Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant

A portable asphalt plant actually means mobile type asphalt mixing plant. It is specially designed for construction projects of the short construction period, fewer project quantities, the construction site is uncertain and needs to change sites quickly and frequently. We can understand the portable asphalt mixing plant from two aspects: asphalt mixing plant and mobility. Firstly, asphalt plant refers to a complete set of equipment used in batch production of asphalt concrete, it can produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, and colored asphalt mixture. Therefore, asphalt batch plant is key equipment in highway construction, classified highway construction, urban road construction, airport construction, and port construction, etc. As for mobility, a small asphalt plant is easy to assembly and disassembly and convenient to transport.

ALT60 portable asphalt plant in Bozwana
ALT60 portable asphalt plant in Bostwana

Because it adopts a modular design and mobile chassis. And according to the construction period, it can transfer flexibly in different construction sites, which greatly reduces equipment transport costs. This portable asphalt plant for sale has been the ideal choice of asphalt mixture product for small and medium-sized road construction projects, because of its energy-saving environmental protection, fast and effective performance.

Moreover, the installation of a small asphalt plant for sale can be accomplished in four hours, and the plant will be equipped with an asphalt tank and finished product storage bin, which will reduce the construction period and construction costs. We are an experienced portable asphalt plant supplier, we have many sorts of small asphalt plants for sale for your reference.

Successful cases

ALT60 portable asphalt plant was exported to Afghanistan

ALT60 Portable asphalt plant in Afghanistan
ALT60 Portable asphalt plant in Afghanistan
ALT60 Portable asphalt plant in Afghanistan
ALT60 in Afghanistan
ALT60 Portable asphalt plant in Afghanistan
ALT60 in Afghanistan

ALT40 was ready to Botswana

ALT40 was installed smoothly in Myanmar

Compositions of portable asphalt mixing plant

Portable asphalt batch plant mainly consists of a cold aggregate batching system, drying system, burning system, hot aggregate elevator, vibrating screen system, hot aggregate storage bin, weighing system, asphalt supply system, filler supply system, dust collecting system, mixing system, finished product storage bin, electric control system. In addition, compared to general asphalt plant, materials bin and mixing cylinder of small asphalt batch plant are equipped with tires, it can achieve transportation with the transfer of construction sites, and is more suitable for construction projects of county road and low-grade highway.

ALYJ Series Protable batch type asphalt plant

ALYJ20 Protable asphalt plant
ALYJ20 Protable asphalt plant
ALYJ60 Protable Batch mix type
ALYJ60 Protable Batch mix type

Output 10t/h 15t/h 20t/h 30t/h 40t/h 60t/h 80t/h
Power Fuel Oil 48kw 59kw 68kw 106kw 132kw 146kw 186kw
Burning Coal 67kw 78kw 91kw 129kw 170kw 192kw 262kw
Cold Aggregate Feeding System 3m³×3 3m³×3 3m³×3 5m³×3 5m³×3 5m³×3 5m³×4
Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin 2t 5t 5t 9t 9t 9t 20t


1. Cold aggregate batching system. Each outlet of the hopper is equipped with materials shortage alarming device, when two fine aggregate material hoppers are lack of materials, it will alarm and vibrate hoppers automatically. The batching machine adopts frequency control, performance is reliable. The external and internal of the belt conveyor are equipped with cleaning device to remove adhesive particles materials of the belt conveyor and avoid scratching the belt. Middle filter sieve can remove large-volume aggregate effectively and avoid bigger wastes entering into the drying cylinder, it is beneficial to reduce the heat loss and prevent the blocking of hot aggregate elevator and vibrating screen.

2. Drying system. The outer wall of the drying drum is 50mm thick insulation layer, there are various lifting blades set in the drum, which is good for heat exchange of aggregate and flame and maximizes thermal efficiency. The drying drum is driven by four friction wheels, universal connection, steady transmission and uniform force.

3. Burning system. Installation and maintenance are very easy and convenient. It is not necessary to connect draught fan and air pipe. A small asphalt mixing plant is equipped with gas ignition device, pressure atomization, and achieves adequate burning.

4. Hot aggregate elevator. The discharge port adopts a special structure, which reduces the wear and lowers the noise. At the bottom of the hot aggregate, the elevator is a tightening device, which is convenient to adjust the tightness of the chain, the installation, change, and maintenance of the hopper.

5. Vibrating screen system. Four layers of design is convenient to maintain and change. In vibrating screen system, hot aggregates will be proportioned according to different size of the materials.

ALYQ Series Protable batch type asphalt plant

ALYQ80 Protable Mobile Batch Type
ALYQ80 Protable Mobile Batch Type
Model ALYQ80
Output 80t/h
Hopper Capacity 4×7.5m³
Collect Belt Capacity 100t/h
Dryer Size φ1.5m×6.7m
Dry Capacity 100t/h
Fuel Consumption 120-600kg/h
Vibrating Screen (Layer) 4 layer
Aggregate Metering hopper 1000kg
Mineral Flour Metering hopper 200kg
Bitumen Metering hopper 150kg
Mixer Capacity 1000kg
Cycle time 45s

6. Hot aggregate storage bin. After proportioning the hot aggregates, acceptable materials will enter into the hot aggregate storage bin and wait for being weighed.

