Finish The Installation Of AJ-90 Stationary Belt Conveyor Concrete Batching Plant In Indonesia

Good news from the Indonesia office! The AJ-90 stationary belt type concrete mixing plant has been installed in January 2022. The project address is in Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia. Let’s learn more about the details of this case!
complete the installation of AJ-90 batching plant

AJ-90 concrete batching plant installed in Indonesia

Brief description of the project

The customer purchased two AJ-90 concrete mixing plants for a hydroelectric project. As early as September 2021, I updated the AJ-90 belt concrete batching plant delivery case, if you want to know more information about the delivery, you can click to view this page:

batching plant installed in Indonesia

Installation of the AJ-90 concrete batching plant

Current progress

At present, the first concrete mixing plant has been installed, which is the one I am going to show you today. The second stationary type concrete batching plant has been transported to the site and is ready to start the installation. Due to the epidemic, our whole progress of delivery and installation is much slower than usual, and we hope you can understand.
batching plant arrived site

assemble the cement silo

  • Mixer Discharging Volume (L)1500
  • Mixer Feeding Volume (L): 2400
  • Mixer Motor Power (kW): 30×2
  • Discharging Height (m): 4.1
  • Aggregate Material Quantity (m3): 15×4
  • Cement Silo (t) (optional): 3×100

Why did the customer choose us?

First of all, the customer found us through a web search and contacted us, and then our salesman visited the customer’s local area. And our customer already knew our local office in Indonesia and recognized us as very professional, so he contacted us directly when he had another demand for a concrete mixing plant. Thank you very much for your trust and support. We will also do our best to help our customers succeed.

assemble the batching plant

Foundation Prepare for batching plant

Customer’s needs

Initially, the customer wanted an AJ-60 concrete mixing plant, but after communication, we clarified the demand for concrete and the working period, and after comprehensive weighing, we recommended the AJ-90 concrete mixing plant to the customer, and finally, the customer believed us and chose AJ-90 concrete mixing plant.

In addition, due to the high standard demand for concrete quality, we confirmed the final configuration with 5 bins of batching machine, 4 admixtures, 3 cement bins, and 1 fly ash bin.

install AJ-90 belt conveyor batching plant
AJ-90 batching plant in Indonesia

Customer’s feedback

The customer expressed his trust and support to us during the communication process and gave us very high praise after the cooperation: very good product and good coordination.

If you are from Indonesia and you are looking for an efficient batching plant, contact us now! Don’t let the epidemic delay your project.

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