Hot QLBY Series Mix Asphalt Plant Sale

Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

hot mix asphalt plant
hot mix asphalt plant
asphalt hot mix plant
asphalt hot mix plant
hot mix plant for sale
hot mix plant for sale
hot mix plant
hot mix plant


Type  LB500  LB750  LB1000  LB1500
 Rated production  40t/h  60t/h  80t/h  120t/h
 Cold Aggregate Bin  4×6m3  4×6m3  4×9m3  4×9m3
 Dry Cylinder  1.1m×4.2m  1.3m×5m  1.5m×6m  1.8m×7m
 Bag-type Dust-collector  CNM156  CNM240  CNM357  CNM476
 Emission Standard  50mg/nm3  50mg/nm3  50mg/nm3  50mg/nm3
 Vibrating Screen  4 layers  4 layers  4 layers  4 layers
 Hot Aggregate Bin  12t  12t  26t  26t
 Mixing Kettle Capacity  500kg  750kg 1000kg  1500kg
 Mixing Cycle  45s  45s  45s  45s
 Mineral Powder Tank Volume)  30t  30t  26+36t  26+36t
 Asphalt Tank Volume  30000L  30000L  50000L  50000L
 Heat Conduction Oil Stove  200,000 kcol/h  200,000 kcol/h  300,000 kcol/h  300,000 kcol/h
 End-product Container Volume  50t  50t  90t  90t
 Control System Manual /Semi-auto / Automatic/
 Weighing Accuracy  Aggregate  ≤±0.4%  ≤±0.4% ≤±0.4%  ≤±0.4%
 Powder Material  ≤±0.3%  ≤±0.3%  ≤±0.3%  ≤±0.3%
 Asphalt  ≤±0.2%  ≤±0.2%  ≤±0.2%  ≤±0.2%
 General Installed Power  190kw  190kw  190kw  190kw
Type  LB2000  LB2500  LB3000  LB4000
 Rated production  160t/h  200t/h  240t/h  320t/h
 Cold Aggregate Bin  5 ×11m3  5 ×11m3  5 ×11m3  5 ×11m3
 Dry Cylinder  2.2m×8m  2.2m×9m  2.2m×10m  2.2m×11m
 Bag-type Dust-collector  CNM654  CNM832  CNM1012  CNM1308
 Emission Standard  50mg/nm3  50mg/nm3  50mg/nm3  50mg/nm3
 Vibrating Screen  5layers  5 layers  5layers  5 layers
 Hot Aggregate Bin  5/40t  40t  80t  100t
 Mixing Kettle Capacity  2000kg  2500kg  3000kg  4000kg
 Mixing Cycle  45s  45s  45s  45s
 Mineral Powder Tank Volume)  30+43t  30+43  50+35t  60+35t
 Asphalt Tank Volume  2×50000L  2×50000L  3×50000L  4×50000L
 Heat Conduction Oil Stove  500,000 kcol/h  500,000 kcol/h  800,000 kcol/h  1000,000 kcol/h
 End-product Container Volume  110t  110t  200t  200t
 Control System Manual /Semi-auto / Automatic
 Weighing Accuracy  Aggregate  ≤±0.4%  ≤±0.4% ≤±0.4%  ≤±0.4%
 Powder Material  ≤±0.3%  ≤±0.3%  ≤±0.3%  ≤±0.3%
 Asphalt  ≤±0.2%  ≤±0.2%  ≤±0.2%  ≤±0.2%
 General Installed Power  400kw  530kw  720kw  820kw

Hot QLBY series mix asphalt plant sale is used to produce asphalt in batches. The difference between cold asphalt is the aggregate need to be heated, while cold type uses cold aggregate.

According to the capacity, there are small type, medium type and large type.

According to the ways of removal, it consists of mobile type, semi-stationary type and stationary type.

According to the working process, it includes continuous hot mix asphalt drum plant and batch type asphalt mixing plant.

And the hot mix asphalt plant for sale we have mainly is QLBY series batch type mobile asphalt mixing plant. At present, the mobile asphalt mixing plant is sold very well. Therefore, mobile type is the hot type. And the asphalt hot mix plant is mainly used to mix asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture and colored asphalt mixture. And they have made enormous contributions to highway construction, level highway construction, urban road construction, port construction, airport construction and parking lots construction. And the performance of hot mix asphalt plants has a direct effect on the quality of asphalt and road. In addition, there are more and more asphalt hot mix plant manufacturers in the construction machine field, so it is essential to find a proper one for your construction project. And this page will introduce the related information about the hot asphalt mixing plant to you and hope you will have a clear direction of choice.

QLBY series Batch type mobile asphalt mixing plant

First, we need to give an explanation for batch type and mobile. They are keys to choose the most suitable equipment.

Batch type asphalt plant

Batch type asphalt mixing plant actually belongs to stationary asphalt mixing plant, batch type hot mix plant means that the heating and drying of the aggregates and the mixing of mixture are conducted intensively and periodically, the equipment mixes the mixture in batches and separately, and it takes 45s to 60s to mix the mixture. And this mixing method has the characteristics of high productivity and good quality.

mobile asphalt plant for sale
mobile asphalt plant for sale
mobile asphalt mix plant
mobile asphalt mix plant

Mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale

The stock bin and mixing drum are with tires, and hot mixing plant can move with the transfer of the construction site. And it is more suitable for county and country highway projects and low grade highway project. The followings are the characteristics of the mobile type hot mix asphalt batching plant.

