AIMIX JBS40 Electric Concrete Mixer Pump is Sold to Pakistan

We AIMIX Export Our ABJZ40D Electric Concrete Mixer with Pump to Pakistan Today

Today, we AIMIX export our ABJZ40D electric concrete mixer with pump to Pakistan. After some consultation and comparison, our Pakistan’s users choose our company. They said that our company is the leading manufacturers of construction machinery in China and our concrete pump is exported to more than 60 countries in the world now, and they trusted us …

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AIMIX Trailer Concrete Pump

Classification of Common Concrete Pumps

Common concrete pumps can be divide into four types of concrete pump, which are concrete mixer pump, trailer concrete pump, concrete boom pump and truck mounted concrete pump. Although the four of them belong to common concrete pump, and they have different components, working principles, advantages, usages and so on. Today, AIMIX will take you to …

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AIMIX JBS30 Electric Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale

AIMIX ABJZ30D Electric Concrete Mixer and Pump was Sold to Paraguay with High Reputation

This is an exciting news! AIMIX ABJZ30D electric concrete mixer and pump was sold to Paraguay with high reputation. As the leading enterprise of China construction equipment, our company has a good product quality f production and sales than other similar industries. Our concrete mixer pumps are loved by different customers and have been sold worldwide. In addition, …

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AIMIX HBTS80 Diesel Concrete Pumps were Exported to Vietnam

AIMIX ABT80C Diesel Concrete Pumps are Best Selling in the Vietnam Recently

Congratulations! AIMIX ABT80C diesel concrete pumps are beat selling in the Vietnam recently. Here is some pictures and useful information of AIMIX ABT80C diesel concrete pump: The Structure of AIMIX ABT80C diesel concrete pumps AIMIX ABT80C diesel concrete pumps consists of mixing motor, pressure pump structural picture, hopper, oil tank, shell, mixing value, main valve, lubricant pump, …

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concrete mixer pump

AIMIX ABJZ30D Electric Concrete Mixer Pump was Exported to Russia Today

Good news! In March 16, 2017, our ABJZ30D electric concrete mixer pump was exported to Russia. AIMIX electric concrete mixer pump combine the traditional concrete pump and the concrete mixer together, which has the following advantages: The outlet hole is specially designed as the coarse type, which is wear-resisting and can prolong its service life, …

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AIMIX HBTS60 Diesel Concrete Pump in Philippines

AIMIX ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pumps Work Very Well in Philippines

As our diesel concrete pumps have been delivered to Philippines with it’s high efficiency and reliable performance on February 10, 2017, and we AIMIX have received many praise from our users from Philippines today. Our users are very satisfied with our diesel concrete pumps, and they said that our diesel concrete pumps work very well in …

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Our Diesel Concrete Pump

Our ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump Has Been Delivered to Philippines

On February 10, 2017, our diesel concrete pump has been successfully delivered to the Philippines. Our users are very satisfied with our diesel concrete pump because of our diesel concrete pump adopts intelligent power control system to regulate the engine speed automatically for smooth and efficient operation. It is worth mentioning that our diesel concrete pump …

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AIMIX Hot Products Are All Over The World

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