Mobile Crusher Plant

Mobile crusher plant is designed to move easily between different sites or locations, which is used for crushing various types of materials, such as rocks, ores, and construction waste, into smaller sizes for further processing or recycling.

Tire Or Crawler Type / 50-500tph / Good helper for on-site work
Three-in-one impact mobile crusher plant
Three-in-one impact crusher mobile plant – APYL series
  • Processing capacity: up to 200tph
  • Configurations: 200Kw impact crusher + 1536 type return screen
  • Maximum feeding: 350 medium soft rock
  • Crushing materials: medium and soft rock and construction waste
  • Applications: construction aggregate or road construction

Each module is compact and efficient, hydraulic assisted in many places, with return material screening system, it can be used as primary and secondary crushing.

To get an in-depth understanding of what is a mobile crushing plant, in this article, I will take you a glimpse of the mobile crushing plant from five aspects. First of all, let’s take a look at the reasons for choosing mobile crushing plant.

5 Reasons To Choose AIMIX Mobile Crusher Plant

Strong ability to adapt to application scenarios

They are designed to have a compact and space-saving footprint, making them suitable for both urban and remote areas. All of them come with integrated features such as a vibrating feeder, pre-screening system, and conveyor belts, which enhance the overall efficiency and productivity of the crushing process.

Good safety

Mobile crusher plants prioritize safety with features like hydraulic release mechanisms to prevent damage from uncrushable materials and emergency stop buttons for quick shutdown in case of emergencies.

Strict quality control

From the beginning of equipment production, we have a sound evaluation mechanism, and we also have people to follow up the production process of the equipment, strictly follow the use of high-quality materials and components, and effective inspection and testing to ensure that each mobile crushing plant meets the required quality standards.

Maintenance is simple and easy

Most importantly, they are designed with ease of maintenance and repair in mind, with easy access to components and easy access to critical areas for inspection and repair, making them very cost effective.

Original wearing parts supply

In order to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the customer’s mobile crushing plant, considering the degree of wear and tear, our company specially provides our customers with high-quality original wearing parts supply, to solve the customer’s worries.

Impact Type Mobile Crusher Plants – Low Production Cost

Impact type mobile crusher plant
Feeding Size: ≤300mm
Capacity: 70-500T/H
Crusher Types: Impact
Finished Particle Size: 0-40mm

Applicable Material:Granite, basalt, limestone, quartzite, iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, construction waste, concrete, asphalt, brick, rubble, glass, coal

Applicable Fields:Mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railroads, water conservancy, chemical industry, etc.

  • What Is A Impact Type Mobile Crushing Plant?

    Impact-type mobile crushing and screening plant is mainly used for secondary and tertiary crushing. The main crushing equipment is impact crusher. Thismobile impact crusher planthas high productivity, a large crushing ratio, and good granularity, which is suitable for medium hardness crushing materials. In addition, the model frame is used as the piggyback platform, which can easily upgrade and replace the main equipment.

    tire type impact crusher for sale
  • What can impact mobile crushing plant be used for?

    aggregates after crushing by mobile crusher plant
    For Limestone Crushing
  • Characteristics Of Impact Mobile Crusher Plants

    1. Strong site adaptability

    Adopting intelligent, integrated and modular configuration, it can quickly adapt to the complex construction environment such as mountainous areas and wetlands.

    2. Large crushing gravity

    Adopting heavy-duty rotor, high wear-resistant material, large crushing cavity, large feed size, stable product, good particle shape, large crushing ratio.

    3. Easy to operate

    It adopts intelligent wireless remote control device to track and walk by itself, and a single person can get on and off the ordinary flatbed trailer by remote control operation to realize fast transfer operation, and it can be equipped with iron remover or return system or flatbed loading system according to customer’s needs.

    4. Convenient maintenance

    The mobile crushing plant shell can be opened hydraulically, the side discharge belt can be folded hydraulically, and it is equipped with a full range of walking platform guardrail, which is convenient for maintenance and upkeep.

    5. Low Energy Consumption

    Compared with the mobile cone crusher, the mobile impact crusher usually has lower energy consumption, which can save energy and reduce operating costs.