7. Weighing system. There is pressure releasing pipeline in the hot aggregate weighing hopper. Each hot aggregate hopper adopts three-point-type suspension, with transportation fixed part. Filler weighing can be added cumulatively. First weigh and then convey, this method improves the weighing accuracy, conveying speed and evenness, meanwhile, reduces the mixing period. Asphalt weighing system adopts pressure spraying, speedy, and even, which shortens the mixing period and boosts the production.

8. Asphalt supply system. Asphalt pipeline is protected by the conduction oil, it has advantages of good insulation effect, reliable usage, and easy maintenance. In addition, it is convenient to use diesel oil as fuel.

9. Filler supply system. At the bottom of the filler hopper and recycling, the hopper is an air breaker pneumatic device, which can effectively avoid pack sets of the filler hopper. Add butterfly bumper at the discharge port of the screw conveyor to control impulse; add hand valve at the discharge port of the filler hopper, which is easy to maintain; recycling filler can be discharged together, which effectively reduces the pollution of the construction site.

ALT Series Protable drum type asphalt plant

ALT40 Protable Drum Mobile Type
ALT40 Protable Drum Mobile Type
Model ALT40
Output 45t/h
Power Fuel Oil 65kw
Burning Coal 75kw
Cold Aggregate Feeding System 4m³×4
Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin 3t
Asphalt Temperature 120-180℃
Asphalt Tank 20t

10. Dust collecting system. Dust of volute casing collector will enter the aggregate elevator and be used as aggregate, the dust of bag dust collector will enter filler elevator and be reused; we use imported NOMEX needled-punched felt, waterproof and oil-repellent; ash removal of dust collector is under automatic control, pulse back flushing can clean the bag automatically; it has over temperature alarming function, and there is cold blast valve, after over temperature, can add cold air to protect bag.

11. Mixing system. The blender we adopt is designed by European technology; liner and mixing blades are made from high chromium wear-resistant materials, therefore, they have a long service life; the machine is driven by double reducers, two shafts rotate adversely to make the aggregate much more even.

12. Finished product storage bin. There are two kinds of finished product storage bin: side type and beneath type.

13. Electric control system. Drum type small mobile asphalt plant can only be controlled manually, while the batch type small scale asphalt plant can be controlled by the computer.

Working principle of portable asphalt mixing plant

In fact, the working process of small portable asphalt plant is an integration of three materials: filler, asphalt and cold aggregate.

Cold aggregate usually means gravel, cold aggregate will be conveyed to the drying drum through the tilted belt conveyor, after the heating and drying, the hot aggregate will be lifted to the vibrating screen through the hot aggregate elevator, in this process, produced filler will enter the recycling hopper through the dust collector, and then, after screening, large-scale aggregate will be removed, and acceptable aggregate will enter the hot aggregate storage bin, then the hot aggregate will be discharged to the weighing system and after the weighing system, aggregate will enter the mixing cylinder.

Meanwhile, filler will enter filler hopper, and filler and recycling filler will enter the filler weighing system together, and after weighing, they will be discharged to the mixing cylinder. Asphalt will be pumped to the asphalt tank through the asphalt pump, afterwards, asphalt will be discharged to the asphalt weighing system, and after the weighing, proportioned asphalt will be conveyed to the mixing cylinder. Three materials are in the mixing cylinder, under the control of the electric control system, they will be mixed for several minutes. And then, finished asphalt mixture will be discharged to the finished product storage bin, once the asphalt mixture is in need, discharge the asphalt mixture to the asphalt transportation truck and convey them to the construction site.

Advantages of portable asphalt mixing plant

As one of the most professional portable asphalt plant manufacturers, we have various kinds of small portable asphalt plants for sale, and we have sent many machines to foreign countries around the world. Also, because of the superior performance of our products, we have established friendly business relationships with foreign customers, and once they need portable asphalt mixing plants, they will think of us the first time. What’s more, we will provide them with the most competitive price and the most thoughtful service.

1. Stable performance and long service life;

2. High working efficiency and less energy consumption;

3. Easy maintenance and convenient transportation;

4. Compact structure and modular design.

We are a famous portable asphalt mixer manufacturer, and except small portable asphalt plants, we also offer many other types asphalt mixing plants, such as drum type asphalt mixing plant, batch type asphalt mixer plant, and so on. Moreover, we have all kinds of concrete batching plants, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, and concrete mixer trucks. If you want to choose a suitable portable asphalt plant exporter, we are here! If you want to select a proper portable asphalt mixer, we have many! Please feel free to contact us and we will give you a reply in 24 hours.

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