Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

Tile adhesive manufacturing plant is applied to produce ceramic tile adhesive for house building or wall construction. There are many types for your selection, read ahead and find the right type for your project!

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How to produce tile adhesives?

It processes wastes into the quality tile adhesive, and tile adhesive manufacturing plant cost is very low, once you invest one, you will get quick returns! Before you buy a tile adhesive machine, there are some issues you need to know, so that you will get the right plant for your project.
procedure pof mortar production

Latest case about tile adhesive manufacturing plant

2tph adhesive making machine was installed in Zambia

2 ton dry mortar plant installed in Zambia

2 t dry mortar plant in Zambia
2 ton mortar plant in Zambia
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Things you need to consider when you investing a tile adhesive manufacturing plant

  • 1. What’s your project and how about your project scale.
  • 2. Productivity per day you need. It influences the capacity of tile adhesive making machine.
  • 3. Which raw materials do you have or you can find? The cheaper the better, it will affect your whole cost.
  • 4. What kind of package method?
  • 5. What’s the destination?
  • 6. Whether needs auxiliary equipment, such as, mixer machine?

If you can tell us in detail about the above questions, our salesman will give you professional advice for your project, he will help you do a smart and cost-saving investment. And what is worth being mentioned is that if you meet any problems, we will be online. once our tile adhesive manufacturing plant arrived at your destination, we will give you free training and technique guidance for your operator till he can operate smoothly. Please remember, no matter you have bought our machine, or haven’t bought our machine, we will be your side to serve you!

tile adhesive plant in China
simple tile adhesive making machine
ladder type tile adhesive making machine

Types of tile adhesive manufacturing plant

We mainly have simple type adhesive tile making machine, small type adhesive tile plant, tower type production line, ceramic tile adhesive dry mortar mixing equipment, etc, among them, tower adhesive tile mixer plant is the most popular one.

From special adhesive mortar production line to mini dry mortar production line, to productivity is 390,000t per year, 600,000t per year, we all have. Our production lines have been exported to Iran, Peru, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Cambodia, Korea, etc. You can learn more details from our shipment pictures below. Through our training for local operators, they have begun to operate the plant smoothly.

Simple type tile adhesive making machines

GJ03 simple type tile adhesive making plant
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GJ06 simple type tile adhesive making plant
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GJ09 tile adhesive making plant
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Production capacity3t/h6t/h9t/h
Production circle20 min20 min20 min
Number of sand bins000
Number of powder bins000
Production mortar typeordinary mortarordinary mortarordinary mortar
Floor area20-30m220-30m230-40m2

Cases of simple tile adhesive machines

3tph to Malaysia

3tph tile adhesive making machine to Malaysia
3 ton tile adhesive machine

3 ton tile adhesive making machine
3tph tile adhesive machine to Malaysia

2tph to Kenya

2 ton dry mortar plant to Kenya

control panel
adhesive making machine to Kenya
packing machine
tile adhesive machine delivery

Simple tile adhesive production line worked in Malaysia

5tph to Peru

5 ton adhesive machine

5 ton tile adhesive making plant
packing machine
control panel of adhesive machine

Lader-type adhesive manufacturing plants

Lader-type tile adhesive making machine can improve the living environment of residents. There is no need to pile up or transfer materials at the site, which avoids dirty, disorderly, and poor phenomena in the city, and at the same time, avoid mixing concrete at the site to cause cement mud flow into the sewer and cause blockage in the sewer. The use of pre-mixed concrete can improve the quality of construction projects and extend the service life of the projects.

GJ10 tile adhesive manufacturing plant
GJ10 tile adhesive manufacturing plant
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GJ20 tile adhesive manufactuing plant
GJ20 tile adhesive manufactuing plant
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GJ30 tile adhesive production line
GJ30 tile adhesive production line
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Production capacity5-10t/h15-20t/h20-30t/h
Production circle5 min5 min5 min
Number of sand bins2x100T2x100T2x100T
Number of powder bins2x100T2x100T2x100T
Production mortar typeOrdinary mortar and some special mortarOrdinary mortar and some special mortarOrdinary mortar and some special mortar
Floor area37x10m37x10m37x10m

10pth tile adhesive making machine was installed in Malaysia

10pth tile adhesive making-machine installed in Malaysia

10tph lader-type tile adhesive mortar making machine was ready to Peru

Good news! Our mortar-making line was on the way to Peru. Up to now, we have sent more than 180 sets of tile adhesive manufacturing plants abroad, our users in Peru spoke highly of our service. When we receive his inquiry, we made a detailed quotation, gave him a lot of advice according to his need and construction condition, he made a decision to buy 10t/h, because his project was not very big, from the economic aspect, 10t/h will be his best choice. When you plan to buy a dry mortar production line, please contact us, we will give you the best service and advice, let you get quick returns is our duty!

