Interlocking Brick Machine For Sale

Interlocking brick machine for sale is widely used to produce interlocking bricks for slope protection, construction project, road construction, square, water conservancy project, park and garden construction. Interlocking bricks produced by interlocking brick machine is suitable for interlocking precast concrete block paving system for soil erosion control in small and medium water flow, which can be installed manually. Use interlocking bricks with unique chain design, each block with surrounding 6 blocks produce super interlock, the pavement have good stability under the effect of water flow; high porosity permeable flexible structural pavement can reduce the flow speed, reduce fluid pressure and improve the drainability. Therefore, from the the application of interlocking bricks, it is a necessity to invest an interlocking block machine sale. It will not only plays important role in increase vegetation, beautify the environment and protect ecological environment, but also can help you earn money and expand your business.
interlocking brick machine

Investing Interlocking Brick Making Machine-Low Investment, Quick Returns And High Interest

Why we say interlocking bricks machine cost is low and can bring high returns and profits?

Raw materials the machine need is everywhere. As long as you have sand, pebble, cement, fly ash, slag, steel slag, gangue, ceramsite, perlite etc industrial wastes, you can produce interlocking blocks. This free-burning brick machine is well suited for these users who have high demands for quality of interlocking tiles making machine, high productivity, high intensity, and can produce all kinds of concrete product.

QT3-15 interlocking brick machine
QT3-15 interlocking brick machine
QT3-15 Hollow brick perforated brick Standard brick
Block number / pallet 3 8 21
Block output / 8 hrs 5600 12000 19200
Forming cycle (s) 20-30 15-20 15-20
Product Specification
390*190*190 240*115*90 240*115*53
1. Cement: 325, 425, 525.

2. Fine aggregate: including clay ceramic material, pottery sand, melon seed-shaped drug slices, fly ash pottery sand, pumice stone, cinder, coal cinder, gangue, expanded slag ball, expanded perlite, etc; should be in accordance with the regulation of GB14684, the amount of mud in general sand shall not exceed 0.3%, the amount of clod shall not surpass 1.0%.(Silt content means the total production of sludge, rock debris and clay that particle diameter is less than 0.08 mm, through washing, pinch and press, the content of granule will be broke into less than 2.5 mm.)

3. Diameter of macadam: 5-10 mm, bulk specific gravity: 1400-1800 kg/m3, silt content: lower than 3%.

4. Fine sand, mountail flour, silt content: lower than 5%(stone powder is used in colored fabrics).

QT4-15 interlocking brick machine
QT4-15 interlocking brick machine

QT4-15 Product Specification Block number Block output/8 hrs
Hollow brick 390mmX 190mm X 190 4 5760-7680
Multi-hole brick 240X115X90 mm 14 17280-20160
Standard brick 240X115X53 mm 28 40320-53760
5. Common sand, medium-coarse sand, fineness modulus: 2.7-3.1, bulk specific gravity: 1400-1500kg/m3, lower than3%.

6. Fly ash: Ⅰ—Ⅲ level

7. Coal cinder and slag should be crushed to less than 10mm.

8. Addtives: swelling agent, watr reducer, retarder and early strength agent.

Benefits of Investing A Cement Interlocking Bricks Machine-From Raw Materials

1. With the wide raw materials, it means the investor doesn’t need to worry about that, if you want to produce interlocking bricks, there is some raw materials you can’t find, and influence the whole production.

QT12-15 interlocking tiles machine
QT12-15 Hollow brick perforated brick Standard brick
Block number / pallet 12 30 60
Block output / 8 hrs about 23040 57600 115200
Forming cycle (s) 15 15 15
Product Specification
390*190*190 240*115*90 240*115*53
2. Raw materials are with low price. All of raw materials are industrial wastes, process wastes into production of interlocking blocks, production appreciation space is large, therefore, you will get high profits.

3. Quick return of funds. Providing that Mr. A produce a brick, cost 1 dollar, sell it for 2dollars, while bricks produced by you, cost 0.5 dollar, sell it for the same price 2 dollars, is your profit higher than the others? So is your money coming back faster?

