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The Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer And Cement Silo Were Sent To Indonesia

Good news from Indonesia! Our customer once had a dry concrete mixing plant. Everyone knows that the dry concrete mixing plant does not have a concrete mixer. The customer wants to sell concrete, so he ordered a JS1000 twin-shaft concrete mixer and one from our company A 30-ton welded cement silo. And our factory arranges the twin shaft mixer and cement silo to Indonesia as soon as possible.

The following is the photo taken by the salesman during the delivery. The basic color of the concrete mixer and cement warehouse is blue and white. As you can see, the color of this cement warehouse is customized according to the needs of customers. If you also have special color requirements, you need to inform us in advance.

JS1000 twin shaft concrete mixer
twin shaft mixer for Indonesia
twin-shaft mixer to Indonesia

Performance of twin-shaft concrete mixer

Almost all of our concrete batching mixing plants are equipped with twin-shaft concrete mixers. This concrete mixer has efficient mixing and production capacity, a low residual rate, and the quality of the concrete produced is quite high. In addition, you can also choose planetary concrete mixers, self-falling concrete mixers, or flat-mouth concrete mixers as the mixing host, but the quality of the concrete produced by them is very different. For example, a concrete pan mixer is the cheapest one, although it has only one shaft, it also can produce quality concrete mixture. And there is also someone using a planetary concrete mixer for their concrete production plant, it is an ideal choice. It not only can produce quality concrete but also is very efficient, but the price is higher than twin shaft mixers’.

cement silo of 30 ton to Indonesia
30 ton welded type cement silo

30 ton cement silo to Indonesia
cement silo of 30 ton

Features of welded cement silo

This cement silo is a whole. In addition to its large size, it has a low cost. Most concrete mixing plants at home and abroad use this cement silo to store powders.

If you want to know more about twin-shaft concrete mixer and cement silo to Indonesia, please contact us! We will get back to you within two hours! AIMIX will always be with you.

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