AIMIX ABT90C Diesel Powered Concrete Pump Exported To Uzbekistan In May

The good news here! AIMIX sent one set of ABT90C diesel concrete pump to Uzbekistan on May 11. This month, we have exported three sets of concrete pumps to Uzbekistan.
ABT90C diesel concrete pump Uzbekistan
Our ABT series diesel concrete pumps have wide applications. For ABT90C type, it is usually used for large-scale concrete transportation of large-scale engineering projects, large-scale concrete transportation needs such as large and high-rise projects.

90m3 concrete pump

Overview of ABT90C concrete pump Uzbekistan

Advantages of ABT90C concrete pump

The pump integrates mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic technologies, and the power system adopts a diesel engine that meets emission standards. It has the advantages of reliable performance, stable operation, convenient maintenance, and so on. It can run stably in harsh environments and solve the problem of operation without a power supply.
diesel engine concrete pump uz
nameplate of ABT90C concrete pump

ABT90C concrete pump with diesel engine

concrete pump diesel

inner structure of diesel concrete pump

Selling points of concrete pumping equipment

1. Electrical system: The concrete pumping machine is equipped with PLC programmable computer control, and the optimized circuit design makes the operation of the whole machine simple and convenient. Secondly, it is also equipped with wireless remote control, which is convenient for remote operation.

2. Pumping system: Our concrete pump adopts double-cylinder full hydraulic pumping, which greatly improves the work efficiency and reduces the failure rate.

3. S-pipe distribution valve: equipped with a floating wear-resistant ring, which can automatically compensate for wear and has good sealing performance. It effectively improves work efficiency and reduces maintenance costs. It has two working modes: low pressure and large displacement and high pressure and small displacement.

If you are looking for a quality and efficient concrete pumping machine, contact us, we will recommend a right type for you.

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