export skim coat machine for Kenya

6 Tph Skim Coat Mixing Machine Has Been Exported To Kenya

AIMIX shipped a 6 ton per hour skim coat mixer machine and a 5-ton dryer line to Nairobi, Kenya in February, and the equipment is still on its way and has not yet arrived in Nairobi. Let’s take a brief look at the customer’s process of purchasing this equipment. Customer’s Source The customer searched Google …

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concrete pumps Morocco

Feedback Of Two Sets Of ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pumps In Morocco

The following is to share with you customer feedback on the diesel concrete pumps. These two concrete pumps are sent to Morocco. The delivery date is February, and the feedback date is February. Our customer used it for tunnel construction. I’m really sorry that it took so long to update this feedback. Our customer chose …

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Madagascar mobile crusher plant

AIMIX Mobile Crusher Plant Worked In Madagascar

Good news! AIMIX installed one set of mobile crusher plant in Madagascar. This is an important product in our company. Let’s learn about it in detail. Introduction about mobile crusher plant Mobile crushing plants are mainly used for metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower, and other materials that often require relocation operations, especially for mobile …

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load self-loading mixer to Nigeria

AS-3.5 Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Shipped To Nigeria

AIMIX exported AS-3.5 self-loading concrete mixer to Nigeria on June 21. Customer thought self-loading concrete mixer is a cost-saving concrete production and transport machine. And our salesman recommended the most popular type: AS-3.5, which satisfied our customer greatly. As you can see from the loading pictures, self-loading concrete mixer has compact structure, it has small …

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ABT40C diesel concrete pump

Export Two Sets Of Diesel Concrete Pumps To Morocco In Jan

Congratulations two sets of diesel-powered concrete pumps were exported to Morocco. Our customers purchased two sets of concrete pumps and diesel generator sets. Hope his project can go smoothly. Advantages of ABT40C concrete pump 1. Fuel saving, strong power and long service life. The whole concrete pump machine adopts intelligent operation, and it has a …

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self-loading mixer Kenya

4 Cubic Meter Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck To Kenya

Good news! 4 cubic meter self loading concrete mixer truck was ready to Kenya. Show you some photos taken by our salesman. I need to say that color depends you, also we can produce green, white and other colors as you like. Now, let’s learn more basic information about self loading mixer. Specifications Equipment Model …

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delivery of self loading mixer

3.5 Cubic Meter Self Loading Concrete Truck Mixer Was Ready To Malawi

The good news! AIMIX 3.5 cubic meter self-loading concrete truck mixer has been shipped to Malawi. According to the salesman, the customer wanted to build a house with our self-loading mixer. Wish them a smooth project in advance and start making profits as soon as possible. What is exciting is that we have received a …

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Successful Installation Of AJ-50 Ready Mix Plant In Kenya

Congratulations AIMIX AJ-50 ready mix concrete plant has been installed in Kenya. Our clients will use it to produce a large amount of concrete, besides for self-use, he will sell these concrete. If there anybody needs concrete in Kenya, you can contact us, we will help you get quality concrete. Why choose AJ-50 ready mix …

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1.8 Cubic Meter Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Was Going To Namibia

Good news! AIMIX 1.8cubic meter self loading concrete mixer truck was going to Namibia today! I can’t count the number of units that have been exported abroad! It is so popular among our foreign friends. Now you can learn about the specifications of 1.8 cubic meter self mixer below. Components of self loading concrete mixer …

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small diesel concrete mixer pump

Working Condition Of ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump With Diesel Engine Uganda

Aimix group diesel concrete pump with mixer work well in Uganda. Diesel concrete mixer with pump is very popular among foreign countries. Up to now, we have exported many sets diesel concrete mixer with pump, particularly ABJZ40C, we have exported them to many countries, you can find many export details below. ABJZ40C Export Cases Working …

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