QT12-15 solid brick manufacturing machine

Solid Block Making Machine

Solid block making machine is one of the most popular AIMIX products. It makes full use of construction wastes, fly ash and cinder, by using them produces standard bricks of different specifications. One machine with one mould only can produce one kind of bricks, but one machine with different moulds can produce various types of bricks, such as, road traffic stone brick, block, hollow bricks, perforated block, water conservancy brick, blind brick, maple leaves brick and gras planting tiles, etc. What’s more, it has characteristics of small land occupation and high productivity.

Things you need to be careful when install and operate the solid block making machine

Installation of Bangladesh solid block machine
Installation of Bangladesh QT4-15 solid block machine

Bangladesh solid brick machine installation
Bangladesh QT4-15 solid brick machine installation
Specifications of QT4-15 solid brick manufacturing machine
Model: QT4-15
Power: 27.5 kw, Simens motor
Pallet size: 1020*570*18mm
Hyraulic pump station: Japanese YUKEN valves system
Belt Conveyor: 8m, Simens motor
Mould: Ordinary mould
Stacker: 3 kw Simens motor
Control box: Simens PLC control, Schnider electric elements
Touch screen, integreted control,Batching plant control box


1. Check whether there is damage or deformation during the transportation, especially hydraulic pipeline.

2. Look fastening of main parts whether is loose.

3. See whether each lubricating point is added oil, and the oil mass is proper or not.

4. Solid block machine should be thoroughly wiped, before the test run, should add oil and lubricate the parts by rule.

QT3-15 solid block machine
QT3-15 solid block machine

Model: QT3-15
Product Specification (mm): 390*190*190 mm
Block number / pallet: 3
Forming cycle: 20-30
Block output / 8 hrs 5600


1. Install or change the old mould, must avoid crash and bump, protect the mould of solid block making machine carefully.

2. During the usage, operator should frequently check the conditions of size of mould and welding joint, any weld crack, should timely maintain and repair. Besides, if wear is too fast, should adjust the aggregate size. If condition is too worse, should replace it with new mould.

3. Carefully clear the mould, use air compressor and soft tool to clear away the concrete residue. Do not knock by gravity, pry or scrape the mould.

4. Adjust the gap, including the interval that between squeeze head and mold core, frame and line board.

QT4-25 solid bricks manufacturing machine
QT4-25 solid bricks manufacturing machine

Model: QT4-25
Product Specification (mm): 390*190*190
Block number / pallet: 4
Forming cycle: 24-26
Block output / 8 hrs: 5800

What you need to prepare when set up a solid block making machine hydraulic type

People you need:

1. Two solid blocks making machine operators.

2. Two wheel loader operators.

3. Two forklift operators.

4. One solid concrete block making machine maintenance staff.

5. Two helpers.

QT6-15 solid brick making machine
QT6-15 solid brick making machine

Model: QT6-15
Product Specification (mm): 390*190*190 mm
Block number / pallet: 6
Forming cycle: 12-15
Block output / 8 hrs: 11520-14400

Support equipment you need for your hydraulic solid block making machine:

1. Supporting plate.

2. 50t cement silo.

3. 2.5t forklift.

4. ZL25 wheel loader.

Workshop area is about 315m2, storage area is about 4000m2.

compositions of solid block machine
compositions of solid block machine

Compositions of solid brick making machine

1. Cement silos; 2. cement screw; 3. cement scale; 4. concrete batching machine; 5. cement mixer; 6. block machine; 7. hydraulic station; 8. conveyor; 9. pallet transfer system; 10. block sweeper; 11. PLC controller; 12. block mould; 13. stacking machine.

QT8-15 solid blocks making machine
QT8-15 solid blocks making machine

Model: QT8-15
Product Specification (mm): 390*190*190 mm
Block number / pallet: 8
Forming cycle: 12-15
Block output / 8 hrs: 15360

Advantages of investing a solid block manufacturing machine

1. Remarkable economical benefit. Because solid brick making machine has characteristics of short molding cycle, raw materials are easy to get, you can get quick returns, investing such a machine will be very beneficial.

2. Mature production technology. Aimix adopts high pressure molding technology, bricks are with characteristics of good degree of density, low water absorption, good frost resistance and high intensity, which are suitable for all kinds of civil engineering.

3. Low cost. Mix more than 80% of the stone powder, waste rock or construction waste into the environmental cement, which greatly lower the cost of cement. Do you can get a reasonable solid block making machine price.

4. Solid brick making machine can produce cement bricks for park, residence district, academy, factory, sidewalk and square etc.

5. Small investment. Purchasing a solid bricks manufacturing machine is a small and smart investment. The production speed is fast. It will spend short time from installation, debug, train the operator to form the capacity of mass production.

QT10-15 solid block machine
QT10-15 solid block machine

Model: QT10-15
Product Specification (mm): 390*190*190 mm
Block number / pallet: 10
Forming cycle: 12-15
Block output / 8 hrs: about 19200

QT12-15 solid brick manufacturing machine
QT12-15 solid brick manufacturing machine

Model: QT12-15
Product Specification (mm): 390*190*190 mm
Block number / pallet: 12
Forming cycle: 15
Block output / 8 hrs: about 23040

Our service for customers about solid block making machines

We are reliable solid block making machine supplier in China, in addition China, we also establish office and factory in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc, we can provide you with best service!

1. You can send us inquiry for solid block machine price. Our salesman will send you detailed price list for your reference.

2. We can tell you more about hollow and solid block making machine by PPT, video, specifications and, if possible, we welcome you to visit our factory and office.

3. Plant investment consultation. You need to tell us what is your ideal solid block making machine plan. Such as, what raw materials you can find? What is the scale of your site? What kinds of bricks you need?

our service
our service

4. If you have strong interest about our solid brick machine, you can visit us, our salesman will go to airport and pick you up. When you arrived our factory, workers can show you production, paint, assemble, test run and debug of the machine, they will answer all your questions.

5. If you are satisfied with our machine, we will sign a contract to limit our cooperation. Then after you back your area, please provide us with detailed conditions about your scale and raw materials evaluation, so that we can give you perfect plan. Then, our workers will begin to design your solid bricks manufacturing machine, through production, assemble, test run, paint and it will be shipped to your country.

6. Once our machine arrived your city, our technicians will go to help you install, debug and test run, in addition, they will train your staff till they can operate the cement solid block making machine smoothly.

7. What’s more, we have set up spare parts supply warehouse, any need, please contact us as soon as possible.

8. We have oversea office in Pakistan, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, any problems when you use the automatic solid block making machine, you can call us or ask them for help timely.

Safety operation about fully automatic solid block making machine

1. Aimix machine is hydraulic fully automatic type equipment, you need to pay much more attention to lubrication. Operators should do periodic inspection, and see whether the equipment is short of oil.

2. Operators need to check whether there is loose in screw. If the machine works for a long time, you need to check this once a week.

Aimix group, established in 1982, has rich experience in production, sale, innovation and marketing of solid block making machine, we have strong strength to serve you, welcome to visit us and choose us! You can get high cost-effective brick machine!

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