Parts Of 10t Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant Paraguary Has Been Loaded Into Container

10t tile adhesive manufacturing plant was readt to Paraguary! following shipment pictures will show you our shipment procedure and method. Because tile adhesive manufacturing plant has many components and it has large scale, can’t be shipped completely. Our factory will produce each part, then assemble them together, do test-run for the tile adhesive production line, if anything goes well, our workers will disassemble the part one by one, then paint them, after the painting dry out, we will arrange shipment, now is shipment day of 10t tile adhesive manufacturing plant, happy day!

GJ10 tile adhesive manufacturing plant
GJ10 tile adhesive manufacturing plant

Specifications Of Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

Models GJ10
Production Capacity (T/H ) 10
Control System  Semi-auto
/Full auto

Application Of Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

The tile ashesive produced by ceramic tile production line can be used for water-proof project, whitewash wall, tile fixing, heat preservation and decoration, etc, if you were a housing estate developer, you can invest one set of tile adhesive making machine, it will bring you great profits! Also you can invest a simple tile adhesive production line for yourself. In addition tile adhesive production line, we also have concrete mixer pump and concrete trailer pumps on hot sales, any need, contact us!

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