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AIMIX Exported AJ-35 Stationary Batching Plant To Uzbekistan

Good news comes! AIMIX AJ-35 stationary batching plant has been exported to Uzbekistan on May 13, here sho you some shipping pictures.
twin shaft mixer to Uzbekistan
batching machine of concrete plant
The AJ-35 stationary concrete mixing plant is a small-scale concrete mixing equipment. The mixing plant adopts the JS750 twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer, with special four-layer sealing and electric oil pump technology, which has characteristics of good mixing quality and high mixing efficiency. It is the ideal of our customers Choice.

Specifications of AJ-35

Model AJ-35
Theoretical Productivity (m3/h) 35
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L) JS750
Mixer Power (kW) 30
Mixing Cycle Period (s) 72
Rated Input Volume (Model of Batching Machine L) 1200
Standard Aggregate Bin Capacity (m3) 3×5
Category of Aggregate 2/3/4
Overall Weight (ton) ≈18
Installation Power (kW) ≈75

delivery of concrete plant components

delivery concrete machine to Uzbekistan
JS750 twin shaft concrete mixer
parts of concrete plant

Features of AJ-35

1. Quadruple sealing technology.

In addition to the common sealing process, there are two steel bearing protection rings between the side stirring arm and the shaft head to prevent the entry of coarse sand;

2. Electric oil pump technology.

Four pump cores provide oil to the four-shaft heads vertically, without a shunt valve, reducing repair and maintenance costs;

3. Imported reducer.

The reducer and oil seal system are designed and produced by well-known foreign manufacturers, with advantages of longer service life, low noise, and no oil leakage;

4. Gear oil filtration/cooling system.

Optional fourth-generation gear oil filtering and cooling system, military-grade craftsmanship, high quality, and more durable.
In addition to AJ-35 hopper concrete batching plant, we also can supply you with belt concrete batching plants, such as, AJ-60 and AJ-90, they have good sales volume. But you need to have a big project. If AJ-35 can meet the demands of your project, we never recommend AJ-60 large type batching plant for you. Welcome to contact us now.

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