New Asphalt Plant – Helping Your Construction Business to Excel!

As we all know, the construction industry continues to evolve and technology changes rapidly. Therefore, we are keen to introduce our latest innovation, the “AYLZ series new mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant”. It is our commitment to provide you with excellent solutions in this competitive market. Besides, this new product will inject new vigor and efficiency into your projects. Let’s explore this new mobile continuous asphalt plant.

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What is the New Asphalt Plant?

Simply put, the new mobile asphalt plant is a new type of mobile asphalt concrete mixing plant with integrated design and continuous production. In addition to meeting market demand, it also has the advantages of the existing asphalt batch mix plant. Of course, our new asphalt plant can offer a more comprehensive and efficient solution than the existing products in the market.

So let’s go on a journey of discovery as we explain in detail the reasons for the launch of this from a variety of perspectives!

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Why Launch This New Asphalt Plant?

There are many reasons for us to launch this new portable asphalt batching plant, let’s delve into them together.

Engineering and Construction Trends

With the increase in infrastructure development and road construction, the demand for efficient, flexible, and cost-effective construction equipment is on the rise. The new asphalt mixing machine has been designed to meet this trend, allowing the asphalt batching plant to be quickly adapted to the needs of different projects.

The Importance of Mobility Is Self-Evident

In the construction industry, there is a constant need for equipment that can be moved quickly to different construction sites. A fully mobile design helps reduce the time and cost of equipment relocation and increases overall efficiency.

Integration and Automation Are More Convenient

One-piece designs and continuous production capabilities indicate the potential for more automation and integration of equipment. This is in line with current industry trends to increase productivity through increased automation. The mobile asphalt plant’s integrated design is more compact and convenient as it can adapt to more terrains without the need for more space.

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Standing Out From the Competition

In the construction and infrastructure sector, the market is highly competitive. The new innovation is designed to meet customers’ needs for innovation and efficiency and is in their best interest to help them stand out in the market.

Optimizing the Customer Experience

The new asphalt plants for sale meet the needs of the market and our customers in design. That’s because we are constantly looking for ways to optimize the customer experience through our interactions with our customers and by exploring new technologies and products that are convenient for our customers and enhance the customer experience.

Considering this series of factors, the wide applicability of the fully mobile integrated continuous strong mix asphalt mixing plant also gives it an important value in many projects.

What Is the Scope of Projects That the New Asphalt Mixing Plant Is Suitable for?

Under the current market conditions, such machines are facing more and more diversified construction project needs. Certainly, this new asphalt mixing plant was born to meet the needs of a wider range of projects. Let’s explore this fascinating mobile asphalt plant together!

Temporary Projects

For projects that require a temporary asphalt mixing plant, the flexibility and portability of a fully integrated mobile mixing plant make it an ideal choice, especially when located away from a fixed amp machine.

Emergency Rehabilitation Projects

In emergencies where large quantities of asphalt concrete need to be supplied quickly for emergency repairs, the new continuous asphalt plant can respond quickly and provide the required concrete production capacity!

Road Construction Companies

Road construction projects require large quantities of asphalt concrete. Therefore, the mobile asphalt plantcan provide efficient production and mixing capacity for road construction.

new asphalt batching plant in AIMIX

Engineering Construction Companies

Large-scale projects such as bridges, tunnels, and airports require large quantities of asphalt concrete. Therefore, the mobile asphalt plant can provide a convenient mixing solution for these projects.

Urban Infrastructure Construction

The construction of urban infrastructure, such as roads, pavements, car parks, etc., requires a large amount of asphalt concrete for paving and construction.

Faced with the wide applicability of this equipment, it is especially good in the field of temporary construction emergency repair, and other works. It is an advantage that is difficult to compare with other products. The choice of this product is therefore a wise one. Before making a purchase decision, it is indispensable to know the technical parameters of this asphalt mixing plant. Let’s learn more about it together!

New innovative mobile asphalt mixing plant
new mobile continuous asphalt batching plant AIMIX

What Are the Technical Parameters of This New Asphalt Plant?

This new asphalt plant is assembled according to the technical parameters in the table below, based on a large number of market demands.

