HZG100 Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant Australia

Good news! HZG100 dry mix concrete batching plant was sent to Australia. Do you have a general idea about this plant? It is actually a aggregate batcher, and it can be used with a concrete mixer truck.

HZG shipment pics
HZG shipment pics

Technique Specifications of HZG100

Model HZG100
Rated Productivity 100-120 m3/h
Power of Main Mixer 60 KW
Max. Aggregate Diameter 80mm
Discharging Capacity 1.5m~2m3/circle
Feeding Mode Belt conveyor
Batching Unit PLD2400- 6 bins –belt weighing
Measuring Accuracy of Aggregate ±2%
Measuring Accuracy of Cement ±1%
Measuring Accuracy of flyash ±1%
Measuring Accuracy of water ±1%
Measuring Accuracy of additive ±1%
Discharging Height 3.8 m
Outline Dimension L X W X H) 14.5m X5.6m X5.9m(excluding silos)
General Power 115 KW
Total Weight 50t
Control Mode Fully automatic control system

Characteristics of Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant

1. Compact structure;
2. High efficiency;
3. Stable performance.

Here is HZG60 For Your Reference



1. Batching System PLD2400-6 bins
2. Aggregate Feeding system
3. Platform
4. Water Supply System
5. Cement Weighing System
6. Fly Ash Measuring System
7. Additive Weighing System
8. Pneumatic System
9. Computer Control System: Schneider
10. Power Supply System

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