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Export AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck To Kazakhstan By Car

AIMIX shipped a self loading concrete mixer truck to Kazakhstan on December 22, model AS-3.5, with an hourly output of 14 cubic meters of concrete. It is understood that our client wants to use self-loading concrete mixer trucks to build roads. The customer found our website on Yandex. At first, the customer wanted to buy a small concrete batching plant, after communication and negotiation, we believe that buying a concrete batching plant is a waste, while the self-loading concrete mixer truck has a small production capacity and is easy to move, which is the best helper for road construction. So under the introduction of our salesman, our customer purchased the AS-3.5 self-loading concrete mixer truck. Let’s take a look at this self-loading concrete mixer truck!

self-loading mixer to Kazakhstan

  • Discharge Capacity: 3500L
  • Concrete output: 14 m³/h
  • Rated Power:85 Kw
  • Gear: 2 Forward 2 Back, Front Wheels Steering
  • Self-loading concrete mixer truck compared with other concrete equipment

    As equipment for producing concrete, we also have concrete batching plants, concrete mixer trucks, and concrete mixers. Let’s take a look at the differences between self-loading concrete mixer trucks and them.

    Compared with concrete batching plant

    Self-loading concrete mixer truck is small in size and small in output, suitable for small projects, and easy to move, very suitable for multi-site projects. The concrete batching plant has large output and is not easy to disassemble. It is more used to produce commercial concrete.

    export self-loading concrete mixer to Kazakhstan
    nameplate of self-loading concrete mixer
    self-loading concrete mixer Kazakhstan

    Compared to concrete mixer truck

    The self-loading concrete mixer truck can produce concrete by itself, and the most important role of the concrete mixer truck is to transport concrete, and the quality of the concrete produced is not as good as that of the self-loading concrete mixer truck.

    Compared to concrete mixer

    Self-loading concrete mixer trucks can be self-loading, saving a lot of manpower, while concrete mixers need manual feeding, wasting labor.

    self-loading concrete mixer truck was exported to Kazakhstan

    transport self loading mixer to Kazakhstan

    Self Loading Concrete Mixers In Kazakhstan

    AS-3.5 self-loading concrete mixer truck is one of the best-selling models. If your project volume is consistent with the production capacity of AS-3.5, you can firmly choose AS-3.5. Welcome your inquiry! We will make the most suitable plan for you.

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