Export ABT30C Diesel Engine Concrete Pump To Indonesia On Jan 12 2021

Congratulations ABT30C diesel engine concrete pump has been exported to Indonesia! Our customer planned to use this concrete pump for a 15 to 20 meters high buildings project. The maximum diameter of the aggregate is 30mm. And it is driven by a diesel engine. This is a small volume concrete pump customized for our customers. The most popular types are ABT40C, ABT60C and ABT80C diesel concrete pumps. But we can also adjust the capacity according to the specific needs of customers. For example, our Indonesian customer wants to build his small building, while ABT40C is a little bigger for him, so we customized this ABT30C small size concrete pump, which greatly saves his cost.
ABT30C diesel concrete pump

ABT30C diesel pump Indonesia
ABT30C diesel engine concrete pump
ABT30C diesel concrete pump Indonesia

Characteristics of ABT30C concrete pump

1. Small output and fuel-efficient.
2. Long service life. We have spare parts supply warehouse, any need, contact us.
3. Stable pumping performance.
4. Anti-pumping system can keep normal running.

Specifications of ABT30C concrete pump

Model: ABT30C
Max. Theoretioal Throughput(m3/h):30
Max. Pumping Pressure(MPa):10
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m):150
Max. Theoretioal Horizontal Conveying Distance:600
Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm):30

ABT30C concrete pump with diesel engine
nameplate of concrete pump
inner structure of diesel concrete pump

In addition to ABT30C small diesel concrete pump, we also can supply you with ABT40C, ABT60C and ABT80C for your large project. What’s more, there are ABJZ30C, ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer pump to meet your demand, if you are interested in our concrete pumping equipment, contact us now!

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