Interlocking Bricks Machine Price

If you want to buy an interlocking block making machine, price will be the first element you need to consider. Because there are many factors influencing interlocking tiles making machine price, such as, shipment method, payment, the productivity of machine, tax revenue, customs clearance, etc. If you don’t know how to choose a most proper machine, contact us! We will give you the most professional advice according to your needs! If you know which type you need, but wanna save cost, contact us! We can give you best match, it will help you save money farthest!

QT6-15 interlocking block making machine
QT6-15 interlocking block making machine
QT6-15 Hollow brick perforated brick Standard brick
Block number / pallet 6 15 30
Block output / 8 hrs 11520-14400 28800-36000 57600-72000
Forming cycle (s) 12-15 12-15 12-15
Product Specification
390*190*190 240*115*90 240*115*53

What We Can Do For You!!!

Pre-Sales Service.

1. Provide you with series of consultances about equipment technology, performance and interlocking blocks machine prices.

2. Offer you reasonable analysis, scheme of construction and display, design plan.

On-Sales Service.

1. One year warranty for free, we can provide life-long maintenance.

2. We will be online 24 hours, provide troubleshooting solution to customers.

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3. Conventional technical support for you.

4. Installation guidance on site, directing you use our concrete interlocking block making machine accurately.

5. Train your operator until the operator can use the machine be rule and line.

6. We are responsible for trouble removal and maintenance service for interlocking tiles machine.

After-Sales Service

We have company branches in Uzbekistan and Pakistan, if you come from Russia or Pakistan, you can feel free to visit our officer, they are more willing to solve your problems.

QT8-15 cement interlocking bricks machine
QT8-15 cement interlocking bricks machine
QT8-15 Hollow brick perforated brick Standard brick
Block number / pallet 8 21 42
Block output / 8 hrs 15360 50400 100800
Forming cycle (s) 12-15 12-15 12-15
Product Specification
390*190*190 240*115*90 240*115*53

Advantages of AIMIX GROUP Interlocking Brick Making Machine For Sale

1. This concrete interlocking paver making machine adopts PLC control, fully achieve automatic function after programming.

2. Increase vibration frequency and vibration power of equipment, the shaking time is shorter, product molding density is higher.

3. Optimize the travel configuration of eash part, realize a tractor serves several purposes; can timely change mould, produce all kinds of interlocking blocks.

4. AIMIX GROUP interlocking concrete blocks machines equipped with leading automatic stacking machine, just only 2 operators can finish the whole production process.

QT10-15 hydraulic interlocking brick machine
QT10-15 hydraulic interlocking brick machine

QT10-15 Hollow brick perforated brick Standard brick
Block number / pallet 10 24 52
Block output / 8 hrs about 19200 46080-57600 99840-124800
Forming cycle (s) 12-15 12-15 12-15
Product Specification
390*190*190 240*115*90 240*115*53

Interlocking Brick Machine Design

Our machine has compact structure, we adopt the most advanced technology to minimize the land occupation of the machine. The body adopts super large strong section steel and special welding technology, good rigidity, shock-proof and long service life. Four-bar guide and super long guide bearing, ensure accurate motion of pressure head and mould. Moving parts adopt joint bearing to connect, which is convenient to lubricate and difficult to be broken.

Hydraulic system of hydraulic interlocking brick making machine: we adopt integrated high pressure hose connection, convenient installation; adopt electro-hydraulic proportional over flow speed control valve, each oil way can according to the need of operation accurately adjust work pressure and flow, save energy, ensure period, reduce the impact. Hydraulic elements are imported elements, adopt high dynamic performance proportional valve, adjust oil oil mass according to different steps so that can precisely control the movement of key part.

interlocking brick making machine
interlocking brick making machine

Vibrating forming system: vibrostand of interlocking block machine adopt high strength integrated cast steel, skip car adopt 360-degrees compulsory rotary mixing device, short molding cycle, high productivity, masonry block quality density, high strength, precise dimension.

There are many types interlocking brick making machines, such as, automatic interlocking brick making machine, it has high automation, won’t cost you much labor fee, and it can achieve high productivity, won’t delay your needs, in a word, it is a hot type brick machine, if you choose it, it will bring you high return.

In addition, there is also hydraform interlocking block making machines, it is driven by hydraulic system, then produce bricks, also can achieve high quality and output.

According to the raw materials, there are also interlocking clay brick machine and interlocking soil brick machine, hollow block machine for sale, you can choose the most proper one according to your real needs, we will try our best to serve you!

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