ABT30C Diesel Concrete Pump Poured Concrete For House Building Project In Papua

Today, show you our newest case from Papua Indonesia. We received these feedback pictures on July 3, now I will tell you some details about this machine. Our customers used this pumping machine for his new project—a house building. As you can see from the picture, the building is already under construction. Our customer used the purchased ABT30C diesel-type concrete pump to pump concrete onto the foundation.

At first, show you some pictures of this working site. With long concrete pumping pipes, our diesel concrete pump worked efficiently and smoothly. Diesel engine concrete pump is always the popular type, which won high praises from our new and old customers. This diesel-type concrete pump has characteristics of fuel-efficient, easy operation, simple maintenance, high pumping efficiency, etc.
ABT30C diesel concrete pump in Papua

pump concrete
ABT30C concrete pump diesel Papua
diesel concrete pump for house building

And then, I would like to show you the pictures of the equipment below. And this ABT30C diesel concrete pump is a small type, we do not focus on the promotion, but if you have a demand, we can still produce the product for you.
ABT30C diesel concrete pump Indonesia
ABT30C diesel engine concrete pump Indonesia
ABT30C concrete pump with diesel engine Indonesia

In addition to ABT30C diesel powered concrete pump, we also have ABT40C, ABT60C, ABT80C, even ABT90C, we can meet all of your demand. If your areas have sufficient electricity and electric voltage is stable, you can take electric type concrete trailer pump into consideration, which can work efficiently than diesel type.
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