Yield(under standard working conditions)80-100t/h100-120t/h
composition structureIngredient drying, dust removal and mixing mobile unitIngredient drying, dust removal and mixing mobile unit
Asphalt and fuel supply mobile unitsAsphalt and fuel supply mobile units
Powder supply system mobile unit(optional)Powder supply system mobile unit(optional)
Measuring accuracyAggregate±2%Aggregate±2%
Powder ±1%Powder ±1%
Asphalt ±1.5%Asphalt ±1.5%
Dust emission concentration≤50mg/Nm3≤50mg/Nm3
Hot aggregate discharge temperature stability±5℃±5℃
Discharge temperature stability of finished product±3℃±3℃
Equipment operation reliability≥95%≥95%
Operation methodFully automatic control (manual control)Fully automatic control (manual control)
DimensionsMaximum reference: length 26.7mx width 3.43mx height 4.5mMaximum reference: length 26.7mx width 3.43mx height 4.5m
Total installed powerMaximum 180kwMaximum 230kw
Overall machine qualityAbout 70tAbout 75t
Ingredients bin volume3x8m³3x8m³
Drying drumφ1.7m (diameter) ×7m (length)φ1.8m (diameter) ×7m (length)
Bag filter320㎡400㎡
Continuous mixing hostMotor 2x22KwMotor 2x30Kw
Asphalt tankDirect heating 30m³+5m³ diesel tankDirect heating 30m³+5m³ diesel tank
New powder supply systemHorizontal (or vertical) powder tank 30m³/50m³ (optional)Horizontal (or vertical) powder tank 30m³/50m³ (optional)

Now that you know a bit about these parameters, you may be wondering what makes up these products. Let’s take a deeper look at their composition.

What Are the Parts That Make up This New Asphalt Plant?

The names of the components of this AYLZ series mobile asphalt batch plant are constructed as follows: a mobile chassis; a three-bin batching hopper, a small inverter belt, a flat belt for aggregate, an operation room, an electric control cabinet, a small staircase and a platform; a drying drum, a burner, a continuous mixing main machine, a scraper conveyor for finished materials, a dust pipe, a bag dust collector; all of them are concentrated on a mobile unit.

Even if each part seems to exist independently, but once combined and operated in concert, it will trigger a radical change. Therefore, an in-depth understanding of how this equipment works is crucial to our purchase. More videos on Youtube are here about our other asphalt plant products.

How the Equipment Works

Here is how the asphalt plant works in the following. Let’s delve into it together!

  1. Firstly, through the computer control in the operation room, the batching hopper of the three bins is quantitatively fed through the inverter’s small belt.
  2. Then, the aggregate flat belt feeds all the materials into the drying drum for drying and heating treatment.
  3. Next, the material is fed into the contact mixing main engine and external liquid asphalt for mixing, finally forming a qualified finished asphalt gravel mix for paving.
  4. In addition, during the whole process, the bag filter extracts the fumes from the drying drum and concentrates the dust out of the mixing equipment, which achieves efficient dust removal treatment.

Mobile New Asphalt Mixing Plant Designed By AIMIX

Besides, we expect this innovative asphalt plant to help our customers stand out in a highly competitive market. Therefore, the unique technical solution of the innovative asphalt batch plant will be the answer to achieving this goal.

What Are the Features of the New Asphalt Mixing Plant’s Technical Solutions?

There are some special characteristics that helps make the equipment more advanced.

  • Highly centralized mobile unit: The design significantly increases the centralization of the asphalt mixing machine innovations. The way is through concentrating the required mobile units and integrating the operator’s cabins, control cabinets, and other components into a single mobile unit. This not only makes transport easier but also effectively reduces costs.
  • Detachable design: Considering the needs of foreign shipment and loading, the operation room and electric control cabinet are designed to be detachable. This innovative design makes it possible to be transported separately during shipment. Besides, it can be simply installed during use at the construction site.
  • High efficiency in space utilization: The new mobile asphalt batching plant adopts a compact design and occupies relatively little space. This makes it easier to work on small sites and provides greater flexibility.

Not only do we offer technically unique solutions, but our service and reasonable prices will ensure that we satisfy you.

New Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant for Sale

Price and Service – Value for Money

Some devices are optional, thus the price of AYLZ series asphalt plants with different assemblies will be different. So if you have the demand, you can contact us at any time. We have a professional team of experts for your purchase. They can make the configuration of the program that suits your needs. Furthermore, they can allow you to make full use of the production and resources on the road toward the road to success. We are confident that this fully mobile asphalt mixing plant will bring excellent value and performance to your project. Of course, this is also why you need to consider purchasing such a new asphalt mixing plant. All in all, it is a long-term investment worthy of considering at a such a proper asphalt mixing plant price.

The performance, portability, and reliability of this new mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant will bring you greater efficiency and longevity. At the same time, our team will provide you with a full range of support and services. Therefore, we can ensure you enjoy an excellent experience.

mobile asphalt batch plant for sale in AIMIX Group

The New Asphalt Plant – a Key Part of the Success

This innovative new mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant meets your needs. What’s more, it’s also working with you to create an era of efficient and convenient engineering. Let’s embrace the future together and experience a new way of engineering, free from the constraints of tradition. Maybe you are eager for change and looking for more advanced and smarter solutions. AIMIX, as an outstanding asphalt batching plant manufacturer, believe that the new asphalt batch plant will be the key to your project’s success.

Please feel free to contact us, and we sincerely look forward to working with you to create a brilliant future!

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