Jaw-Type Mobile Crusher Plant – Primary Crushing

tire jaw mobile crusher plant
Feeding Size: >425mm
Capacity: 45-400T/H
Crusher Types: Jaw
Finished Particle Size: 0-40mm

Applicable Material:Cobblestone, limestone, granite, basalt, quartzite, river pebbles, shale, marble, iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, lapis lazuli, coal.

Applicable Fields:Mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railroad, water conservancy, and chemical industry.

wheeled mobile crusher plant ready for work
  • 5 Advantages Ensure Stable Performance

    1. Modular design.

    Mobile jaw crushing plants have compact structure, and no welding structure, which makes the structure light, high fatigue strength, and strong impact resistance.

    2. Automatic control.

    Adopting an intelligent wireless communication control device, it can be operated by a single person remotely to get on and off the common flatbed trailer to realize fast transfer operation.

    3. Running smoothly.

    The movable jaw assembly adopts a forged heavy-duty eccentric shaft, high-quality heavy-duty spherical roller bearings, and finite element analysis optimized movable jaw body, which ensures the impact resistance and high stability of the movable jaw assembly. The discharge outlet of the crusher is adjusted mechanically or hydraulically through the wedges on both sides, which is both safe and reliable.

    4. Good lubrication.

    A perfect centralized lubrication system ensures that the bearing grease is not contaminated, making its lubrication more effective and stable. The higher rotating speed improves the passing capacity and material crushing frequency, which greatly increases the output.

    5. High crushing ratio.

    The main crushing equipment adopts a 6CX jaw crusher, which can be flexibly switched between coarse and fine crushing, and the crushing ratio is greatly improved, compared with the traditional jaw crusher, which is very advanced and cost-effective in the field of crushing machine at present.

    After reading so much about jaw mobile crushing plant, you probably already have a clearer idea about this product.

    Next, let’s take a look at the countries where our jaw mobile crushing plant is featured!

  • Our Mobile Jaw Crusher Plants In Different Countries

Cone-Type Mobile Crusher Plant – Secondary Or Tertiary Crushing

Cone mobile crusher plant
Feeding Size: 160-215mm
Capacity: 50-420T/H
Crusher Types: Cone
Finished Particle Size: 0-40mm

Applicable Material:Granite, basalt, limestone, quartzite, iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, construction waste, concrete, river cobbles, andesite, diorite.

Applicable Fields:Mining, quarrying, construction, aggregate production, smelting, highways, railroads, landscaping and gardening, and many other industries.

  • What Is The Cone Type Mobile Crusher Plant?

    Cone type mobile crushing plant for sale is composed of a vibrating screen, belt machine, hydraulic cone crusher, electric motor and electric control cabinet, etc.

    Mobile cone crusher plants are suitable for processing medium hardness and above stone materials, such as granite, basalt, limestone, etc. They are especially effective in processing certain harder or more abrasive stone materials.

  • Features Of Cone-Type Mobile Crushing Plant

    1. Precise crushing

    They are often used for more precise and finer crushing requirements, focusing on medium to fine crushing of materials.

    2. Good grain shape

    Cone semi mobile crushing plants are known for producing cubical-shaped end products, which may be preferred in certain applications such as concrete production.

    3. Save operational and transport costs

    The operating costs of mobile cone crusher plant as they are usually smaller in size and require less power. And can process materials on-site, greatly reducing the cost of material transportation.

    4. Higher product quality

    Mobile cone crusher trucks typically offer higher crushing efficiency and throughput, as well as a more even distribution of finished material, thus providing higher product quality.

    5. Adjustable range of finished size

    Cone crushers usually have adjustable discharge opening sizes, which can realize the demand for different sizes of finished materials.

    6. Versatility

    Cone crushers can be equipped with a wide range of auxiliary equipment such as screens, material stockpiling and recycling devices, etc., to realize a variety of material processing and applications.

    7. Versatility

    Adopt a new centralized lubrication system, unified maintenance toolbox design, and more convenient maintenance, and repair, saving a lot of labor and time costs.

    Next, let’s see what cone mobile crushing plant solutions we have customized for our customers, and we hope it will help you to make the right selection.

