Horizontal Cement Silo

Horizontal cement silo, also named containerized cement silo, which is a closed cement storage tank. It is suitable for the storage of cement, fly ash and other bulk materials. There is material level system, can display the amount of materials, the arch breaking device can remove the solidness caused by material deposit for too long. The combination of horizontal silo and screw pump can send materials to each place. This horizontal silo is easy to install, and it is safe and reliable, which is indeed an ideal bulk cement storage silo. Now, let’s learn about capacities of horizontal silos cement.

Horizontal silo capacities

In recent years, horizontal cement silos are very popular with users, many engineering bosses would like to buy horizontal cement silo for sale, this is why? Mainly because the silo horizontal cement has many advantages. AIMIX is one of the most reliable concrete machine suppliers in China, and we can supply you 10ton, 20ton, 30ton, 40ton, 50ton, 60ton, 70ton, 80ton, 90ton, 100ton, 150ton, 200ton, 300ton and even 500ton, 1000ton, etc as long as you need. If you want to do horizontal silos business, we can give you professional guidance.

50t horizontal cement silo
50t horizontal cement silo

80t horizontal silo
80t horizontal silo

100t horizonta silo
100t horizonta silo

200t horizontal cement silo
200t horizontal cement silo


ModelTanker diameterTanker heightTanker total heightMatched mixerMatched screw conveyor

Horizontal cement tank composition:

Each raw material storage tank consists of outriggers, lower cone, silo body, feeding pipe, climbing ladder, safety explosion-proof valve; among them, the dust collector (ordinary dust collector, electronic vibration dust collector, pulse dust collector), customers can choose the material level meter freely.

control panel of horizontal cement silo
control panel

dust collector of horizontal cement silo
dust collector

level indicator of horizontal cement silo
level indicator

pressure relief valve of horizontal cement silo
pressure relief valve

vibrator of horizontal cement silo

air compressor for horizontal cement silo
air compressor

Now, let’s learn about the advantages of horizontal silo storage.

Good news about horizontal cement silos

to Malaysia

horizontal cement silo to Malaysia
50t horizontal silo
50 ton horizontal cement silo Malaysia
horizontal cement silo Malaysia

To Ivory Coast

horizontal cement silo for Ivory Coast
horizontal cement silo in Ivory Coast
horizontal cement silo to Ivory Coast

To Australia

horizontal cement silo Australia
horizontal cement silo Australia

Advantages of horizontal silo for sale

1. Foundation-free. At the construction site, there is no need to lay a foundation, as long as the ground is pretty flat and solid, engineer can finish the installation, and installation period is short.

2. Low level. Actually, horizontal cement silo also can be named low level cement silo for sale, so it can be put in the workshop of client directly.

3. Convenient to move. It is easy and convenient to install and disassemble the silo, so if you have many projects to do, you can invest such a silo, it can be moved from site to site.

4. In addition, horizontal cement silo for sale has characteristics of easy loading and transportation. Length, width and height are in the reasonable range.

5. Low level cement silos are suitable for engineering construction, road and bridge hydraulic engineering, urban construction and other projects. With characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, can prevent cement loss and reduce urban air dust pollution. What’s more, it has advantages of small footprint, long service life, low cost and so on.

In addition to its own advantages, it also plays important role in concrete batching plant, you can learn more below.

Working video of mobile horizontal cement silo

Good things about horizontal cement silo in concrete plant

1. Good air tightness. Because the steel silo uses special equipment for bending and biting, and the quality of any part of the silo can be ensured in the production process, its seal is very good.

2. The effect of manually discharge valve is to solve the problems when deliver the cement. The users can close the manually discharge valve and prevent there is cement leakage and cause waste of cement.

3. Low level cement silos can be customized. It is suitable for different scale industry, user can order different capacities silos and ensure the continuous production.

4. Less land occupation. Moreover, it is very light and easy to manage, which is fit for all kinds of terrain.

5. Wide application. In addition construction field, at present, it has been extended to many fields such as food, chemical industry and coal, and can be used to store various bulk materials.

Precautions about horizontal silo cement

Check before you start

Before the start, you need to check each controller, see whether they are good and reliable. When stop, user need to put water and pebbles into the mixing drum for 10 to 15 minutes. During the cleaning, turn off the electric brake.

Cleaning method of horizontal silo

It is very essential to do regular cleaning. When you clean the silo, it is forbidden to use a sledgehammer to remove the concrete accumulated in the bulk cement tank, and it can only be removed with a chisel.

Hope through this page, you will have a good understanding about the horizontal cement silo for sale, and any questions, contact us: market@aimixgroup.com.

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