Details Of The Delivery Of ABT20C Diesel Concrete Pump To Palembang

Everyone, sorry to update this news so late. This is a diesel concrete trailer pump with a capacity of 20m3 per hour. We shipped it to Palembang on September 13. Below are some detailed packing pictures and overall product pictures for your reference.

ABT20C diesel concrete pump Indonesia

ABT20C diesel concrete pump for Indonesia

About ABT20C diesel concrete pump to Palembang

1. What does ABT20C stand for? This ABT20C diesel engine concrete pump is the smallest type. Because its capacity is the smallest. A means “AIMIX”, which is our brand, B means “concrete pump”, T means “trailer-mounted”, C means “diesel engine”, 20 means “this concrete pump can pour concrete 20m3 per hour.”

2. Stable performance. ABT20C diesel concrete trailer pump has strong power, good conveying continuity, high pressure, simple operation, stable performance, convenient movement, low labor cost, long service life, and is the best choice for small engineering projects.

3. High configuration. This concrete pump is equipped with a high wear-resistant glasses plate, high-quality solenoid valve, cooling fan, oil injection pump, S pipe valve. Moreover, it can realize remote control, and is equipped with a safety explosion-proof system, which makes the operation safe and reliable.

4. Advanced technology. Our diesel-type concrete trailer pump has mature technology, high pumping efficiency, high production efficiency, wear-resistant and durable, complete models, and supports customization. That is to say, if you have special requirements for our concrete pump, we can also customize it for you according to the actual situation.

ABT20C diesel concrete pump to Indonesia
20m3 concrete pump diesel
ABT20C concrete pump with diesel engine

diesel concrete pump to Indonesia

ABT20C diesel concrete pump
diesel concrete pump in Indonesia

In addition to ABT20C diesel concrete pump to Palembang, we also can supply you with ABT30C, ABT40C, ABT60C, ABT80C, and ABT90C, which can meet your different demands, welcome to contact us now! We have salesmen who are responsible for the Indonesian market, can give you professional guidance.

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