Floor area 20-30m2 20-30m2 30-40m2

50 ton skim coat machine

Specifications of GJ10, GJ20, GJ30

Type GJ10 GJ20 GJ30
Production capacity 5-10t/h 15-20t/h 20-30t/h
Production circle 5 min 5 min 5 min
Number of sand bins 2x100T 2x100T 2x100T
Number of powder bins 2x100T 2x100T 2x100T
Production mortar type Ordinary mortar and some special mortar Ordinary mortar and some special mortar Ordinary mortar and some special mortar
Power(kw) 120 150 180
Floor area 37x10m 37x10m 37x10m

What are the components of a skim coat mixing machine?

The skim coat mixing machine is composed of a drying system, batching system, screening system, mixing system, metering system, dust removal system, control system, and packaging system. The raw sand enters the dryer for drying first and is transported to the material tank by the elevator after water content is qualified. After that, the batching system will weigh sand, fly ash, cement, additives, and other different materials into the blender for full mixing, mixing materials are sent to the finished material tank for the next step of packaging operation. Let’s look at the characteristics of each component.

  • 1. Drying system. The mixing hoist adopts three return tumble dryers, discharging temperature is less than or equal to 65 degrees Celsius, the moisture content is less than 0.5%; AIMIX has many years of sand dryer manufacturing experience so that our drying system is more efficient and energy-saving.
  • drying drum of skim coat machine
    drying drum

    inner structure of drying system
    inner structure of drying system

  • 2. Metering system. Accurate, stable, and reliable feeding technology, to ensure the reliability of the operation of the skim coating machine, to ensure the quality of the product.
  • 3. Skim mortar mixer. Adopt a new generation of dual-axis gravity-free mixer, the body design is reasonable, so it has characteristics of high efficiency, energy-saving, wear resistance, durable, and long life.
  • skim coat dry mortar mixer machine
    skim coat dry mortar mixer machine

    skim coat dry mortar mixer
    dry mortar mixer

  • 4. Dust removal system. A personalized dust removal system ensures no dust pollution in the working environment.
  • bag dust removal
    bag dust removal
    cyclone dust removal
    cyclone dust removal
    pulse dust collector
    pulse dust collector

  • 5. Bulk systems. Bulk systems with direct discharge and pre-storage can be designed according to customer requirements to maximize customer needs.
  • 6. Control system. High-quality electrical components of the control system, stable and efficient trouble-free.
  • control system of skim coat machine
    electrical system
    electric control
    electric control

  • 7. Coat packing machine skim. The packing system is higher than the industry quality standard, which is convenient for packing all kinds of mortar.
  • packing machine
    packing machine
    packing machine
    valve packing machine

  • 8. Delivery system. The reliable quality conveying system, wear-resisting, low failure rate.

Selling points of skim coat dry mortar machine: high-speed plow type dry powder mixer: it is a new type of dry powder mixer transformed from our company’s long-term experience. It has the characteristics of high mixing precision, fast speed, low energy consumption, and sealing operation. Mixing parts, flying knife, barrel body are made of wear-resistant materials, extending the service life of these parts. Reliable wide pneumatic big door out of the material type, shorten the discharging time, reduce residue. This kind of machine is widely used in building materials, special mortar, floor, wall coating, and other industries.

dry mortar mixer for skim coat machine
dry mortar mixer
dry mortar mixer
dry mortar mixer
dry mix mortar machine

Cases about skim coat machines

How to choose the right skim coat mixing machine supplier?

There is various skim coat mixing machine suppliers on the market. But it is difficult for you to find a reputable one. As one of the most reliable skim coat machine suppliers in China, here are some tips for you to get a reliable supplier online or offline.


  • 1. If there are no skim coat machine suppliers near you, you can search the suppliers online, such as on google, bing, yahoo, and Alibaba. There will be a lot of results for you.
  • 2. You can select several suppliers and do a survey. Be patient to talk with the salesman from suppliers, so you can make a comparison among these suppliers. The more you talk, the more you ask, the salesman will think you are very professional and dare not trick you.
  • 3. If you choose the supplier from such choice, the first thing you need to do is pay a visit to their factory and office. Confirming the comprehensive strength will be very important.
  • 4. Judge whether the supplier is reputable and strong. When you visit the factory and office, you need to look at the scale and capacity of the factory and office. Whether it is big enough, whether the worker is skillful, whether the production technology is advanced, etc.
  • 5. Whether they have constant cases and orders. This is the only standard to judge the capability of the supplier. Only a firm with a large number of orders and transactions is trustworthy.  This can also be judged from the production situation on the factory floor.  If the workers are always producing when you visit, or if there are workers arranging deliveries, arranging trials, that means the manufacturer is trustworthy.


If you want to buy from local suppliers, but the premise is that there are many skim coat mixing machine suppliers for your selection, if there is only one supplier, it’s better to choose from China. Similarly, if you want to buy a skim coat redy mix machine locally, you also need to measure the above conditions. The difference is that you can go around and ask about the reliability of the manufacturer. You can also ask about some actual cases, and then visit the site to listen to customers’ feedback, which is also a very direct and effective way.


In short, no matter which channel you buy skim coat mixer machine from, you need to think twice before you do it because this kind of machine is not cheap. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, you need to consider the necessity of purchase from all aspects. Before, during, and after purchase are extremely important.


In addition, the most important thing to value is the service of the other party. Customer service is very important, to reduce the hassle later, if necessary, in advance of the purchase of services and benefits, and written into the contract.

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