Block Making Machine

Fly Ash Block Making Machine

It is all known that block making machine has a similar name as batching making machine, but concrete batching machine is used for batching material, and concrete batching machine is used for producing block products. Generally speaking, many users will find that there is only a single block making machine in the factory when they select and purchase block making machine. However, if users come to our company, this problem will not appeared. As a top construction equipment manufacturer, we have many models of block making machine for users to choose. Our block making machine belongs to a excellent mechanical equipment to produce block equipment, which has many advantages of multi-purpose, advanced technology, innovative design, good performance and convenient movement. All at once, it has passed many certification, such as: CE, ISO 9001 quality management system and others. We mainly have hydraulic block making machine, block molding machine, automatic block making machine and block making machine for sale, if you leave inquiry on our website, you will get fly ash brick making machine price list.

Complete Units of Our Block Making Machine For Sale

The complete unit of we Aimix group block making machine is not like the lager batching plant, which is very simple and it includes silo, cement screw, cement scale, batching machine, block machine, hydraulic station, conveyor, pallet transfer system, block sweeper, PLC controller, block mould and stacking machine. Its flow chart is as follows:
Block Making Machine Flow Chart

Successful Cases of Our Block Making Machine

Our AIMIX Block Making Machine was successfully exported to Vanuatu, Bolivia, American, United States and other countries around the world.  In December 2016, our Bolivia’s users were really satisfied with our products after they came and visit our office and factory. Finally, they have bought many block making machines and other products from us. Our cooperation with Bolivia’s users is very pleasant. If you are looking for a best block making machine, and we Aimix group absolutely are your best choice with lower price and better equipment. Heartbeat as action and welcome to visit our company and factory.

Our Bolivia’s Users Visited Our Factory and Company
Our Bolivia’s users visited our factory and company
AIMIX Block Making Machine was Exported to Bolivia
AIMIX block making machine was exported to Bolivia

Features and Advantages of Our Block Making Machine

1. Our block making machine is very convenient to install and move due to its reasonable structure.

2. It adopts advanced technology to make it become firm and shock-proof.

3. Aimix block making machine can reuse the waste solid to realize environmentally friendly and save materials.

4. Our block making machine adopts hydraulic valves and coolers, which ensures that hydraulic system operates reliably.

5. It adopts drive shaft transmission to ensure accurate transmission speed and long service life to avoid replace the belt drive.

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6. Our block making machine’s host is adjusted by a variety of vibration force so as to shorten the vibration time, improve product density and save cost of cement.

7. It can achieve high efficiency due to this construction machinery can realize a continue and non-stop working.

8. Block making machine has widely ranges, which can produce different specifications of block products.

9. Our block making machine has many models, such as: QT4-15, QT4-25, QT6-15, QT8-15, QT10-15 and QT12-15.

Block Making Machine QT6


QT3-15 Product Specification Block number/pallet Forming cycle Block output/8 hrs
Hollow brick 390*190*190 mm 3 15-20 5600
Multi-hole brick 240*115*90 mm 8 15-20 12000
Standard brick 240*115*53 mm 21 15-20 19200
QT4-15 Product Specification Block number/pallet Forming cycle Block output/8 hrs
Hollow brick 390mmX 190mm X 190 4 15-20 s 5760-7680
Multi-hole brick 240X115X90 mm 14 15-20 s 17280-20160
Standard brick 240X115X53 mm 28 15-20 s 40320-53760
QT4-25 Product Specification Block number/pallet Forming cycle Block output/8 hrs
Hollow block 390×190×190 4 25s 4608
Perforated block 240×115×90 12 25s 13824
Standard block 240×115×53 24 25s 27648
QT6-15 Product Specification Block number/pallet Forming cycle Block output/8 hrs
Hollow brick 390×190×190 6 15s 11520
Perforated block 240×115×90 15 15s 28800
Standard block 240×115×53 36 15s 57600
QT8-15 Product Specification Block number/pallet Forming cycle Block output/8 hrs
Hollow brick 390mmX 190mm X 190 8 12-15 s 15360-19200
Multi-hole brick 240X115X90 mm 12 12-15 s 34560-43200
Standard brick 240X115X53 mm 42 12-15 s 80640-100800
QT10-15 Product Specification Block number/pallet Forming cycle Block output/8 hrs
Hollow brick 390×190×190 10 15s 19200
Perforated block 240×115×90 24 15s 46080
Standard block 240×115×53 48 15s 92160
QT12-15 Product Specification Block number/pallet Forming cycle Block output/8 hrs
Hollow brick 390mmX 190mm X 190 12 12-15 s 23040-28800
Multi-hole brick 240X115X90 mm 30 12-15 s 57600-72000
Standard brick 240X115X53 mm 60 12-15 s 115200-144000

Raw materials of of Our Block Making Machine

Material such as sand, crushed stone, cement, dust and fly coal ash, cinder, gravel, perlite, wet ash in power plants, dry ash, hybrid ash, boiler slag, spontaneous combustion coal gangue, mountain flour, haydite, mine tailings, scoria, steel slag, carbide slag, water-granulated slag, wind-granulated slag, dry slag, smelting slag, sulfuric acid residue,phosphate fertilizer slag, caustic sludge, laterite in aluminium manufacturers, electrolytic copper slag, stonework waste, potsherd, waste brick power, construction waste, etc( among which one or two kinds are enough).

Block Making Machine Raw Material
Raw materials of of Our Block Making Machine

Company Information

AIMIX is one of the leading manufacturers of construction machinery in China. Currently, our company covers an area of 120,000 square meters, with a construction area of 60,000 square meters. Our company has more than 1000 staff, among whom there are 16 engineers, more than 90 professional technicians, 60 administrative staff and 600 skilled workers. We are sincerely looking forward for our new and old users visit and select block making machine, concrete batching plant, SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer, concrete mixer pump, wheel loader, concrete mixer truck, tower crane, construction lift, stationary asphalt mixing plant and other products from AIMIX. Our factory address: 50 m to the east of century Square, Shangjie district, Zhengzhou city, Henen province, China. Our office address: 9th floor, building no.6 of China central e-commerce port, to the south of Jinrong textile city, crossing of south daxue road and southern 3rd ring road, Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China.

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