  • What materials are crushed by the mobile cone crushing plant?

    mobile tire jaw crusher inside the factory
    Crushing River Stone

Crawler-Type – The First Choice For Construction Waste Crushing

A full view of high quality track mounted crushers
Feeding Size: 35-650mm
Capacity: 70-500T/H
Discharging Size: 0-180mm
Crusher Types: Jaw/Cone/Impact

Applicable Material:Applicable materials: Limestone, rock, quartz, granite, marble, basalt, iron ore, river pebble, shale, lapis lazuli, coal, cobble, construction waste.

Applicable Fields:Mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railroad, water conservancy, and chemical industry.

  • What are the referable crawler mobile crushing plant solutions?

    Crawler type mobile crusher plants offer versatile solutions for various industries and applications. They are widely used in construction sites, allowing the on-site crushing of construction waste, reducing transportation costs, and promoting sustainable practices.

    These crushers excel in quarrying and mining operations, efficiently processing rocks, ores, and aggregates. In road and bridge construction projects, their mobility and flexibility make them ideal for on-site crushing needs.

    Crawler mobile crusher plant is efficiently screening

    Additionally, crawler type mobile crushers are effective in demolition and recycling, transforming demolished materials into reusable aggregates. They also find application in urban infrastructure development such as highways, railways, and tunnels. With their versatility and mobility, crawler type mobile crusher plants provide efficient on-site crushing and contribute to various industries.

    So how can you choose the right mobile crushing plant? Price is important and needs to be focused on, but investing in a piece of equipment isn’t just limited to writing down the price. You need to carefully consider all the matters involved before, during and after the choice, and then go to negotiate with the supplier in order to get twice the result with half the effort.

    Here are a few suggestions for you to choose the mobile crushing plant.

Fast Assemble And Disassemble


Determine your needs.

First, you need to determine your needs, you need to know clearly what kind of project you are buying this mobile crusher plant for because there are more kinds of mobile crushing plants, different kinds also have different fields of application, so you must contact your engineer to negotiate your needs before asking for a quotation.


Determine the capacity.

Capacity is a very important factor, which is not only related to the production capacity of the equipment but also closely related to the price of the mobile crushing plant. Theoretically, the larger the capacity of the machine, the higher the price will be. To avoid waste, just tell us your production requirements and we will recommend suitable portable crushing plant for your project.


Determine right manufacturer.

Choosing the right mobile crushing plant manufacturer is crucial for quality, customization, support, and compliance. Reputable mobile crushing plant manufacturers ensures reliable, durable plants with customization options to meet specific needs. They provide technical expertise, after-sales service, and spare parts availability. Compliance with safety and environmental regulations is assured.

Knowing how to choose the right mobile crushing plant, I believe you already have a choice of your favorite mobile crushing plant in mind. The next step is to consider the price, so many mobile crushing plant manufacturers on the market, how can we talk about a reasonable price?

3 Tips To Help You Get A Reasonable Quote!

Everyone is the same, the first thing you do when buying something is to ask for a quote, while the mobile crusher plant price in turn is absolutely related to many factors, such as the location of the project, the type of product, and the size of the venue.

Therefore, before you want to be subject to specific prices, the user needs to figure out the things mentioned above. If possible, you can also write down the project local climate conditions, air pressure, voltage, etc., the more detailed, we can provide an accurate program to determine which product, which configuration is suitable for your project. Here are a few steps to help you inquire about the most real and accurate price.

  • Find a reliable supplier

    This is the first important thing, the stone mobile crusher plant belongs to large equipment, if you find a small mobile crusher plant supplier, the quality of thestone crushing plantsand the follow-up service can not be guaranteed. So you need to search Google, find more than 5 suppliers of mobile crushing machine, and make a strict and careful comparison.

  • Visit the factory

    After you have found several suppliers, the next thing you need to do is to examine the qualifications and capabilities of these suppliers. If possible, it is best to visit the factory, from the size of the vendor, staff, production technology, testing, shipping, etc. can determine the reliability of the vendor.

  • Multiple negotiations

    After visiting the plant, you will definitely have a choice in your mind, when start talking about thecrusher plant price AIMIX, you have to understand the composition of this quotation from multiple angles, such as production technology, materials used, patents, after-sales service, etc., from these aspects to measure whether this mobile crushing plant meets your expectations, the most important thing is to look at their previous customer feedback, the real feedback on this product is the most important thing, objectively demonstrates the performance of the mobile crusher plants for sale.