Tower-Type Tile Adhesive Dry Mortar Production Line

Tower-type tile adhesive machines have different schemes according to different requirements and markets. Generally, there are station layout, stepwise layout, and tower layout. The general process is to lift all raw materials that have been pretreated to the top of the raw material silo, depending on the weight of the material itself naturally flow out of the silo, through weighing, batching, mixing, packing, etc processes, tile adhesive is finished. All of the production is under the control of a modern microcomputer control system. The operator only designates the type and amount, the other operations can be finished by the control system automatically, there is no need to monitor. We adopt full-closed production system equipment, the site is clean and no powder pollution, ensure the health of the operator. Tile adhesive manufacturing plant has a modular design, production capacity is connected with the development of the market, therefore, tile adhesive making machine is with characteristics of high batching accuracy, flexible usage and is convenient to expand.

GJ50 tile adhesive manufacturing plant
GJ50 tile adhesive manufacturing plant
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GJ80 tile adhesive machinery production line
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GJ100 tile adhesive production line
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Cases about tower-type tile adhesive making machine

30tph tile adhesive making plant installed in Indonesia

30 ton dry mortar plant Indonesia

dry mortar mixer
dry mortar mixer
packing machine
packing machine
AIMIX service team
AIMIX service team

20tph tile adhesive machine in Zambia

20tph tile adhesive machine

20t tile adhesive machine Zambia
20t tile adhesive making machine
packing machine

30tph tower-type tile adhesive production line was installed successfully in Iran

Last year, our customer from Iran bought China 30tph fully automatic tile adhesive production line.

He said, he did research, in Iran, there was few mortar production line, he found it was an investment point. Therefore, he searched on google, found our Aimix Group, he was highly attracted by our tile adhesive production line, so he bought it.

Now he has got great benefits from the tile grout production line. He was very thankful to us.

If you are looking for a tile adhesive making machine that can produce 30-ton tile adhesive per hour, this automatic type will be your ideal choice. We have a professional after-sales service team that will help you install and debug the equipment smoothly.

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The main components of tile adhesive manufacturing plant are:

  • 1. Pretreatment, drying, cooling, and storage of wet sand;
  • 2. Storage of cement agent, filler, and additive;
  • 3. Metering and batching of main and auxiliary materials;
  • 4. Mix and stir;
  • 5. In bags or in bulk;
  • 6. Fully automatic control by computer.

In addition, it includes sand making system, screening system, material feeding system, conveying system, dust removal system, PLC integrated control system, environmental-protection storage device, lifting conveying system, sand separation system, fine sand recovery device, monitoring system, modular structure, sound insulation, and dust-proof device, etc. It is a complete set of dry sand production systems. Tile adhesive production line for sale adopts highly intensive tower-type fully closed layout, integrates high-efficiency sand making, optimization, and reshaping, gradation adjustment, stone powder control, water content control, environmental protection dust removal in one, not only saves space, improves production efficiency but also improves the quality of various performance indexes such as grain type, gradation, and powder content.

burner of tile adhesive machine
diesel combustion chamber
diesel combustion chamber
drying system
drying system
electrical cabinet
electrical cabinet
linear vibrating screen
linear vibrating screen
pulse dust collector
pulse dust collector
remote control
remote control
unloading expansion head
unloading expansion head
valve packing machine
valve packing machine

Advantages Of Each Component Of Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

Patent three-cylinder dryer of ceramic tile adhesive mixing machine

1. Core of tile adhesive premixed dry mortar production line

2. Less land occupation

3. Energy-saving

4. Convenient to maintain

5. Can be equipped with cowper stove or boiling furnace

Drum mixer of Full Automatic Ceramic Tile Adhesive Mortar Production Line

1. No stir blind angle

2. Uniform mixing

3. Short mixing time

4. Two feeding inlets, can feed materials simultaneously, and no site restriction
tile adhesive making machine

Discharge outlet of tile adhesive mixing plant

1. Pus size discharge outlet, ensure the smooth discharge, no block

2. There is a flap valve equipped with an outlet, it is convenient to maintain

3. Pneumatic discharge, solve agglomeration

Control system of tile adhesive mortar production line

1. Imported control module, command quick and accurate, precise measuring, all solid seal, in case powder enters it

2. Silver alloy contact, long service life

3. Moulded case circuit breaker, there is no spark, durable and safe

4. With a fully automatic PLC control system, adopt computer programming

Our tile adhesive mixing machine can be equipped with a single-stage linear vibrating screen, also classifying screen. As for how to choose the right screen system? You can according to the sand if you use general river sand, and without a crusher device, a linear vibrating screen is enough; if you use mountain flour, you’d better choose a rotary screen.

There are other compositions, including measuring systems, bulk systems, packaging systems, dust removal systems, etc.

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