3 ton wall putty machine

3 Ton Wall Putty Manufacturing Plant Exported To UAE In April

Good news! AIMIX exported one set of 3-ton wall putty manufacturing plant to UAE on April 7. Sorry to display this news too late. Up to now, we have exported more than 10 sets of wall putty making plant abroad. And the smallest capacity is 1 ton, which is for self use. If you want … Read more

dry mortar plant Malaysia

10 Ton Dry Mortar Production Line Set Up In Malaysia

Congratulations 10-ton dry mortar production line set up in Malaysia. Our clients planned to use this equipment to produce all kinds of dry mortar, tile adhesive, wall putty, and ready mix plaster, etc. Now, let’s have learning about this equipment. Specifications Models GJ10 Production Capacity (T/H ) 10 Control System  Semi-auto /Full auto Dry mortar is a fine aggregate, inorganic … Read more

tile adhesive making machine was exported to Peru

5 Ton Tile Adhesive Making Machine Was Exported To Peru In Jan

Congratulations 5-ton tile adhesive making machine has been exported to Peru. Here are some photos taken on the day of shipment, dated January 27, 2021. As you can see from the pictures, although 5 tons is a small capacity, the customer also chose a packing machine, so that customer can finish the project as soon … Read more

tile adhesive making machine to Kenya

2 Ton Tile Adhesive Making Machine Was Exported To Kenya

Great news! We AIMIX GROUP exported one set 2 ton tile adhesive making machine to Kenya. After many comparisons and searches, the customer found our official website and learned that our tile adhesive making machine has many categories, and the options are relatively high. In addition, we also provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service, so … Read more

customer visited our factory

30 Ton Sand Dryer Was Sent To Indonesia

Latest case is here! 30 ton sand dryer was going to Indonesia. It is said that our client is top local cement supplier, and we took engineers to construction site for four times. What’s more, we provided customers with the perfect construction and production solution, they are very satisfied. After visiting the factory in China … Read more

Normal Working Of 30tph Dry Mix Mortar Production Plant In Indonesia

Great news! Our customer from Indonesia purchased a set of dry mix mortar production plant, it can produce mortar 30 ton per hour, and can reach 100,000 tons per year. Here are some scene drawings for your view. Parts of dry mix mortar production line Types of dry mix mortar plant In addition 30 ton … Read more

20t dry mix mortar making plant Zambia

20t Dry Mix Mortar Manufacturing Plant To Zambia

Congratulations 20t dry mix mortar manufacturing plant has been shipped to Zambia! Dry mix mortar production mainly mix fine aggregate, water, additive, cementing agent and filler together in a given proportion. If you have special demand, you can ask for our engineer and technician whether your idea is reasonable, also they will draw a plan … Read more

dry mortar mixer

Congratulations LDH 1000 Dry Mortar Mixer And Packing Machine Were Going To Bangladesh

In Jan, 2019, LDH1000 dry mortar mixer and packing machine have been produced, and ready to the destination: Bangladesh! We mainly sell dry mix mortar plant, tile adhesive manufacturing plant, ready mix plaster plant and wall putty manufacturing plant. Types mainly are: 5t, 10t, 15t, 20t, 30t, 40t, 50t, 60t, 80t and 100t, if necessary, … Read more

Parts Of 10t Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant Paraguary Has Been Loaded Into Container

10t tile adhesive manufacturing plant was readt to Paraguary! following shipment pictures will show you our shipment procedure and method. Because tile adhesive manufacturing plant has many components and it has large scale, can’t be shipped completely. Our factory will produce each part, then assemble them together, do test-run for the tile adhesive production line, … Read more

30t dry mix mortar production line Iran

30t Dry Mix Mortar Plant Iran Was Installing

30t Dry Mix Mortar Plant Was Installing In Iran Congratulations our 30t dry mortar production line was installing in Iran! Our user planned to produce dry mortar for their local wall construction. In his hometown, there are many housing buildings come forth. He found that wall construction is a big commercial opportunity, therefore, he bought … Read more