After these three steps, you will surely find the right portable crusher plant for your project, and you will also get a good offer.

But the investment of the equipment is not simply buying the product and operating the product, besides these, there are also maintaining the product, exploring more possibilities of the product and so on.

Therefore, we not only need to pay attention to the offer of this mobile crushing plant, but also you need to consider the following things in order to make the investment in mobile crushing plant more money.

Maximize The Benefits Of Investing In Mobile Crushing Plant

Everyone is the same, the first thing you do when buying something is to ask for a quote, while the mobile crusher plant price in turn is absolutely related to many factors, such as the location of the project, the type of product, and the size of the venue.

aimixs intelligent devices and updates

Seek diversified market opportunities:

In addition to the regular building and road construction market, seeking market opportunities in other areas can increase profits. Consider cooperating with related industries, such as quarries, waste recycling and earthmoving, to broaden the scope of application of products and improve equipment utilization. If necessary, you can also consider the option of selling the equipment at the end of the project or renting it out to someone in need. This is also a gain.

Aimix carefully working staff

Pay attention to market trends and technological innovation:

Pay close attention to industry trends and technological innovation. Keep abreast of the latest crushing plant technology and equipment improvements to stay competitive and meet customers’ changing needs. Upgrade equipment and introduce advanced technology at the right time to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Photos of customers from overseas and aimix staff

Establishment of partnership:

Build good partnership with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. Explore business opportunities together, share resources and experiences, and work together to maximize mutual benefits.

In short, the more information you give, the more accurate the solution we give and the more detailed the price will be. If you are looking for a cost-effective mobile crusher plant, contact us we can provide you with a free proposal according to your project needs.

In addition to mobile crushing plant, fixed crushing plant is also a product often asked by customers, the following briefly popularize fixed crushing plant to you.

Related Products – Stationary Crushing Plant

The mobile crusher plant doing screening process

Anyone who understands the crushing industry probably knows that in addition to mobile crushing trucks, engineers usually analyze the customer’s needs and combine jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, feeding equipment and screening system to form a set of inconvenient “stationary” crushing plant. Here we see what is the difference between stationary and mobile crushing plant.

  • What Are The Differences Between Stationary And Mobile Crusher Plant

    1. Mobility

    Mobile crusher plants are designed to be easily transported from one location to another, allowing them to be flexible and adaptable for various job sites. In contrast, stationary crusher plants are permanently installed at a specific location and cannot be moved.

    2. Setup And Installation

    Mobile crusher plants are typically quicker and easier to set up compared to stationary plants. They often come with their own integrated transportation and assembly systems, whereas stationary plants require more time and effort for installation.

    3. Operational Flexibility

    Mobile crusher plants offer greater operational flexibility since they can be easily moved and repositioned as needed. This allows for efficient use of equipment and resources, especially when dealing with multiple job sites or temporary projects. Stationary plants, on the other hand, are fixed in place and may have limitations in terms of adaptability to changing operational needs.

    4. Production Capacity

    Stationary crusher plants generally have higher production capacities compared to mobile plants. This is because stationary plants can be optimized and customized for specific applications and large-scale operations, while mobile plants prioritize mobility and portability over maximum production capacity.

    5. Infrastructure Requirements

    Stationary crusher plants require a dedicated infrastructure, including foundations and supporting structures, which adds to the cost and complexity of installation. Mobile crusher plants, on the other hand, have lower infrastructure requirements, often relying on existing roads or access points for operation.

It’s important to note that these differences may vary depending on specific models and configurations of crusher plants. The choice between stationary and mobile crusher plants depends on factors such as project duration, mobility needs, production requirements, and site conditions.

If you are interested in the stationary crushing plant, you can browse the following programs we have done for our customers.

Models of various types of crushers

The above is about the mobile crushing plant, there are related products fixed crushing plant introduction, in fact, the crushing program is very flexible, may be a little bit of a small change will affect the results of the whole program, if we show the program does not meet your project needs, welcome to inquire, our engineers will answer your questions and solve problems, to develop the most reasonable program!

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