cement mortar pump for Malaysia

Cement Mortar Pump Was Going To Malaysia

Congratulations HPS10 cement mortar pump was sent to Malaysia! Show you some shipment pictures below. Cement mortar pump is used to pump, transport and pour concrete, which is indeed a multiple-functional mortar pump machine. We mainly can supply you two type of HPS05 and HPS10. This time, we exported HPS10 to Malaysia. In addition, our customers also bought air compressor and generator set.


1. Various pressure grouting in reservoir, hydropower station, dam, port, wharf;
2. Foundation treatment, grouting for weak foundation reinforcement;
3. Backfill grouting and anchor support in tunnel, subway and mine construction;
4. Ground source heat pump deep well construction (new technology);
5. Can be used for mud circulation and mortar backfill;
6. Transportation of construction mortar;
7. Transportation of scales, masonry or plastering mortar;
8. Mechanical spray plastering;
9. Commodity mortar or mortar with equivalent performance is transported and sprayed.

mortar pump shipment
mortar pump
cement mortar pump for Malaysia
cement mortar pump Malaysia

Items Unit HPS05 HPS10
Max. theo. concrete output m3/h 6 10
Max.concrete pumping pressure Mpa 10 10
Max. concrete pumping distance(vertical ) M 150 150
Max. concrete pumping distance(horizontal ) M 500 500
Power system / motor motor
Engineering power Kw 22 33
Capacity of oil tank L 150 300
Feeding height mm 1250 1250
Hopper capacity L 0.4 0.4
Max. aggregate diameter mm 6 10
Dimensions(length×width×height) mm 2900x1450x1600 3500x1450x1600
Total weight Kg 1000 1000

air compressor

air compressor and cement mortar pump
part of pump

Main technical features:

1. High working pressure, stable flow, capable of conveying mortar with high sand content;
2. This type of product adopts screw conveying, which can output uniform flow and overcome the defects of uneven flow of the existing piston pump or plunger pump.
3. Adopting mechanical transmission, the structure is simple and compact, the wearing parts are cheap and the replacement is fast and convenient, the maintenance is easy and the cost is low;
4. The rotor and stator materials have undergone rigorous industrial assessment, work reliably, and have a long life;
5. Small size, flexible movement, especially suitable for small working space. Special reminder: This equipment does not have a mortar mixing function, users need to pour the pre-mixed mortar into the hopper.

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