Weighing System of Concrete Batch Plant

Are You Familiar with The Weighing System in The Cement Plant?

Weighing system is the key part in cement plant, which can directly affects the quality and the production costs of concrete. Weighing system is mainly divided into three parts: aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing. Weighing system are controlled by a computer, and these three weighing can be operated at the same time.

Weighing System of Concrete Batch Plant

Aggregate Weighing

Aggregate weighing of cement plant includes concentrated weighing and separate weighing. Concentrated weighing is put all material into one hopper for weighing, which has the advantages of simple structure and low cost. In hence, concentrated weighing is more suitable for small portable concrete batch plant. Separate weighing is put every kind of material into corresponding hopper for weighing, and then they are put into a hopper together. Separate weighing is widely used in larger batching plant duo to it has high weighing precision and high work efficiency. In most cases, mixing plants adopt separate weighing to weigh aggregate.

Powder Weighing

As the name suggests, powder weighing can weigh powder, cement, slag, fly ash and others. At the beginning of the weighing, the screw conveyor obtains the signal and starts to work and the conveying powder is expected to weighing hopper. When the weight of the powder reaches the preset weight value, the screw conveyor stops conveying the powder material and completes the measurement. When the pneumatic butterfly valve received the instruction of discharge, and pneumatic butterfly valve starts to work and unloading.

Liquid Weighing

Liquid weighing refers to water weighing and admixture weighing, which is operated by liquid delivery pump, liquid supply pipe, weighing hopper and butterfly valve. In working, water and admixture are weighed separately, and then the liquid admixture is put into the water for mixing.

Weighing System of Cement Plant

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