1. Special modular design makes it more fast and convenient to move;

2. Unique design in the mixing blades, mixing drum driven by the the special driving force, which makes it more effective and reliable to mix the mixture;

3. Using the vibrating screen mesh driven by the imported electric motor improves the efficiency and reduces the fault of rate;

4. Cloth-sack-type dust collecting is in the state of drying, and it is placed on the top of the mixing drum, which reduces the heat loss, saves the space and fuel;

5. The bottom structure of the stock bin is relative, which saves the land occupation, cancels the lifting space of the small lanes of finished product and reduces the fault of rate;

6. The aggregates lifting adopts double raw plate, which prolongs the lifespan of the elevator and enhances the stability of the functioning;

7. We use the dual machine fully automatic control computer or manual control system, it is with the function of failure automatic diagnosis and it is easy and convenient to operate.

mobile asphalt plant china
mobile asphalt plant china
mobile asphalt plant
mobile asphalt plant

Specifications of mobile type asphalt mixinig plant

Model QLBY-10 QLBY-15 QLBY-20 QLBY-30 QLB-Y40 QLBY-60 QLBY-80
Capacity 10t/h 15t/h 20t/h 30t/h 40t/h 60t/h 80t/h
Total Power Fuel Oil 41.5kW 54kW 63.5kW 104.5kW 125kW 157.5kW 200kW
Fuel Coal 57.5kW 75kW 86.5kW 127.5kW 169kW 205kW 276kW
Aggregate Batcher 2.3m3*3 2.3m3*3 2.3m3*3 5m3*3 5m3*3 5m3*3 5m3*4
Finished Asphalt Storage Bin 2t 5t 5t 9t 9t 9t 20t
Asphalt Temperature 120-180°C (adjustable)
Fuel Consumption Fuel Oil: 5-7.5 kg/t; Fuel Coal: 13-15 kg/t
Optional Components Water dust collector, Baghouse dust collector, Control room, Bitumen heating tank
Model Productivity (T/h) Total power (kw) Weighing Accurary Fuel Consumption(kg/t)
Aggregate Bitumen Coal Oil
DHB20 20 26 ± 1.5% ± 1% 10 5.5-7
DHB40 40 58 ± 1.5% ± 1% 10–13 5.5-7
DHB60 60 99 ± 1.5% ± 1% 10–13 5.5-7
DHB80 80 196 ± 1.5% ± 1% 10–13 5.5-7

Components of hot mix asphalt plant sale

1. Modular cold aggregate supply system;

2. Effective and energy-saving drying and heating system;

3. High-intensive and low-noise chain bucket system;

4. Screening system established on the basis of strict experiment;

5. High-precision and good-stability weighing system;

6. Even and high-efficiency systemic three-dimensional boiling mixing system;

7. High-voltage pulse cloth-sack-type dust collecting system;

8. Vertical modular old and new silos, powder supply system with various powder transfer form;

9. Easy-installation modular asphalt supply system;

10. Finished product storage bin with low fault of rate and excellent insulating effect;

11. Use international famous brand air compressor with large capacity and pneumatic system with high-quality pneumatic elements;

12. We have developed our own intellectual property rights of PC and PLC control system, and the operation is stable and easy.

hot mix bitumen plant
hot mix bitumen plant
hot mix asphalt drum plant
hot mix asphalt drum plant
hot asphalt mixing plant
hot asphalt mixing plant
asphalt hot mix plant for sale
asphalt hot mix plant for sale

Working principle of hot mix asphalt plant

The working process of the hot mix asphalt batch plant is easy to understand.

1. Send different specifications of stones to the corresponding cold aggregate storage bin by the wheel loader, after the volume measurement by the belt feeder controlled by the transducer, the aggregates will be sent to the drying drum through the aggregate belt conveyor and feed cold material belt machine.

2. Heat and dry the aggregates to the certain temperature in the way of counterflow heating, with the rotation of the mixing drum, the aggregates will be lifted up and down repeatedly, and then lift the aggregates by the hot aggregate elevator and discharge them into the screening system, and through the screening equipment, divide the aggregates into several specifications, and discharge them into five corresponding hot aggregate storage bins, and according to the proportion designated in advance, five different specifications of aggregates will be put into the weighing system from small to large and have an cumulative measurement.

3. The old powder produced in the process of drying and heating of cold aggregate will be sent to the dust collecting and then be discharged into the recycling storage bin. And send new powder to the mineral powder storage bin and these two powders will be discharged into the powder weighing system and after the weighing process, they will be sent to the mixing drum.

Asphalt will be pumped into the asphalt tank by the asphalt pump, and asphalt has the effect of insulation. After weighing asphalt, the proportioned asphalt will be discharged into the mixing drum. After the weighing of stones, powder and asphalt, begin to mix the mixture and after the mixing process finished, discharge the finished products to the finished products storage bin and then discharge them to the asphalt conveying truck.

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